James Shaw

Shaw will be happy when we are all miserable

Climate Change Minister James Shaw says that he will be happy if? the rest of us are “equally unhappy” with the final state of the Zero Carbon Bill.? That is so comforting to know.

Newshub reports: Quote.

More than 15,000 submissions were made on the proposed Bill. More than 90 percent [mostly from Greenpeace] said they want a target of net zero emissions across all greenhouse gases by 2050.

“The results that we’re seeing through this consultation are broadly consistent with the messages we’re getting from public opinion polling,” the Green Party co-leader told Newshub Nation on Saturday.

He said there were responses from every industrial business sector and lots of environmental organisations, but the vast majority came from individuals. End of quote.

I realise that politicians are not known for their honesty so that is probably why Shaw did not clarify that last statement with “on identical boilerplate submissions provided by Greenpeace and Generation Zero.” Quote.

“While there’s a very clear steer that’s coming through from these submissions, there are some quite strong voices in there with concerns about the speed or the scale of the transition, or how it’s going to affect particular industries, and you have to pay attention to those voices as well otherwise you just don’t have a sustainable solution.” End of quote.

Well, I have some breaking news for you James, zero carbon is NOT a sustainable solution. It is a pie-in-the-sky nonsense slogan. Quote.

The Bill won’t be a partisan push. After all, as Mr Shaw points out, it was [to their eternal shame]?a National-led Government that signed New Zealand up to the Paris Agreement, which commits New Zealand to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions to 30 percent below 2005 levels by 2050.

“We are talking through the detail of the targets between the Government and the Opposition as we negotiate the final form of the Bill,” said Mr Shaw. End of quote.

That is what is so disheartening about this whole deal. Muller (National’s climate change spokesman) and Bridges et al completely buy into this carbon is evil nonsense.? Quote.

“I have a view, but there are options that are in front of us and we are talking through the detail of how we do that. I think the thing that people are going to have to realise is that it’s going to involve some compromise from everyone. No one is going to get everything that they want as a result of this process? As long as everyone’s equally unhappy, we have a chance of getting this over the line.”

But Greenpeace NZ executive director Russel Norman disagrees with this approach. End of quote.

Russel is unhappy, there’s a surprise. Quote.

“Do you really want climate policy in New Zealand to be hostage to the backbenches of the National Party? […] End of quote.

Huh?? National is onboard, they want a cross-party solution. I can’t see any hostage takers in their ranks. Quote.

[Climate change] is too important to water down to some kind of commission that has no powers, doesn’t even affect all gases.”

But Mr Shaw says while they may not end up with a “perfect” Bill, it’s more important to establish clear targets, a pathway for reaching them and set up the independent Climate Change Commission.

“If you get those things in place, then you’ll see a huge signal sent into the economy about the scale of change, and things will start to unlock and move very quickly.” […] End of quote.

I think ‘unravel’ would be a better word than ‘unlock’ in that sentence. Quote.

No date has been set for the Bill’s introduction to Parliament.

“In my view it’s more important to get it right, than it is to worry about a few weeks here or there.” End of quote.

But it may not be “perfect”.

This is what the green future looks like

Anticipated investments in new power plants, storage and electricity networks by 2031 in billion euros

Sit up and take notice James Shaw, Megan Woods and friends.?This is the likely result of Cindy’s Captain’s Call Policy (CCCP).

In Germany, they called it the “Switch to the Future”??Energiewende. (Energy transition). If ruthless German efficiency cannot make the technology work then what hope does New Zealand have?

Germany has led the world (where have we heard that phrase recently?) and bullied the EU into climate change targets. They have set milestones and targets just like “Zero Carbon 2050” and it seems that it has not been a ripping success.? They had their ‘once in a generation’ solution, just like we are having Ardern’s generation’s “nuclear-free moment”.

This from the GWFP who translated the report from German. Quote.

Germany?s Federal Audit Office has accused the federal government of having largely failed to manage the transformation of Germany?s energy systems.

The expenditure for the ecological restructuring of the energy supply is in a ?blatant disproportion to the hitherto poor yield?, said President of the Court of Audit Kay Scheller in Berlin: ?The Federal Government is at risk to fail with its once in a generation project of the Energiewende?.

