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Garner on political xenophobia at election time

Duncan Garner writes:

So suddenly we?re all against selling off farms to foreigners.

Well, it?s not really just foreigners, is it. Let?s be honest ? we?re worried about the Chinese buying our farms. They?re not like us. There you go, I said it. Clearly many are thinking it.

Cue Opposition politicians lining up to scratch our collective itch. Nationalism? Racism? Xenophobia? All of the above?

The reality is we?ve been hocking off our farms to overseas buyers for years and no-one seemed too fussed. Australians, Germans, Russians, the Swiss and the Americans ? no worries.

But the Chinese are interested now. They have money. They stand out. They want good land to produce protein. And we?ve got huge chunks of lands for sale.

The argument against selling to foreigners lacks all logic and is driven purely by emotion and fear. These are powerful emotions, ?and Prime Minister John Key ?finds himself in unusual surroundings, on the wrong side of public debate.

Key prides himself on being on the right side of the popular argument. But on this issue he?s isolated and cornered.

It is pure politicking on behalf of Labour, Winston Peters and Colin Craig. The land isn;t going anywhere, and it only seems to be Chinese buyers that these shameless politicians attack.

There has been economic consensus for decades between National and Labour that foreign investment is generally good. It brings in money and jobs that normally wouldn?t be here.

That agreement has convinced foreigners and their companies to continue to invest in and own larger slices of New Zealand.

According to the Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa, foreign direct investment or ownership of companies in New Zealand ?has increased from $9.7 billion in 1989 to $101.4b last year. That?s about 48 per cent of our entire economy.

Foreigners own us, they pay us and they provide jobs in our country. We?re mostly grateful and don?t really say much.

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Financial movie magic to drive ongoing economic boost for New Zealand

Better to have a little of something rather than everything from nothing. ?The Key government has found the balancing point where we can ?keep our word leading talents at home, off the dole queue, and part of making a superior product that will continue to highlight New Zealand as a great filming destination. ?Nick Perry at the Herald reports

Fuelled by politicians giving out generous tax breaks, film-making talent is migrating to where the money is. The race allows powerful studios with hundreds of millions of dollars at their disposal to pick the best deals.

This month, James Cameron announced plans to shoot and produce the next threeAvatar?sequels largely in New Zealand.

Cameron gets a 25 per cent rebate on production costs, as long as his company spends at least $500 million on the three films.

“There’s no place in the world that we could make these sequels more cost effectively,” says producer Jon Landau. It is neither the country’s volcanoes nor its glaciers that are attractive, because the?Avatar?movies will be shot indoors.

“We looked at other places,” said Landau. But in the end, “it was this rebate.”

The wreckers and haters on the left continue to say this is a bad idea. ?Labour and the Unions apparently prefer people to not work to somehow retain some ideologically pure poverty that comes from not being able to find any work.

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Will Labour demand James Cameron hand back his land?

Oh look, James Cameron has bought some more land and he still doesn’t live here.

Under Labour’s plans he would be prevented from buying this land, until such time as he was a permanent resident.

Hollywood mogul James Cameron continues to buy up land in Wairarapa by the hectare.

The Overseas Investment Office has today revealed a decision to allow Cameron to purchase another 420 hectares of land at Western Lake Road, South Wairarapa.

The land was purchased from Peveral Industries Limited and Macland Farms Limited, a 100 per cent New Zealand owned company.

The farm was one of two offered for sale as a 696ha package by Peveral Industries as a going concern.? Read more »

Not if Helen gets her way

? NZ Herald

NBR Rich Lister James Cameron is showing his confidence in the New Zealand film industry even if Helen Kelly, ?Robyn Malcolm and their union mates best efforts to try and kill it off:

Hollywood director James Cameron says the?Avatar?sequels will almost certainly be shot in New Zealand where film crews have a freshness and flexibility that he no longer finds in the US.

But he’s told the?New York Timeshe’s not moving to New Zealand to compete with Wellington-based Sir Peter Jackson.


So few rich in NZ , NBR includes foreigners

??NZ Herald

The NBR Rich List has been released and it has proven that Labour has been?incredibly?misguided in attacking the rich in New Zealand. It seems there are so few that NBR has deemed it necessary to include foreigners.

The inclusion of four international billionaires in this year’s NBR Rich List has helped bump up the total list’s value by more than $12 billion.

For the first time in its history, the?National Business Review?has included foreign investors in its rich list to reflect the globalisation of wealth, bringing the number of billionaires on the list to nine.

Graham Hart, who is worth $6 billion, is still the wealthiest New Zealander on the list but he was beaten to the top spot by industrial technologist?Alexander Abramov?($7 billion).

Other internationals in the top ten are investor?Julian Robertson?($3 billion), winemaker?William (Bill) Foley?($1.5 billion) and horse breederDowager Duchess Henrietta Bedford?($1 billion).

The total value of the Rich List has risen this year from $45.2 billion to $57.7 billion.

Although placed just outside the top ten, Canadian filmmaker James Cameron also entered the list with his $900 million fortune.

A good point

? NZ Herald

Fran O’Sullivan makes a good point about the claims of Fay’s legal case and the agitators of Federated F-Wits insistence that people buying farms come here and handle the teats and get their gumboots muddy…as if Michael Fay would ever deign to touch a cow’s udder:

Crown Law (which is arguing on behalf of the Cabinet ministers who approved the deal) maintains that Shanghai Pengxin had the business acumen to acquire the relevant dairy expertise by forming a joint venture with Landcorp and that the Chinese firm’s broader business skills will bring something more to the mix.

