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Romania-born serial killer Vera Renzi (sometimes spelled Renici) was a very busy empowered woman who knew what she wanted and made sure she got it ? until the oppressive police force interfered.

By the time the promiscuous Vera ? she was known to locals as ?The Mysterious Huntress? ? was arrested in 1925, at the age of 30, she had murdered at least 35 members of the patriarchal sex: her 10-year-old son, two husbands and 32 sex partners. She kept all the bodies in her wine cellar, stored in hermetically zinc containers, each labeled with the victim?s name and the dates indicating the period of time they had been lovers.

Renczi holds the special distinction of having bedded 33 of her victims before having finished them off.

Asked why she killed so many innocent persons, she replied:

?Out of jealousy, for I know that tomorrow they would run after another woman. So I said to myself they had better sleep quietly in my cellar without having to excite themselves.?

She said she killed her son because he knew about the contents of the cellar and she was in constant danger of discovery.

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An email from a reader about envy driven politics

A reader emails:

Hi Cam,

Listening to Cunliffe since becoming leader of the Labour party it has become clear that labour plan to win the election by dividing the nation on the battle lines of class. The Labour and Green block has become increasingly driven by the ‘green-eyed monster’ of envy. It’s envy, not vision or empirical evidence that drives Labour/Green policy solutions. The policy of the left seems to be more concerned with harming the justly wealthy solely because of their success than it is with actually helping the less fortunate in society, labour policy to impose a capital gains tax and close charter schools are just two example of this.

The following is an Essay written by U.S presidential candidate Ron Paul that I believe sums up the issue perfectly.

“Envy is the painful awareness of another’s good fortune. It is usually associated with the desire to bring an end that good fortune through some means. Thus is it worse than jealousy, which is wanting what another has. Envy seeks to take away what another has out of spite and hatred, and is driven by the desire to destroy. It is an extremely destructive emotion, one that cannot bring personal happiness and is sure to bring social harm. The exercise of envy only ends in satisfying a kind of lust for bad to come to others. All the world religions condemn the impulse. It is one of the seven deadly sins. It is something we train our children not to feel. No good can come of it.

I raise it in this context because envy is?one of the driving forces of redistributionist politics?in the United States, an emotion and motivation endorsed every day on the editorial pages. It is the secret motivation behind the unrelenting attacks on the rich heard every day inside Washington, a town whose population includes some of the most well-to-do people in the entire country.?The emotion that is behind the attacks on the justly rich, and the emotion that such seek to stir within the population, is envy. ? Read more »

Is this the world’s most jealous woman?

Bunny Boiler alert

Bunny Boiler alert

This woman has to be a female sociopath. She had all the hallmarks.

A woman who makes her fianc? take a lie detector test to prove he has been faithful every time he leaves the house has been diagnosed with a rare condition that causes delusional jealousy.

Debbi Wood, 42, of Leicester, is so paranoid that her partner Steve Wood, 30, will stray that she also checks his phone, email accounts and bank statements several times a day for evidence of infidelity.

Mr Wood, who started dating Miss Wood in 2011 after they met through a friend, is even banned from watching women on television or looking at pictures of them in magazines.

Run, Forrest, Run.

Doctors have discovered that Miss Wood is suffering from Othello Syndrome, a psychiatric disorder which causes sufferers to believe their partners have been unfaithful – even without evidence.

She said: ?I?m relieved to finally know what?s wrong with me but I still have a long way to go. Even if Steve pops out for 15 minutes to buy a pint of milk, I make him take a lie detector test as soon as he gets home.? Read more »

Fear and loathing in the media

Andrew Sullivan blogs about the knives shoved into Nate Silver’s back and why.

The part that resonates strongly with me is this:

[F]ear that his analysis could render moot some of the horse-race journalism that the NYT still does and does well. It?s a misplaced fear. Campaigns are narratives driven by human beings ? no statistical analysis could begin to describe them adequately. There?s no reason the two approaches cannot work together and inform each other. But the pretensions and defensiveness of the old media guard seem to have made that a tough compromise to settle on ? to the detriment of NYT readers.? Read more »

Professional Jealousy

This song by Van Morrison sums up the current state of play pretty well:

Professional jealousy, can bring down a nation
And personal invasion, can ruin a man
Not even his family, will understand what’s happening
The price that he’s paying, or even the pain

Professional jealousy, started a rumour
And then it extended, to be more abuse
What started out as just, black propaganda
Was one day seen to be, believed as truth

They say the truth is, stranger than fiction
But a lie is more, deadly than sin
It can make a man very, bitter and angry
When he thinks that there’s someone, is going to win

Professional jealousy makes other people crazy
When they think you’ve got something that, they don’t have
What they don’t understand is it’s, just not easy
To cover it all, and, stand where you stand

Professional jealousy, makes no exception
It can happen to anyone, at any time
The only requirement is, knowing what’s needed
And then delivering, what’s needed on time

The only requirement is to, know what is needed
In doing the best you know how, deliver on time
The only requirement is, to know what is needed