Jamie Oliver

TV3 pimps sugar tax

Two nights ago TV3 was doing its bit to pressure Health Minister Jonathan Coleman into introducing a sugar tax in NZ by running ‘Jamie’s Sugar Rush’ .

Join Jamie Oliver in his brand new documentary as he investigates the role sugar is playing in rising global health problems.

Jamie Oliver has taken great delight in the recent UK announcement for a sugar tax. Fair enough; he’s entitled to his view.

But is he really walking the talk, or just talking the talk?

Some would say no, particularly Christopher Snowdon at Velvet Glove, Iron Fist, who highlights;

Jamie Oliver, the celebrity chef and cockwomble, has decided to introduce a soda tax in his restaurants “to send a powerful and strong message to government”. He claims that he will give money raised to the state-funded sock-puppet charity Sustain, who are agitating for a soft drinks tax that will cost taxpayers £1 billion a year.

If Oliver feels so strongly about fizzy drinks he could simply stop selling them, but that would hit his bottom line so he’d rather gouge his customers to fund a campaign for a state-sanctioned ‘level playing field’ that will rip off his competitors’ customers too.    Read more »

Jamie Oliver joins the Breastapo; Adele lashes out

Where angels fear to tread… nothing like a man telling women they must breast feed to get the outrage going

Adele has a four-letter response to people like Jamie Oliver who put pressure on new mums to breastfeed.

The 27-year-old, who is mother to 3-year-old son Angelo with partner Simon Konecki, didn’t hold back at her sold-out concert at the O2 Arena in London when she was asked about “breastfeeding mummies” – a topic that provoked the ire of mothers when Oliver suggested last week that it was “easy”.

“It’s f****** ridiculous, and all those people who put pressure on us, you can go f*** yourselves, alright?” she said. “Because it’s hard. Some of us can’t do it. I managed about nine weeks with my boobs (I mean I trip over them – I’ve got a very good push-up bra). Some of my mates got post-natal depression from the way those midwives were talking. Idiots.

We experienced the same problem, and as new parents it was extremely stressful because you’re looking for guidance all the time.  Read more »

Can it be true? That parents are making kids fat?

Of course it is true…as the government gets a slapping for not being aggressive enough in tackling fat kids there are claims that bad parents make kids fat.

The world’s gone mad. I realised this when I read that Ribena had been moved behind the shop counter, shrouded in a brown paper bag: Jamie Oliver had evidently been demonstrating outside No10 holding a square purple carton of the stuff.

When I was growing up, a glass of Ribena was administered when I had tonsillitis. It was a luxury: healthy, delicious. Lucozade, too, in its coloured cellophane, like a parcel, was for medicinal purposes only.

Fizzy drinks only appeared at Christmas, when mum was despatched to Bonds in Chelmsford to buy ‘bombs’ for the soda syphon (thank goodness Islamic radicalism had yet to be invented). Thus armed, she was able to render weak orange squash that bit more festive.

It was partly poverty that kept me and my six brothers and sisters immune from obesity. We couldn’t afford ready meals, or shop-bought cake and bread, except on rare occasions.    Read more »


Tax the Fat Bastard not the Fat

Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver wants to tax sugar because sugar makes people fat bastards and costs the taxpayer.

Sugary foods risk causing a public health crisis similar to smoking and should be taxed in the same way as tobacco, Jamie Oliver has said.

The television chef said sugar was “definitely the next evil” and should be targeted because of the burden it was placing on the NHS.

He said he agreed with France’s decision to impose a tax on sugary drinks and believes Britain should follow.

The problem with this is that such a broad based tax is very difficult to administer and has had little impact.   Read more »


Poor people are useless

I have never been a fan of Jamie Oliver, but I find I have developed a new found respect for him. Basically he is saying the poor in Britain are useless fools.

The funny thing is he was hired by the former Labour government. Bet they aren’t to pleased by how that has turned out.

Jamie Oliver has sparked a row after saying he found it hard to talk about modern day poverty when he came across British families living on junk food while spending money on expensive TV sets.

The celebrity chef, who was enlisted by the Labour Government to improve the quality of school meals, has now rounded on the British working class diet.