Many recently approved foreign investors in New Zealand dairy farms – like film-maker James Cameron – are hardly going to be “putting on their gumboots” to run their farms here. Neither will the directors of the Harvard University funds, which owns a sway of farms here.

Nor the many German and Swiss investors who have shares in various dairy partnerships.

If the court finds in the challengers’ favour this will effectively circumscribe the ability of farm owners to sell farms on the external market. It should be noted farm owners do have to advertise their land within New Zealand first.

James Cameron just bought another farm and there wasn’t a single outraged?email?or press release from Labour, the Greens, Michael Fay, any Maori group or the stupidly named Save our Farms crowd. Perhaps they like the colour of Cameron’s skin and his round eyes? Michael Fay certainly hasn’t initiated any legal action to take James Cameron’s farms off him.

James Cameron – Climate Hypocrite, Ctd

? NZ Herald

I pointed out with a video yesterday that James Cameron is a climate hypocrite.

And now he is set to mine asteroids in a new venture:

A US company, backed by film director James Cameron and Google’s top executives, has unveiled bold plans to mine asteroids for precious minerals and water.

Heralding a new frontier in space exploitation, Planetary Resources announced plans to send a swarm of robot miners into space to prospect resource-rich chunks of rock not far from Earth.

The firm’s co-founder Peter Diamandis said he wanted to “make the resources of space available to humanity”, and add trillions of dollars to global wealth in the process.

Among the goodies to be found on near-Earth asteroids are much-sought-after platinum, iron, nickel and sulfur as well as more obscure minerals that make excellent semi-conductors.

The equipment could also harvest water, which scientists believe holds the key to building propellants that will allow deep space exploration.

The first step will be to send a telescope into space within the next 18 to 24 months that can spot which asteroids may be useful.

Admitting the project was “difficult”, Diamandis and his colleagues tried to silence claims that it was a flight of fantasy, assembling a veritable fantasy team of investors.

They include Google executives Larry Page and Eric Schmidt andTitanic?filmmaker Cameron, as well as the son of one-time presidential candidate Ross Perot.

Quite how they are going to get all that stuff into space with out burning tonnes of noxious chemicals in fueling rockets is beyond me.

Perhaps James Cameron might like to tell us what the carbon footprint of this new venture will be?

James Cameron – Climate Hypocrite

? Not PC

James Cameron was welcomed as a land investor by Labour because he was not Chinese. But he is also a climate hypocrite, openly opposing Proposition 23 in California, all the while expecting “other people” to sacrifice, hoping no one will find out about his extravagance.

Prop 23 would suspend California’s AB32, Global Warming legislation which would require energy companies reduce their carbon output to 1990 levels.

James Cameron has donated $1m to oppose Prop 23, even though he hypocritically lives a carbon intensive lifestyle.

James Cameron might not live on his farm for long

If Labour ever became the government then it is likely that James Cameron would have his land?confiscated?under David Shearer’s new rules for?foreign?owners. Then again he might not even be alive to see Labour confiscate his farm, especially if he insists on doing silly things:

Meet the Deepsea Challenger, a one-man submersible craft capable of withstanding pressures at the deepest point in the ocean?Challenger Deep in the Pacific’s Mariana Trench. Sometime in the next few weeks, this sub will carry filmmaker James Cameron into the Challenger Deep. He’ll become the third human to visit that place, and the first since a two-man Navy sub made the dive in 1960.

As you see it in this photo, Deepsea Challenger is actually sideways. The sub will fall into and rise out of Challenger Deep in a vertical configuration, with Cameron at the bottom in a spherical steel pod. You can’t see the spherical part in this image, but the pod is attached. It’s in the end of the craft that’s still slightly out of the water?the left-hand side of the photo.

Cameron’s descent will be very different from the 1960 expedition, which wasn’t able to see much because their craft stirred up so much debris in the bottom of the trench. Deepsea Challenger is designed to avoid this problem and Cameron will also spend a much longer amount of time at the bottom?several hours instead of just 20 minutes. He’ll also film 3D footage of the trench, and collect animal and rock specimens.

Mythbusting – James Cameron will live here so that’s alright

During the debate over whether or not we should allow Chinese companies to invest in New Zealand there was another case of selling land to foreigners. that of James Cameron, a Canadian. According to the racists in this country is ok for a white?Canadian?to buy a farm because he is going to live here and Shanghai Pengxin shouldn’t be allowed to buy a farm because they are Chinee rapists of land.

The Labour party, in order to cover up their racism against Chinese, claimed that James Cameron’s purchase was ok because he was going to live here. they have repeated this ad nauseum.

Well that myth has been well and truly busted with the requirement being that he only has to live here for a paltry 44 days.

He says he wants to make New Zealand home, but the maker of history’s two biggest films will have to spend just 44 days here a year ? and he doesn’t have to live here at all in the first year.

Newly released documents show James Cameron ? a self-styled “film-maker, explorer and technology entrepreneur” ? will need to spend only 88 days over two years to fulfil his residency requirements.

Hell, to maintain residency for your tax status you have to stay longer than that…I think 183 days.

Labour’s argument is in tatters and now with the Court ruling and this sham of a residency claim James Cameron might have to abandon his purchase.