Jacqui Dean

Greens give Mallard a kicking…war breaks out in opposition

A Privileges complaint has been laid against Trevor Mallard and Phil Goff, after their tawdry attack on top cops before a select committee.

A Privileges complaint has been laid with the Speaker of Parliament, after accusations that two veteran Labour Party MPs behaved badly in front of senior police officers at the Law and Order Select Committee last week.

Trevor Mallard stormed out of the hearing in anger at having his questions to the deputy police commissioner blocked, moments after he appeared to threaten the man’s job.

Phil Goff also argued with committee chair Jacqui Dean and swore after his questions about police redundancies and station closures were stifled.

Mrs Dean has now complained to the Speaker about both outbursts, which she said were unacceptable.

David Carter will determine if there’s a case to answer before the matter goes any further.

I hope Speaker Carter will be asking about the alleged forgery of a whips permission form for Mallard to attend. Eye witnesses have told me that Mallard was seen crossing out the times on the slip and amending them in order to allow himself to remain at the committee past his?allotted?time.

One thing this does show though is that there is no love lost between the Greens and Labour and that civil war in Green/Labour bloc is bubbling away below th surface.

The Big Question for the Mainland Conference

This weekend’s National party Mainland conference in Hamner Springs will probably skirt around the most important issue…where is the new blood coming through to replace the inevitable retirements?

  • Colin King will be on the?pension?before the next election
  • Nick Smith is rumoured to have a major international appointment lined up
  • Chris Auchinvole has health issues and will retire
  • Kate Wilkinson got the arse from cabinet and will get beaten in Waimak if she runs again
  • Gerry Brownlee will either burst or retire ? Read more »

Who decided that Whales were cuddly?

New challenge faces whale huntersOfficials are looking into claims there is a new legal avenue that could be used to stop whaling in the Southern Ocean. Australian academic Professor Don Rothwell and other experts, convened by the International Fund for Animal… [NZ Herald Politics]

Just who decided that whales were cuddly and we shouldn’t farm them like other animals in the sea. I haven’t tasted whale meat but I’d like to.

Personally I think the best way to preserve animals is to put them on the menu. We aren’t short of cows and sheep are we? They’re not likely to go extinct anytime soon, are they?

Now if only the Maori had decided to farm the Moa instead of mass slaughter, imagine the export possibilities. Same with all the other “endangered” birds in NZ. Put them on the menu and farm the suckers, then they won’t be endangered anymore.

Same with whales, pick a species that is plentiful, set quota, study them to make sure they are still a growing population even after harvesting, end of problem.