Oliver recalled being appalled by the diet of a British family who lived on a diet of junk food, but still had the money for consumer goods.

“You might remember that scene in Ministry Of Food, with the mum and the kid eating chips and cheese out of styrofoam containers, and behind them is a massive TV. It just didn’t weigh up,” he said.

“The fascinating thing for me is that seven times out of 10, the poorest families in this country choose the most expensive way to hydrate and feed their families. The ready meals, the convenience foods.”

This was in stark contrast to other parts of the world – such as Italy – where economically deprived families still managed to enjoy a healthy diet.

“I meet people who say, ‘You don’t understand what it’s like.’ I just want to hug them and teleport them to the Sicilian street cleaner who has 25 mussels, 10 cherry tomatoes, and a packet of spaghetti for 60 pence, and knocks out the most amazing pasta,” said Oliver, 38, whose own wealth is estimated at £150 million.

“You go to Italy or Spain and they eat well on not much money. We’ve missed out on that in Britain, somehow.” he said in an interview in the Radio Times.  Read more »

They are all doomed

Jamie Oliver obviously married a hippy, and worse one that wears the pants. By letting her name all the kids he has doomed his entire family.

It is bad enough having one child with Silly First Name Syndrome but having four just invites doom.

The mother-of-four, whose three-year-old girl is called Petal Blossom Rainbow, said she “hated” people giving their opinions about baby’s names.

Mrs Oliver added that her husband, the celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, had to tell her to “calm down” when choosing them for their children.

The 37-year-old former model also revealed that she wanted to have more, and that she was “comfortable being a mum” rather than having a career.

Mrs Oliver, whose other three children are Poppy Honey Rosie, ten, Daisy Boo Pamela, nine, and Buddy Bear Maurice, two, told Gurgle magazine: “They all have more than one name because I couldn’t decide.

“I’m not sure where Petal Rainbow came from – apparently it’s a My Little Pony! I wanted to call her Rainbow but Jamie told me to calm down.

Great Cooking Tips

Meat Eater has some great money save cooking tips:

1. If you’ve been eyeballing a fancy butchers’ saw or electric band saw for butchering carcasses or making bone-in cuts, hold off on making that purchase. I’ve butchered scores of carcasses — reducing them to such cuts as t-bones, rib chops, and shanks for osso bucco — using nothing more than a standard 12-inch hack saw that can be found in about any garage. Mine outperforms butchers’ saws because the finer teeth of a hack saw — I like the blades sporting 24 teeth per inch of blade; they cost about a dollar apiece — are less likely to grab the bone and shake it and more likely to cut it. And when I’m done, it fits in a dishwasher or sink for cleanup much more easily than a full-size butchers’ saw.

That is useful to know…I’ve been thinking of getting some butchering tools.

2. Just as you don’t need a specific saw for cutting game bones, you don’t need a specific cookbook for preparing game meat. Some of my best wild game recipes have come from adapting beef, lamb and even pork recipes from widely available mainstream cookbooks such as The Joy of Cooking,Silver Spoon, Steven Raichlen’s wonderful — and seemingly omnipresent — series of books on grilling, and even books by the dapper British pretty boy Jamie Oliver — his thyme, lemon and pesto marinade for pork chops works on everything from mule deer to street pigeon.

Yep this is what I do…but I’d add that wrapping almost anything in bacon works pretty well too.

3. With bear oil bringing around $14 an ounce on the internet, it’s the definition of thrifty to learn how to render your own bear oil from bear fat. When I butcher a bear, especially one that’s been feeding on berries, I retain the fat and cut it into 1-inch cubes. Then I simmer these cubes over very low heat. After a few hours, the cubes have turned into crispies that look like pork rinds, floating on a gorgeous pool of clear oil that is exceedingly tasty. The oil is solid when refrigerated and viscous like coconut oil at room temperature. I use it for deep frying, sautéing, and even as lard when baking pie crusts. It tastes better than conventional oils, and it leaves you feeling like a much bigger badass.

What’s the bet Greenpeace would have the shits with anyone making bear oil.

