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A reader emails about Pat Newman and the demise of the Teachers Council

Following on from your article ‘WHEN THE UNIONS, LABOUR AND MILITANT PRINCIPALS COMPLAIN‘ regarding Pat Newman; another reader has provided an update on his undisclosed role and affiliation with the New Zealand Teachers Council.

Hopefully Pat Newman reads Whaleoil, much like Mary Rose Painter (Communications Advisor at the New Zealand Teachers Council), refer Whaleoil article ‘ HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? HE WAS REGISTERED (UPDATED)‘ where Mary had emailed requesting the article be amended.

Interesting to note is the Teachers Council and Anna Kirtlan (NZPPTA Communications Advisor and PPTA News Editor) have also made comment in other Whaleoil articles; you have obviously caught their attention Cameron and team.

As a parent, who has had the misfortune of sitting across the table from these people at the Teachers Council, I would like to say they should be ashamed of themselves! With confidence I know I am not a lone parent celebrating the demise of the New Zealand Teachers Council, it has been long overdue for an overhaul.

For the benefit of the Teachers Council (including Pat Newman) and PPTA readers here are some cold hard facts you have unsurprisingly failed to address.

‘Review of the New Zealand Teachers Council’

Report to Hon. Hekia Parata


” In fact only 10 percent of all complaints referred to the CAC have been referred to the Disciplinary Tribunal. The Review Committee was openly told that, in practice, employers and the unions worked together to try to prevent reporting to the Council and that the reporting requirement was used as a lever to settle a dispute”

Read more »

Pat Newman fails to declare his conflict while defending lack of action over pedo teacher

Pat Newman has featured on the blog previously. He is a ratbag Labour flunky and teacher union apologist.

He is quoted in the Northland Age today regarding the still current registration of convicted pedophile James Parker.

The president of Te Tai Tokerau Principals’ Association is defending the Teachers Council for not striking jailed paedophile James Parker from the register, saying not acting was the “sensible and safe way out”.

Hmmm defending the Teachers Council and speaking on behalf of all Northland Principal at the same time.

Te Tai Tokerau Principals’ Association president Pat Newman said he was “spitting sparks” over the backlash to revelations the convicted paedophile had not been removed.

“James Parker has been in a jail cell since the day he was arrested. It is bloody impossible to teach children in a jail cell,” Mr Newman said.

For the Teachers Council to remove him from the register there had to be a disciplinary hearing, for which they would have to interview children and witnesses, Mr Newman explained.  Read more »

Registration will protect the kids – Yeah Right

The Teachers Council, various teacher unions and the Labour party all claim that teacher registration should be mandatory…to protect the kids. It is their single biggest objection to charter schools.

Yet not a week goes by without a registered teacher being before the courts for fiddling with kids or some other ratbag crime. The Teachers Council also had to be dragged kicking and screaming towards transparency as they previously hid teachers names under a veil of secrecy.

Now the Herald on Sunday reveals that convicted pedophiles and sexual predators are still registered teachers

The predator of Pamapuria, James Parker, has been allowed to remain a registered teacher.

Hekia Parata, the Education Minister, is stepping in after the Herald on Sunday discovered Parker and two other high-profile sex offenders remain on the Teachers Council register.  Read more »

I bet she was registered too

The Labour party and the Teachers Council and the various teacher unions all oppose charter schools on the premise that because the government will not require mandatory registration of all teachers in a charter school that they will be unsafe for kids.

Currently there is a mandatory registration for teachers and applies to all schools. The regime doesn’t appear to be protecting the kids at all well. We have seen the prosecution of James Parker for sexually abuse pupils over many many years. He was registered. There is a headline a day almost of a registered teacher before the courts on one crime after another.

Including stealing a child’s prescription medicine…all while registered and the  system was protecting the kids:

A Western Bay teacher has been accused of stealing a young student’s medication.

The woman is charged with theft of the Class B controlled drug Concerta – a prescription drug which treats attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).  Read more »

Unions backing sex-pests continued access to children

Paula Bennett’s new sex-pest reforms mean we are going to need a whole lot more registered teachers to replace the ones that are child abusers, sex-pests and apologists for the same. The whole Teachers Council may need to be replaced, they keep on covering up the actions of pedophiles.

Teachers, doctors and any other government employees who fail Social Development Minister Paula Bennett’s tough new child-abuse screening test will be instantly sacked.

The new child-protection laws will trump existing employment legislation, removing the need for bosses to go through a fair process of verbal and written warnings to dump anyone suspected of sexually preying on children.

Screening of all government employees working with children is one of the main planks of Bennett’s incoming child protection regime, unveiled last week.

All staff working with children in schools, hospitals, government agencies and organisations that get government funding must submit to security screening every three years. It is estimated to affect 376,000 people.

Anyone who fails the test would be dumped. The details of the screening tests are yet to be revealed, but police will be in charge of the vetting procedures.

“The advice I have had so far is that they could be instantly dismissed,” Bennett told the Sunday Star-Times yesterday.  Read more »

BREAKING: Former Deputy Principal James Parker has been sentenced

I bet this sex offender was registered too.

Former Deputy Principal James Parker has been sentenced to preventive detention with a minimum period of imprisonment of 7 years.

He is now formally declared a sex offender.

Good riddance.

