Jack Tame

Impertinent questions


The NZ Herald has been the only organ to push the idea that Hilary Barry is heading for TVNZ’s Breakfast show, and recently added that she’ll be partnered by Jack Tame.

Some idiot has seen the TVZN Breakfast team having a drink on Friday night and drawn the conclusion that they must have been fired.

If true… Read more »

Jack Tame gets bitch slapped

Gobby TV and radio presenter Jack Tame got a lesson on why blokes with the body of a half sucked throatie shouldn’t get into fights.

TVNZ journalist and Newstalk ZB host Jack Tame has been punched in the head after he tried to intervene in a fight in New York City.

Tame, who lives in New York as TVNZ’s US correspondent, said he was leaving his apartment in Spanish Harlem when he saw a couple arguing in the street.

“They were swearing and yelling at each other when suddenly the man hit the woman really hard in the side of the head,” he told the Herald. ? Read more »


Learn your weapons before writing about them Jack Tame

Jack Tame has an article about how cool it is to fire an AK-47. They are cool, but nowhere as near as cool as the M249 light machine gun he is actually holding.



The article goes further and rambles on about assault rifles. Even his caption mentions assault rifles.

The problem is if you are going to write about assault rifles then get some facts straight. ? Read more »