Jordan throws a sook, dummy spat out

Jordan Carter, erstwhile Labour lickspittle has thrown a tanty and as a result copped a flogging for his efforts.

So what has thrown Jordan into such a froth?

Well, Don Brash had the audacity to call The Government of the Peoples Republic of Clarkistan the most corrupt government in NZ's history.

Of course Jordan trots off down the approved party spin line that they didn't break any rules, despite the police, the Auditor-General, the head of the electoral Commission and the Chief Electoral Officer finding otherwise.

[quote]OK, Jordan. It's really becoming a wee bit desperate seeing how how "confused" everyone else is – the Auditor-General, the former Solicitor-General who was appointed a Judge of the High Court and Court of Appeals less than three months ago, the head of the Electoral Commission, the Chief Electoral Officer. Either we have some very senior civil servants who are grossly imconpetent and should be put out on 'gardening leave' immediately, or someone is spinning far too hard.

By the way, if Labour is 'serious' about campaign finance reform I look forward to a bill being rushed to the top of the order paper at least as quickly as the bill that retrospectively rewrote the Electoral Act to save Harry Duynhoeven's arse. That one was drafted in a week, and passed in three days under extreme urgency.

Posted by: Craig Ranapia | Wednesday, 09 August 2006 at 07:03 PM [/quote]

Jordan neglects to observe that Don Brash isn't just talking about the blatant thievery of the Clark Government he is also talking about David Benson-Pope, Philip "El Jefe" Field, Paintergate, Doonegate, Speedgate, Whangamata Marina….the list is quite extensive and goes on and on.

Jordan also lets the cat out of tha bag that Labour has almost no money of its own to campaign with. he reckons that the unions spending was included in Labours return. Sounds far-fetch I know but if true then Labour can't have spent much if any of its own money on the campaign. They knicked $448,000 and used the Unions to fund the rest, nicked of course off of the backs of the workers.

Of course Jordan extensive hand-wringing and wailing would be believable if he had made even one comment about El Jefe, ever. But of course he hasn't. Nope, nothing at all, yet he constantly posts along the lines of "bag Don". Hey heads up Jordy, that plan has been tried by beeter exponents than you and your Labour suck-farts and didn't work for them. The old Bush Brash lied, people died, chimp, dumb stupid thing is getting old. If you can't come up with something better than that just FRO.



Because you started it, Jordan

Jordan Carter is one of the most puerile and churlish Labour apologists out there. He often dribbles on with anti-American, anti-Brash rhetoric and resorts to Cullen-esque whiney, snippy statements of what is and isn't.

Again despite plenty of other important news out there to comment on he takes a swipe at Don Brash.

Well Jordan, since you started it here goes. 

The Left and the Contrasts

I don't often read left wing blogs, mainly because of the utter inanities they utter.
The main two I do read though are Jordan Carters Just Left and Idiot Savants No Right Turn. Now I don't subscribe to any of their views but there is a stark difference in their style and substance.
Jordan Carter has all the feel of a shrill bugle call for anything from Dear leaders and Michael Cullens mouth. No Right Turn is reasoned if somewhat erroneous, but nevertheless reasoned.
A case in point is Jordan mocking the origin of Don Brashs wife and supposedly Nationals policy. of course what Jordan has done has opened the door on attacks of people and their private life in his own party. He also fails to note that Labours policy of the "Third Way" is also stolen from overseas including Tony Bliars nifty tax payer funded "Pledge Cards".
Idiot Savant is rightly offended and comments on his own blog. He also comments on Jordans vile piece of muck.
[quote]While Brash likes to make much of the fact that his partner is from Signapore, I don't think its the sort of thing he should be attacked over. It is, bluntly, pretty vile.[/quote]
Jordan is becoming more and more shrill as the pressure of constant bad news and shenanigins of his party gain the headlines. I am just waiting for Jordan to use his "I baited them and they reacted" test defence.
He has become so shrill, snippy, vindictive, spiteful and nasty one would think he is a raving fag throwing a hissy fit.
Oh wait he is!!!! Just remember Jordan to use your defence, "You started it"