Name the Union pedo enabler

The NZEI has a field officer and staff member in the Far North who thinks their job is to cover for pedos. They need to be outed:

Ms Lovatt Davis claimed police did not follow up at the time and told the Heraldthat a meeting took place between her, Parker and a union representative – who she described as a “field officer” from teachers’ union the New Zealand Educational Institute, but who also was on staff at Pamapuria.

That meeting was not about the girlfriend’s allegation because Ms Lovatt Davis said she’d only told the police and a board member about it. The meeting discussed Parker’s registration, specifically that he wasn’t meeting the standards to become a fully registered teacher.

Parker brought up the fact that she had called police, Ms Lovatt Davis said.

“The NZEI field officer received all her news from Jamie and from Jamie supporters,” Ms Lovatt Davis said.

“The report from his girlfriend was not an allegation of sexual abuse. It was a story she told that seemed to need an investigation and a reminder to Jamie to guard his professionalism. I believe he used our discipline meeting [with the NZEI field officer] to accuse me of taking an embittered girlfriend’s vicious story too seriously. Once they had reunited, she saw no need to pursue the story.

“I would suggest that NZEI field officers are not drawn directly from the wider community. The field officer should be an impartial person, free from the town gossip. In Kaitaia the gossip ran against me and pro Jamie. She bought it all and dressed me down in that meeting. Both of them did. It was very unpleasant.”

Yesterday a spokeswoman for the NZEI said an investigation was under way. Asked whether it would look at what the union knew about the allegation surrounding Parker in 1999, she said: “NZEI is conducting an internal investigation into the comments made by Ms Lovatt Davis.”

NZEI covers for kiddy fiddlers

While James Parker, now facing a further  23 new charges of sexual offending against boys on top of the 49 he has already admitted was protected in his offending by the NZEI union rep who vilified and bullied the former principal into silence:

Former Oturu School principal Fiona Lovatt Davis said she went to police in 1999 after Parker’s then girlfriend, who worked at the school as a teacher aide, told her Parker would leave their bed to sleep with pupils staying at their home.

Before that point no one in the school community, who knew the teacher as Jamie, had any suspicions about him, Ms Lovatt Davis said.

“Parker was a delightful young man, relaxed, sober … we all loved him and felt he brought some special qualities to our school. I did not have any reason to believe he would become a paedophile. He was kind of gormless and asexual.”

She claims police did not visit the school or follow up the allegation with pupils or the girlfriend, while a representative of teachers’ union NZEI picked Parker’s side and stuck to it.

Police were unavailable for comment while NZEI did not respond to Weekend Herald inquiries.

Ms Lovatt Davis told Radio New Zealand she was viewed as someone who would “hunt my teachers down as if there was some vendetta rather than just a simple responsibility as an employee of the Crown”.

She calls the local union representative a “weak link in the chain” and says she was “vilified” by the community at public meetings for going to police over a man people respected. Rules covering an employment investigation hampered her from speaking out and it was a case which revealed changes were needed.

That behaviour makes the NZEI complicit in James Parker’s offending, it isn’t good enough that they refuse to speak. It appears that the NZEI is talking instruction fromt eh Catholic Church in how to handle the media when their members are outed for their boy buggering.


I bet he was Registered too, Ctd

The Teacher’s Union oppose charter schools, and one of their reasons for doing so is that teachers will not have to be registered. They say is tis to protect the children.

This guy, meanwhile, was registered and fiddled with kids and has now been charged with additional offences since being outed:

Police have today laid further charges against a Northland school teacher awaiting sentence for child sex abuse.

James Parker, the 37-year old former deputy principal of Pamapuria School, 10km south of Kaitaia, is awaiting sentence on 49 sexual abuse charges.

Police today revealed a further 23 charges against him over another eight victims, mainly during the period 2006-2012.

The new charges include eight charges of an indecent act on a boy aged under 12 years; four charges of an indecent act on a boy aged between 12 and 16 years; one of an indecent assault on a boy aged under 12 years; four charges of indecent assault on a boy aged between 12 and 16 years; one charge of indecent assault on a boy aged between 12 and 16; one charge of indecent assault on a boy aged under 16, and four charges of sexual violation.

Two charges relate to offences dating back to 1999.

Parker will appear on the new charges at Kaitaia District Court on Thursday.

The benefit of removing name suppression, Ctd

The benefits of naming criminals rather than allowing them to hide behind name suppression continues to play out with the case of pedo teacher James Parker:

More teachers who worked with convicted sex offender James Parker have contacted police about his “concerning behaviour” since details of his lurid past were made public last week.

And the Weekend Herald has learned the Ministry of Education did not know about an earlier police investigation into Parker, and was not monitoring him.

Parker had been teaching since about 1996 and was the deputy principal at Pamapuria School in Kaitaia when he was arrested and charged with 49 counts of sexually abusing young pupils.

He admitted all of those charges in the Kaitaia District Court last week. It has since been revealed that police investigated Parker in 2009 after complaints were made about his behaviour towards pupils. No charges were laid as police could not substantiate the claims.

However they wrote a “strongly worded” letter to the school about Parker.

His first principal then spoke out about raising concerns with police in 1996 when Parker was a first-year teacher. She complained to an officer in Kaitaia about Parker hosting pupils in his home overnight and sharing his bed with them.

She said her complaint was never dealt with properly.

People are coming forward because he has been named. If he had maintained his name suppression then none of his other offending would ever have made the light of day.

Name Suppression actually helps protect offenders from public scrutiny.