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How to negate the waka jumping bill

In the midst of an explanation about the pleasures of rat-swallowing during the third reading of the Electoral?(Integrity) Amendment Bill , James Shaw made an interesting observation.? I am presuming that Shaw’s interpretation of the clause in question is correct. Quote.

[…] One of the things that has been overlooked in much of the debate is that there is a clause in this bill [55D (d)] that says that the party constitutions must be complied with; otherwise, it’s invalid. Now, if you don’t like this?if you do not want your party to exercise or have the ability to exercise the provisions in this bill?you can include a clause in your party constitution barring you from doing so.

Marama Davidson and I have written to the Green Party executive and asked them to consider, as part of the ongoing constitutional review, whether or not they should include that clause barring us from using that. End of quote.

It will be interesting to see the result of that.

Shaw went on to lay down a challenge to the National Party:?Quote. Read more »

If you have to explain it James, then you’ve failed already

James Shaw is wanting to tell us all something…that the Greens can be involved in stable government.

The Green Party won’t get always get its own way in Government and that’s okay, co-leader James Shaw has told a packed room of future candidates.

In a major speech to the party’s candidates’ conference, Shaw pointed to a campaign platform based on clean water and families, as well as ramping up the Greens’ ability to be in Government – something it has?never before done. ? Read more »

Explaining is losing, especially when you are Andrew Little

Proof the Green/Labour MOU was a stunt with no future:

Labour leader Andrew Little says he hasn’t entered into any formal obligations or commitments to accommodate the Green Party at next year’s election, but hasn’t ruled it out.

Uhmmm…so what was the?MOU then? Seems there isn’t much understanding at all.

Looks like any deals are just nudge, nudge, wink, wink kind of deals…in other words utterly worthless.

The Green Party reportedly won’t be standing a candidate in Ohariu, leaving it open for Labour to battle against incumbent, United Future leader Peter Dunne.

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The Greens finally denounce the Muslim hate speech preacher…sort of

James Shaw has finally said something about?Shaykh Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib and denounced his actions…sort of.

Last week we were very concerned to hear that an Auckland imam, Dr Anwar Sahib, had been preaching divisive and derogatory messages about Jewish people and women during his sermons.

It was a disturbing incident coming at the end of a disturbing few weeks in politics.

Not long before, ?Bishop? Brian Tamaki decided to simultaneously undermine human rights, human decency ? and geophysics ? by claiming that gay people and deviant behaviour were to blame for earthquakes affecting the South Island.

We are all aware of the dangers in giving people who spout hate more air time than they deserve. These latest incidents were newsworthy because, generally speaking, they are not terribly common occurrences in today?s New Zealand.

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A Green finance spokesperson is like an ash tray on a motorbike


The Greens have made the right call handing the crucial finance role to their co-leader James Shaw.


Sixteen months too late, perhaps, but the right call.

The “promotion” was part of the reshuffle necessitated by Kevin Hague’s resignation. Read more »

The Greens want to ban private healthcare

The Greens have once again shown themselves to be clueless. ?Banning private healthcare is insane. There should always be a two-tiered system. Why would anyone who could afford private health care want to leech off the public system? ?I have always paid for medical insurance so that I can get the care when I need it. I don’t want to languish on a waiting list.

If the Government abolished private healthcare, ?every private hospital in New Zealand would be closed, private health insurance would become illegal and every medical Centre in New Zealand would have to be nationalised.

Green Party health spokesman?Kevin Hague said he would get rid of private healthcare altogether.?I think that distorts the health sector completely and produces a two-tier system.?


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Greens have come up with a brand new tax!


The Green Party is calling for a bank deposit insurance scheme to protect savers’ money.

New Zealand is the only country in the OECD that has not introduced deposit insurance in case a bank fails.

That means in the unlikely event that one of the banks failed, the savings of its customers could be used to help bail it out.

Greens co-leader James Shaw says every other country in the OECD has moved to protect savers’ deposits with insurance. Read more »

Some Leaders are more equal than others

Animal Farm by George Orwell ? DePorridge deporridge.wordpress.com

Animal Farm by George Orwell ? DePorridge

Andrew Little sent me another e-mail. In it a photo was selected by his team to represent the new Labour and Green memorandum of understanding. It showed The Labour leader and Deputy leader and the two Green co-leaders. I am sure that they had a wide selection of photos to choose from, so the fact that they selected this particular photo is very telling.

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