Jami-Lee Ross

The unrollable Ross?

redit: Getty/Newshub.

Will we ever know the real reason why someone as close to the inner circle as Jami-Lee Ross ended up being forced out? Especially since the stated reasons do not seem to add up and do not seem to be applied as equally to the goose as to the gander.

Whomever was behind this did not think it through properly before acting and it seems that they have royally screwed up and, after consulting the lawyers, they realise that they have nowhere to go.

Firstly, they notified the Speaker that they considered Ross an independent and that brings in legal ramifications under the Electoral Act, as recently amended by the ‘Waka Jumping’ Bill.

Secondly, as Ross alludes to below, National broke their own party rules by evicting him from caucus without any natural justice.

So Ross intends to carry on with the role he was elected to do.

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Hide on MPs hiding

Rodney Hide takes a swerve at Jami-Lee Ross and the National Party for not being upfront with the electorate who pay their wages.

It has been bad enough with various members of the government being put into their Witless Protection Programme and not fronting up in the House when they should; Clare Curran, Meka Whaitiri, Kelvin Davis, Chris Hipkins, Phil Twyford and so on.

But now a National MP has told us he is off for a few (unspecified) months. Quote. Read more »

Dear Jamie

via email

From: Stephen?xxxxx
Sent: Sunday, 1 January 2017 11:41 a.m.
To: Botany MP
Subject: UN resolution,

Dear Jamie,

First of all let me wish you and your family the very best of the New Year.

Secondly I wish to state that I am a ” true and loyal” National; supporter and this is the first time I have ever felt the need to convey my feelings directly to a Member of Parliament. ( I did however email the PM a couple of days ago , again a first, asking the same question and received the standard automated response )

What has got me ” fuming” is the recent UN Israeli resolution sponsored and pushed through by Murray McCully…….

I am so hoping this is just. an MP gone rogue and is not the ” True” National Parties stance on this…….. but if it is then ” fine” as I will make my voting decision based on this information.

What I am really looking for is some communication and direction from the Prime Minister over this…….. the silence is “deafening” and is really causing me to make assumptions that may in fact be well wide of the mark….

I realise John Key has gone but I don’t believe he would have let this ” fester” and would have made a statement….. ( even if he was holidaying in Dipton )

I really want Bill to step up to the mark, show some real leadership in first first real test…..and tell me what the hell is going on…..

kind regards

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How dirty is Bill playing?

You’ve got to admire Bill English. He has managed to achieve a coronation. His team worked hard, but then again they had two months to plan to gazump?everyone else.

But there are some concerning anti-democratic tendencies starting to emerge from the fog of war.

By convention whips are supposed to stay out of the fray. Of course, John Carter broke that in rinsing Bill English the first time. However, the whips were very active in backing Bill English, especially Jami-Lee Ross who was running the numbers for Bill English and was the person who leaked to Patrick Gower.

What was astonishing however was the appointment to two other MPs to act as scrutineers?in Monday’s vote. Hekia Parata and Chester Borrows were appointed and there were cries of foul deeds. Hekia Parata is well known as a Bill English supporter and so is Chester Borrows. Hekia told caucus that she could be trusted and fair to much sniggering behind people’s hands.

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I wonder how many of these guys Bill promised a ministerial portfolio for their public endorsement

A whole bunch of MPs declared earlier today for Bill English. This ultimately led to Judith Collins jacking in the race. But, at least one of them at least was promised a ministerial portfolio if he did so…that will come at the expense of Jonathan Coleman who will get stabbed first for daring to interrupt his coronation.

Judith Collins is likely to get stabbed too because Bill English has such a deep and abiding vindictive streak.

Bill English’s bid for Prime Minister continues to build momentum as more MPs declare their support for him today.

Twenty-one MPs have now committed to backing English in a vote on Monday, while none have yet publicly backed the other contenders Jonathan Coleman and Judith Collins.

To get a majority within the National caucus a candidate will need 30 votes.

The growing level of support for English could put pressure on Coleman and Collins to withdraw from the race.

National’s Jami-Lee Ross, Jonathan Young, Todd Muller, Chris Bishop and Brett Hudson are the latest to say they will back English. ? Read more »

Despondent Andy’s preferred rating drops to single digit

The Government’s ‘benefit budget’ appears to have had little impact, with just 4 per cent of people saying they are now better off, according to the latest ONE News opinion poll.

The Colmar Brunton poll saw National slip one percentage point to 48 per cent despite an embarrassing time of late for Prime Minister John Key, culminating with the ponytail scandal.

Mr Key was also up two points to 44 per cent as the nation’s preferred leader, while Labour leader Andrew Little slipped two points to 9 per cent and is now tied with Winston Peters.

