James Bews-Hair

What is going on in the Mayor’s office?

The tipline has been humming for several days about some shenanigans inside the Mayor’s office in Auckland.

It seems that after drink driving incident that caught James Bews-Hair after the Mayor’s office Christmas?party was a concerted effort to get rid of him by the Council’s senior executive.

This included the preparation of a proactive media plan to use after the dismissal (prepared by Council media manager Dan Lambert, one time Mayoral spin doctor and ex-mate of Bews-Hair).

In an attempt to discredit Bews-Hair?it was the Council that leaked news of Bews-Hair’s accident and its ramifications, including personal details, to the Herald. ? Read more »

A Strange Article about Victoria Crone’s Campaign

Political backroom operators from across the political spectrum get on pretty well. Good professionals keep the back-channels open, partly out of mutual respect for their backroom opponents, partly because there are so few good people who are any good at campaigning and they like to talk to others even if they are opponents, and partly because it is important to be able to exchange information and stop stupid stuff from happening on the campaign trail.

So I wasn?t surprised when I got a call from a Labour person close to Phil Goff asking me about the NBR article?on Victoria Crone?s campaign. Part of it was a fishing expedition for information, and part of it was because Goff?s team have been laughing themselves silly at every move Crone makes and wanted to make sure they weren’t underestimating their opponents.

The article itself was strange because experienced campaigners know that they should never be in the media. Their job is to get the candidate in the media, not get attention themselves. Yet the article is all about Joe Davis, who has given himself the title ?Campaign Director?. There is a rule in politics, adhered to by all the backroom operators worth paying, that campaigners who want profile should be running themselves, not running other people?s campaigns.

Although it appears Auckland Future is still pondering this question ? its website is entirely silent on the issue ? Mr Davis tells NBR he made up his mind a month ago to throw in with Ms Crone.

?During the Christmas holidays Vic approached me and asked if I?d consider leading the campaign for her, which I was obviously thrilled to be able to do,? he says. ? Read more »

Something doesn’t smell right with Len Brown’s dodgy trust arrangements

via 3news.co.nz

via 3news.co.nz

If we have learn’t anything about Len Brown it is that no matter how murky and dodgy things look, you can guarantee that the reality will be much worse.

At last a half decent bit of journalism by the MSM with the SST uncovering the Police investigation into Len?s secret fundraising Trust. But if they had dug any deeper they would have found that there is at least another entire layer of stench to this.

I have it from an impeccable source that in their investigation the Police have only investigated two of Brown?s people ? Conor Roberts and James Bews-Hair. ? Read more »

Bews-Hair vs Lewis – trouble in the Town Hall

As Labour?s next train wreck draws ever closer, here?s an angle that is worth keeping an eye on ? a simmering, but growing feud between Auckland-based veteran political operatives, David Lewis and James Bews-Hair.

These two go back to the early-90s. They were on different sides of the broad church back then ? Lewis a Clark loyalist and Bews-Hair donkey-deep with the likes of Phil Quin in the dirty tricks of the Moore/Goff camp. Despite this, they have always been as thick as thieves ? until now that is.

I?m told things started to turn sour during the fallout from the Brown affair.

While Bews-Hair was quietly knifing people in the shadows, Lewis was strutting his prowess anywhere that would print it. To make it worse, Lewis promptly cut Brown adrift, whereas Bews-Hair continues to do his dirty work for him. Now things are about to get really nasty.

Labour will soon need a new leader, and just like the old days Lewis and Bews-Hair are going to be on different sides. ? Read more »

Len Brown should be ‘toast’ anyway, now he will be burnt toast

Len Brown and his office are as tricky as David Cunliffe. But as dumb as Labour in emailing information by mistake to the NZ Herald, who gleefully recount the embarrassing details.

I wonder what James Bews-Hair said when the rooting started! Toast? Roast?

Len Brown’s principal policy adviser James Bews-Hair says the Auckland Mayor will be “political toast” if the council’s credit rating is lowered.

In an email accidentally sent to the Herald, Mr Bews-Hair said the mayor’s office has been advised there is a risk the council’s credit rating will be downgraded.

The email was circulated to senior mayoral staff on Sunday following Herald inquiries about council debt, which has soared from $3.9 billion to a projected $7.4 billion in the first four years of Mr Brown’s mayoralty.

In a candid email to Mr Brown’s chief of staff Phil Wilson, head of communications Dan Lambert and chief press secretary Glyn Jones – and copied to the Herald – Mr Bews-Hair outlined the mayoral position on maintaining the council’s AA credit rating.

