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Simon gets schooled

Poor old Simon Bridges, he really cannot get a break. He tried to to look cool and intelligent in Question Time and failed.

It all started on Monday with Question 1 when Bridges challenged Ardern on rental growth under her government:  Quote.

Hon Simon Bridges: How many dollars a week has the median rent increased under her Government?

Rt Hon JACINDA ARDERN: I’ve actually seen some of the statements from the member on rental increases, and what I wanted to point out was that the numbers that he’s used have been quite selectively chosen. When you look across the country at the—and I can give a percentage rather than a numerical figure to the member; but, if he puts it on notice, I’ll bring a dollar figure for him—geometric mean growth, that’s remained relatively steady. So in September 2018, that was 4.8 percent; September 2017, it was also 4.8 percent; September 2016, it was 4.5 percent; September 2015, 5 percent—you get the picture. So it is fair to say rents have consistently increased over the years. Obviously, the member will know the most significant driver of that is supply, and this Government is focused on fixing that issue. End quote.

Ardern lists the rental growth rates for the previous 3 years: 5%, 4,5%, 4,8% and 4.8% under her government which seems pretty normal.  Quote. Read more »

Do we need to read between the lines?


TVNZ posted an interview segment with Ardern and Peters recorded at the APEC summit in Port Moresby.

Ardern: Quote.

Our relationship is unique, I think we have a role to play in working alongside our Pacific counterparts to ensure that, actually, a whole range of global players understand some of the significant challenges here and we work to raise the profile of those be it with China, be it with the EU, be it with the UK. End quote.

I tried reading between the lines but there was nothing there either.  What are these ‘significant challenges’?  We don’t know, as we weren’t told.

Of course, our relationship (to whom or what?) is unique; just like every other country’s relationship is unique.

So Ardern looked to Peters who took up the dialogue:

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Ardern aspires to restore the reputation of politicians

Well, good luck with that!  OneNewsNow reports: Quote.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says she will have succeeded if parents become more positive about their children aspiring to be politicians, during an appearance on Singapore TV.

Asked on First Look Asia if she entered politics aiming to be the one to make a difference, Ms Ardern said she aspired in part to restore the reputation of politicians. End quote.

Another missed target: Clare Curran, Meka Whaitiri, Ian Lees-Galloway, Shane Jones, Marama Davidson, Golriz Gharaman etc.  and that is just the red team.  On the blue team, the reputations of Jame-Lee Ross and the, as yet, unnamed affairee are amongst those needing a reputation restoration. Quote.

“I always saw politics as a place where you could make a difference, I always remind people of that, if you’re a child and you tell your parent ‘you want to be a politician’ you’re not going to get the best response,” she said. End quote.

Well, that is one success we can all agree on: The Comrade’s Captain’s Call Policy (CCCP) of driving New Zealand into fuel poverty is certainly going to make a difference. Quote. Read more »

Could Ardern stop and think, just once?

Ardern took time to make a virtue-signalling speech at the “One Planet Summit” in New York.


  1. Does she believe in the concept of “one planet”?
  2. If so, does she consider that China is on the same “one planet” as New Zealand?
  3. If so, has she looked at the increase in China’s consumption of coal?
  4. If so, why does she think that anything we do in New Zealand (on the same, one planet) will make the slightest bit of difference?

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Why no kindness for Jews, Jacinda?

As has been pointed out in an earlier post New Zealand has, diplomatically, stayed very quiet about the massacre of Jews worshipping at a synagogue in Pennsylvania.

When challenged on this, the official response was as shown:“Not my responsibility”.  I’m just the PM, I don’t meddle in international stuff, that’s for Winston. Oh – except for trips to London, Nauru, New York etc. – you understand.

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Face of the day

Today’s face of the day must believe in the existence of a magical birth canal.

Dr Alison Knowles is an Auckland Abortionist who says that abortions in New Zealand should be easily accessible up until birth. Quote.

We’re of the opinion that a fetus doesn’t develop personhood or become a human until the time of birth. End quote.

The below video explains the ‘scientific reason’ to support Dr Alison Knowles extreme view.


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This is what the green future looks like

Anticipated investments in new power plants, storage and electricity networks by 2031 in billion euros

Sit up and take notice James Shaw, Megan Woods and friends. This is the likely result of Cindy’s Captain’s Call Policy (CCCP).

In Germany, they called it the “Switch to the Future”  Energiewende. (Energy transition). If ruthless German efficiency cannot make the technology work then what hope does New Zealand have?

Germany has led the world (where have we heard that phrase recently?) and bullied the EU into climate change targets. They have set milestones and targets just like “Zero Carbon 2050” and it seems that it has not been a ripping success.  They had their ‘once in a generation’ solution, just like we are having Ardern’s generation’s “nuclear-free moment”.

This from the GWFP who translated the report from German. Quote.

Germany’s Federal Audit Office has accused the federal government of having largely failed to manage the transformation of Germany’s energy systems.

The expenditure for the ecological restructuring of the energy supply is in a “blatant disproportion to the hitherto poor yield”, said President of the Court of Audit Kay Scheller in Berlin: “The Federal Government is at risk to fail with its once in a generation project of the Energiewende”.

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Cindy out in the cold on climate

Late to the party and, apparently, missing the boat, Ardern has been prattling the ‘controlling climate change’ line to a dwindling band of the faithful in New York.

Other world leaders seem to be recognising economic reality.  This from Lawrence Solomon in the Financial Post. Quote.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s repeal of the Green Energy Act and balks by premiers of other Canadian provinces at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s climate agenda aren’t rearguard moves by Donald Trump wannabes. They are part of a worldwide trend rejecting renewables, rejecting climate change alarmism, and embracing coal and other fossil fuels. Renewables and the high electricity rates they ushered in drove individuals into energy poverty and led industry to flee, putting the lie to the claim that wind and solar are the fuels of the future. Wind and solar, rather, have become the fossils of the energy industry; oil, gas and coal remain the fuels of the future.
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Climate change refugees coming to NZ

This was the admission that Tova O’Brien was trying to get from Ardern in a recent interview.  She failed.

Ardern danced around on the head of a pin, as all politicians are wont to do but did not actually say the word.  Of course, there is a small problem with the concept.  There are no climate change refugees.  The ones who have tried this nonsense got their case thrown out by the court. Quote.

The Government is considering tweaking immigration settings to take climate change refugees.
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Can Ardern stop the rot?

John Armstrong at TVNZ has some advice for Ardern on her return.  Stop the rot and stop it quickly.  But can she? Quote.

The incumbent three-party governing arrangement was displaying all the coherence and co-ordination of the proverbial drunken sailor long before the Prime Minister left for the relative sanctuary of a Winston Peters-free New York.

The unwieldy contraption has since appeared to be even more sloshed in her absence as its components stumble from one mini-crisis to the next minor scandal with such regularity that you can almost set your watch by it.

This three-headed hydra needs to go on the wagon — and pretty darned soon.

Viewed in isolation, each blunder or botch-up has not amounted to very much in the grand scheme of things. […]

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