Last month’s Budget promised much for housing and poverty, but just 4 per cent of kiwis surveyed said they were better off because of it, while 72 per cent said their situations were about the same and 10 per cent felt they were worse off.

This poll was full taken post-ponytail and post-budget. ? It confirms the previous poll wasn’t an outlier, and Andrew Little has failed to fire as his party’s Leader du jour.

He’s got Annette (the Swiss Ball landlady) King doing his job for him, while he’s out there “meeting people”. ?Oh, and coming up with means testing super without running it past his party first. Read more »

Oh bugger… so many lies

At the weekend it was revealed Mr Key and Botany MP Jami-Lee Ross had dined at the home of controversial Chinese businessman Donghua Liu in August 2013, which led to a $25,000 donation to Mr Ross’ election campaign.


Mr Key’s office last year said there was “no record” of who attended fundraising dinners with the Prime Minister, and that he “recalls seeing Mr Liu at various functions, including a dinner as part of a National Party fundraiser” ? but the fact it was at Liu’s home wasn’t disclosed.


Liu later became an embarrassment for the Government, the property developer’s dealings with minister Maurice Williamson leading to his resignation, and has since been in court facing domestic violence charges.

The dinner was one of the National Party’s controversial ‘Cabinet Club’ fundraising events, in which donors get access to high-ranking MPs and ministers. Mr Key says the party is “under no obligation” to make the details of those meetings public.

“We’re not going to get into a situation where we say where we went to dinner, and whether I had the chicken or the fish. We’re just not going to be doing that ? no other political party does, no one’s required to do that,” he says. Read more »

Cash for access


I know my readers flinch when their favourite politician gets in trouble, but let it be clear that he’s doing a fine job all by himself.

Prime Minister John Key has contradicted statements his own office made about a meeting with controversial Chinese businessman Donghua Liu. Read more »

National reprises Father Ted: “It was just resting in the account”

National and in particular Jami-Lee Ross and John Key have been busted in a donation saga.

And the best they can come up with is a version of the Father Ted defence…”the money was just resting in my account”.

As Father Dougal MacQuire says…”a good long rest”.

Electoral returns out next week will confirm that a National Party MP received $25,000 from a controversial businessman after Prime Minister John Key had a private dinner with him – at the man’s home.

The PM has always maintained that he met Donghua Liu at a National Party fundraiser but would never say where. Today, the Weekend Herald can reveal that the fundraiser was actually a private dinner at Mr Liu’s $4.75 million home in Remuera, where a smiling Mr Key and Jami-Lee Ross, the MP for Botany, were photographed alongside Mr Liu and his young family.

Afterwards, Mr Liu donated $25,000 that same month to Mr Ross’ election campaign. But the following year, Mr Liu became a political embarrassment for the Government after a Herald investigation revealed the impact of the property developer’s links to the National Party.

Maurice Williamson was forced to resign as a minister when the Herald revealed he had called police after Mr Liu was arrested on domestic violence charges and told them Mr Liu was a big investor in New Zealand.

Mr Key said then that Mr Williamson had “crossed the line”.

Shortly after the election, Mr Ross refunded the large donation from Mr Liu’s company – 15 months after it was given. Mr Ross has since disclosed the donation in candidate returns for the 2014 election due to be released by the Electoral Commission next week.

Mr Liu is upset that Mr Ross refunded the $25,000 cheque, which he regarded as a “slap in the face”.

The 53-year-old pleaded guilty to the domestic violence charges in April last year, but was in the Auckland District Court this week seeking to withdraw those admissions. He was successful and the case is likely to now head to trial.

Outside court, he told the Herald he gave $25,000 to Mr Ross through the “Botany Cabinet Club” and “subsequently this amount was refunded”.

“It was very strange. The refund was sent to my lawyer, I wasn’t told about it in person.”

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Boag snatch to fund Sky City blowout?


There?s a new candidate for who is paying Michelle ?The Boagan? Boag and her offsider Cedric ?Senile? Allan for their campaign to snatch $2.1 billion in Vector shares from the people of Auckland and South Auckland to give to Lyin? Len Brown?s council.

Whaleoil still doesn?t quite believe it but it?s overloading the tipline so here goes: The theory is it?s SkyCity casino. Here?s why it could be true.

Since Friday SkyCity has been saying it needs another $130 million from the government to build its new National Convention Centre. Or else it?ll pull out of the deal. The government has to make the SkyCity deal work because all the rest of its convention centre plan is falling apart.

Steven Joyce seems to be saying he?ll open up some of his trough but not for the full $130 million and wants Auckland ratepayers to front up with the rest. ?

In a world first, everyone from Lyin? Len to Dick Quax have lined up and told Joyce to shove it. (The one exception is Cameron ?Mr Fiscal Responsibility? Brewer who sounds like he?s had too many nights in the SkyCity corporate box.) Read more »