Japan Airlines

Herald subbie fail, Ctd

? NZ Herald

The Herald has a story about Japan Airlines admitting to price fixing:

The High Court has ordered Japan Airlines (JAL) to pay a $2.3m penalty for price-fixing breaches of the Commerce Act, the Commerce Commission said.

JAL has admitted liability in the commission’s air cargo price fixing case for agreeing fuel and security surcharges in Europe, the United States and Asia for cargo flown to New Zealand, the commission said in a statement.

JAL also admitted liability for cargo flown from New Zealand to Asia.

The story itself is ok but the image they have with the story is below (I added the arrow):

The problem is?immediately?apparent…at least to anyone who knows how to use Google. The livery is not Japan Airlines livery for a start and search of the Aircraft Number reveals that 9V-SFA is a Singapore Airlines cargo 747-400. Singapore Airlines Cargo is mentioned at the bottom of the article but this article is headlined as JAL and Japan Airlines admitting liability.


Setting an example

Check out this CNN story about the CEO of ?Japan Airlines, Haruka Nishimatsu,?who gets paid less than the pilots and has ditched every one of his perks. He even stands in line at the cafetaria for lunch with his employees.