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Changes coming at NZME?

Yeah, nah, that's a B777 you fools

Yeah, nah, that’s a B777 you fools

Richard Harman emails in his daily newsletter:

Previously reliable Auckland media sources are saying a change of management may be looming at NZME (proprietors of the NZ Herald and Newstalk ZB) now that the IPO has been cancelled with CEO Jane Hastings possibly due to leave soon.

I’m not surprised that changes are coming.

If you looked at the Herald’s front page today online these are the top stories:

“Kiwi flight attendant Kaytlin Motion describes her job on the ultra long haul service between Dubai and Auckland.”

“Times the Oscars got it oh so wrong”

“Meet Mrs Trump, the First Lady of bling”

“The Nazi child snatchers”

“Eye to eye with a big ugly shark”

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The Changing Hats of Fran O?Sullivan – NZ Inc. or NZME. ?


So far we have looked at the following in this series:
And so we begin
Telling the Truth about Fran O’Sullivan and Dirty Politics
Dirty Politics and Fran O?Sullivan?s ?Unethical Alliance? With Bloggers
Dirty Media – Who feeds Fran?
Dirty Media ? a nice bit of confusion over names, and just who or what is NZ Inc?

On the 16th September 2014 an Application for Trademark of NZ Inc and New Zealand Inc was made by Fran O?Sullivan.

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Dirty Media – Who feeds Fran?

A newspaper during Dirty Politics liked to use diagrams.

Well here at Whaleoil we like diagrams as well…we especially like this one.

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