“We need to keep on using the KPI [key performance indicator] for debt that we set for ourselves in election policy – retaining our rating.

“If we do that right, that can become the basis on which we are judged.

“We are advised that there is a risk that we will be downgraded … frankly, though, if we get downgraded in an improving economic environment then we are political toast anyway,” said Mr Bews-Hair.? Read more »

A weapons grade knifing on its way for Phil Wilson

13-Web Photo - Phil Wilson

Is that a knife in your back Phil?

Seems like Phil Wilson’s very bad year just got a lot worse.? Last month I posted that Wilson had sacked Len Brown’s key political operative, James Bews-Hair.

That would have been dumb, but it turns out Wilson was even dumber. He tried to get rid of a political guy from a political office by using a convoluted restructure.

Bews-Hair is drenched in political experience and he is a rat cunning bastard. So it comes as no surprise that he did the numbers, lined up some of?those people?who owe him and?brushed off Wilson’s aggression – Bews-Hair is in the Brown office for as long as he likes…or as long as Len lasts. Wilson is left with the impossible task of trying to find a way to make that work.

And that is when bad goes to awful for the blustering bully. Clearly Wilson knows nothing about politics so here is a bit of advice for free – never push ?go? on trying to shaft someone unless you know damn sure you are going to win. If you lose you become a sitting duck.? Read more »

Who is the mystery texter?

People keep on asking who the mystery texter was/is.

It doesn’t take long to get down to just two suspects, despite the ludicrous attempts by the left wing media and Len Brown’s spin to suggest otherwise.

The timeline makes the numbers who knew very small indeed.

I posted about “asian beauties” and just 30 minutes later the text threats started flowing.

So who could have/could have known at that point.

From my side, only Stephen Cook and myself…and it wasn’t us. ? Read more »

Inside the Bunker – Phil Wilson

As you can imagine the tipline has been very busy over the last few days. ?Most information has been related to Len himself but after breaking the news of James Bews-Hair?s sacking yesterday I got a piece of information that I thought seriously about whether it is ok to publish.

I?ve decided the public need to understand the type of people that Len Brown surrounds himself with.

We already know that Phil Wilson, Len?s Chief of Staff, has used Bews-Hair as a scapegoat for Phil?s own incompetence and poor judgment.? It is pretty low to use another human being in such a way to mask their own stupid decision (more on that in the next few days). ? Read more »

Public consultations over-rated

James Bews-Hair, one of Len Brown’s spin weasels is a master at setting up public consultation groups in an effort to show us all that Len Brown is an inclusive mayor listening to us all. The thinking is that you get all these consultative groups operating then you can come out and say that you’ve consulted with the public and the overwhelming response is…[insert preferred option].

In the C2C Journal however they slay this particular sacred cow with 8 reasons why public consultation is over rated.

Across Canada, public consultations are in style at City Hall. Such consultations are meant to build a greater sense of community and provide city planners with valuable insight into citizens? thinking. They are seen to enhance the democratic process; some people love to share their opinions and want more of a say over what goes on in their city.

It is hard to be against public consultations. But just as fast-food burgers rarely measure up to the pictures in commercials, cities exaggerate the value of public consultations.

Same rationale as here. Now for the reasons.? Read more »

Changes in the Night-Mayor’s office

The right wing stoolie in Len Brown’s office, James Bews-Hair, at it again. This time chief of staff Phil Wilson has seen fit to demote Glyn Jones, making way for a new media man for the Night-Mayor.

Dan Lambert has appeared. Not so well known around town as he is a recent import from the UK where he has been doing nifty and clever work for Bank of Scotland and trying cosy up to the Tories.

Looks like Len’s office takes another lurch to the right. Interesting too is how Dan came to the role. Could it be that he is a long time mate of Bews Hair? Did they plot together when Bews Hair was Goff’s SPS and Dan was Maharey’s spin doctor?

What will poor wee Glynn, the Mayor’s handbag holder, think of all this?

When will the patch war within Len’s office end and will Phil ever realise that, like Robertson to Shearer, some are much better at playing the long game than he is.

Phil and Glynn have belittled and victimised Bews Hair for too long; white anting always gets found out especially since Phil and Glynn aren’t very clever at it.

It is also understood that Bernard Orsman is especially bitter, wrongly believing that all his hard work down at the Herald on behalf of the mayor would richly rewarded. It looks like he will have to continue to attend local community board meetings for some time yet.