Jan Wright

Rising sea levels could deliver you a sea-front property, but they can only see the down-side

The Media party and the left-wing parties are all in a massive slather about climate change again, because some old bag has decreed that sea levels MIGHT rise by 30cm in coming DECADES.

The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment is urging the government and the private sector to figure out how to avoid home owners’ equity plummeting due to climate change.

The commissioner, Dr Jan Wright, believes the country is facing about 30cm of sea level rise over the next few decades. On top of that, storm surges are likely, making buildings that lie within 50cm of high tide vulnerable.

There are 13,000 buildings in New Zealand that fit that criteria, including 8800 homes. The replacement cost of all of the buildings is estimated to be $3 billion, and that doesn’t include the cost for infrastructure, such as roads.

The enormity of the issue needed to be thought about in monetary terms, as well as the impact it would have on the environment, she said.

A working group consisting of local and central government and the private sector, such as insurance and banking, was needed, she said.

A plan was crucial so problems like negative equity could be avoided.

“We do insurance in an annual way, every year you pay for your insurance again. If insurance companies decide to stop or the premiums become unaffordable … then you could be looking at a case where the mortgage, which of course is a 30-year one not an annual year one, is more valuable then the value of the house, and that’s a negative equity issue.”

Central government needed to sort out its guidance and direction on the matter down to local level, she said.

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Why is Scott Simpson not calling bull**** on sea level rise claims?

Look, I get it. ?We have to plan ahead. ?And if the oceans are going to rise, then we need to make decisions that allow for that. ?Government, councils, insurance companies and property owners all can benefit from quality information.

But then there’s this:

In 2014, Commissioner Jan Wright found that New Zealand would be hit by more frequent coastal flooding in the future as sea levels rise.

Today, Dr Wright told the Local Government and Environment Select Committee that she would be releasing a follow-up report identifying infrastructure and property at high risk from rising seas.

Dr Wright said a 30 centimetre rise in sea levels by 2050 was inevitable due to climate change, and what happened after that depended on the global commitment to cutting carbon emissions.

A 30 centimeter rise in 35 years is “inevitable”. ?This from a Dr (of something), hired to report to the government.

Let’s just take a deep breath. ?30 centimeters in 35 years is close to a centimeter a year. Read more »

Maggie Barry’s double standards on poisons in the environment

On her appointment as a minister, NZ’s favourite grandmother, Maggie Barry, had this to say:

But Barry, a member of National’s “blue greens” sector group, takes her eco credentials seriously as a gardener.

“From garden show days . . . as well as to this day I try not to spray anything. I have been known to use the odd herbicide when I had a bigger garden . . . but I figured early on in the piece I didn’t really want to grow the things that needed spraying every 10 days.”

But within days she was telling Auckland Council that if they didn’t dump tonnes of 1080 poison all over the Hunuas, into Auckland’s water catchment areas, that she would force them to do so.

She told TVNZ Breakfast, as reported int eh NZ Herald:

“These are the kinds of challenges that I’m starting to come to grips with at the moment. We have to get our predators under control so we do need 1080.”? Read more »

Frack away

Photo/ NewstalkZB

Photo/ NewstalkZB?

The Greens are going to be seriously bent out of shape?over this – there is to be no moratorium on fracking.

Isaac Davison reports:

Fracking should not be banned in New Zealand, Parliament’s environmental watchdog says in a landmark report, but the industry is poorly regulated and guidelines must be updated before the industry expands beyond Taranaki.

The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Jan Wright today released her long-awaited investigation into oil and gas drilling ? including hydraulic fracking.? Read more »

Concerns over Cunliffe’s new chief of staff

My previous revelations that the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment?s office is just a breeding ground for the Labour Party are about to come under the spotlight.

Newsroom has revealed that David Cunliffe has picked a deputy chief of staff.

?Cunliffe is yet to appoint a chief of staff saying he will be interviewing for the job but the deputy would be Karl Beckert.

?Beckert was listed in Parliament?s directory in 2009 as a researcher in the leader?s office under Phil Goff, and also been an adviser to the Parliamentary Commissioner of the Environment.?

This morning I revealed some news from inside Camp Labour, including that Sarah Clark is in the running to be Cunliffe?s chief of staff.? Read more »

The Truth behind the Environment Commissioner, Ctd

Recently I exposed some concerns with Environment Commissioner Jan Wright?s claim that she was independent.

One of those concerns was the fact one of her key staff members is Rob Egan, a former Communications Advisor for the EMPU. It is believed that Egan is a blogger on the Standard ? aka Irish Bill.

Well, today I can reveal more staffing issues that bring Jan Wright?s ?independence? claim even further under the spotlight.

The general manager of Jan Wright?s office is Sarah Clark, who before taking up that role, spent nine years as the Director of the Labour Party?s Communications Unit. Take a look for yourself.? Read more »

The truth behind the Environment Commissioner

Jan Wright - A sweet old nana?

Jan Wright – A sweet old nana?

Jan Wright looks like a sweet old Nana who should be at home baking the Whale Army some cookies.

The little old lady plays on this image to try and convince people she is fair and impartial in her role as Environment Commissioner, but unlike the lazy repeaters, the Whale Army can see right through her performance. Nana Wright is as dirty as the Manawatu River.

Nana Wright’s website describes her role as an independent Officer of Parliament, and her main role is to review policy. From reading that, I would expect her to be provide a balanced, non-political view.

Let’s take a look at a most recent release and see how independent she really is.

Does the use of “rejects” and “radical” in the headline sound like someone who is balanced and non-political?

They’re very emotive terms.? Read more »

Gareth Morgan still hates pussy

It is official, Gareth Morgan is not into pussy in any way, shape or form.? Who knows, maybe he was terrified by one as an infant but KiwiBank must be moving quickly to rebrand the under-performing fund they overpaid for.

I have a name suggestion for them, how about ?KiwiBank Saver?? I can even do up a logo because at the rate Morgan?s mouth is going, I seriously doubt you will have many customers left.

But proving Morgan must have a taste for public sadomasochism, he has popped up on that soft cock Campbell Live last night.? This time Morgan unleashed his much vaunted phase II master stroke; a $5 bounty on each cat.

If the SPCA are clever, they should send him a bill for every cat they have to euthanize. As you all know I don?t much like cats but I don?t like animal abusers either.? I can see Morgan?s brainless idea unleashing fruitcakes claiming the bounty. This will get nasty since it comes from a desperate mad nasty little man who cannot deduce ?cause? from ?effect?.? Read more »