Jeb Bush

Cam, why are you backing Trump?

Last night I received this email from “a reader”:

Cameron you seem to be backing Trump. I reckon this; Hillary Clinton goes to bed every night praying Trump is the Republican nominee. Farrar posted on this didn’t he and I think he is right.

But the big guns know this too and what I think will happen, that is just beginning to happen now, is that Cruz and Rubio will keep Trump out but beat themselves to a standstill doing it, and Kasich will be the nominee as the only one with a chance to beat Hillary.

Yet again, someone has mistaken my calling of events as I see them as endorsement or support for one candidate or another. This happened last election in the US where people thought I was supporting Barack Obama because I kept on saying that Mitt Romney couldn’t beat him. I even had a very public bet with Leighton Smith over this. Readers commented, just like this correspondent, that I should be pushing Mitt Romney.

I am not into wishful thinking…you saw that with the gay marriage debate, calling the US election for Barack Obama and, more recently, on the? flag debate.

No amount of wishful thinking on my part or that of commenters on this site, or indeed wishful thinking from John Key, can make the truth of the matter go away…the referendum will vote to retain the existing flag.

I call things as I see them, based on a combination of my gut feeling, my assessment of the general public sentiment, polling and canvassing my connected, and not-so-connected, networks of friends across the political and business spectrum. ?? Read more »

The Republican Party and Trump: They’re not worried; they’re terrified

The GOP establishment are going all in to try to stop Trump, but until they can convince Ted Cruz to quit they won’t be able to do it.

For anyone wondering if the big wigs in the Grand Old Party (Republicans) are actually worried about Donald Trump as nominee – or if it is just a media beat-up, the answer is simple:

They’re not worried; they’re terrified and appalled and genuinely fearing for the future of the party.

Republican nominee for the 2012 election Mitt Romney didn’t hold back on Thursday, calling Mr Trump a phony and a fraud.

He’s not alone. After the Massachusetts primary, the state’s Republican governor Charlie Baker said he hadn’t voted for Trump in the primary and “I’m not going to vote for him in November”.

Mel Martinez, former Republican National Committee chair told The Wall Street Journal “I would not vote for Trump … If there is any, any, any other choice, a living, breathing person with a pulse, I would be there”.

Nebraskan senator Ben Sasse went further, saying “if the Republican Party becomes the party of David Duke, Donald Trump – I’m out.”

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Has TrusTED become BusTED?


You can do dirty things if you have the support of your peers, and Ted Cruz doesn’t.

His skullduggery of the past is now coming back to haunt him.

Marco Rubio won the day before Nevada?s caucuses ? and Ted Cruz lost.

While Rubio was racking up big endorsements, he also managed to exact a pound of political flesh from his closest rival on Monday as Cruz?s campaign was thrown into turmoil over new allegations of ?dirty tricks.?

?When you stand in front of a sign at every rally that says ?TrustTED,? with ?Ted? being the key part of the brand, you have to protect that brand at all costs ? and they?ve lost that brand,? said Bruce Haynes, a GOP strategist. ?Cruz cannot afford three days of the news cycle with everyone scrutinizing everything they?ve done that might be unseemly, so they had one choice to try and stop the bleeding, especially with Rubio on a bit of a rocket ride right now.? ? ? Read more »

Jeb Bush had Andrew Little’s problem

Jeb Bush’s campaign to be the Republican nominee for President is over.

Harry Enten at writes about why he failed, and there are many lessons for Andrew Little in his summary.

The main problem for Jeb Bush…and for Andrew Little, is that they just don’t excite people.

Whatever the reason that other candidates rose or faded, Bush had one big problem at the end of the day: Voters didn?t like him. You can see this in the chart below, which shows a three-poll rolling average of Bush?s net favorability rating among Republicans, according to YouGov, since Bush entered the campaign.

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South Carolina goes to Trump and Clinton grabs Nevada


Voters are sick of “professional” politicians.? They don’t mind being offended if it means we’re actually talking about real things and the truth is allowed to come out.


No use flogging a dead horse when your funders shift behind the likely winner.? With smaller vote fragmentation it will be interesting to see if Trump can keep ahead. ?No more Bushes. ?Depending, it may also be the end of the Clintons. ?It’s certainly a chance to leave the past and make a New America.?? /snigger ? Read more »

Trump: I could shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters

You’ve got to love the chutzpah of Donald Trump.

On Saturday, Republican front-runner Donald Trump expressed supreme confidence in his lead?and in the “loyalty” of his supporters, suggesting that there was nothing he could do to lose votes, not even something criminal.

“My people are so smart. And do you know what else they say about my people? The polls. They say I have the most loyal people, did you ever see that? Where I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters, OK? It’s like, incredible.”

The quote immediately went viral, with this Vine by far the most shared version of the clip. That Vine does not, it should be noted, include the portion of his statement where he says?his voters are smart.

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Is Donald Trump?s strategy going to work for him? Nope

The less well informed think The Donald will triumph and become president…they are wrong.

Truth Revolt reports:

Donald Trump has the worst rating among all GOP contenders when Gallup asked Americans to say whether they had a favorable or unfavorable view of each of the respective candidates. While Trump came second overall on the favorability?ranking, his very high unfavorable?ranking puts him squarely in a negative light for the majority of Americans.

Trump is viewed favorably by 32% of American adults but unfavorably by 56%. A?further 13% said they had no opinion or had not heard of Trump – leading to a?”net favorable” rating of -24. Chris Christie has the second-worst rating at -9.?Lindsey Graham is third with -7.

Jeb Bush is the candidate with the highest favorable rating;?35% of those polled said they viewed the former Florida governor in a positive light. ? Read more »

Good indicator the Jeb Bush is serious

Jeb Bush is looking more and more certain as a contender for the GOP nomination after he resigned from all his board positions.

Potential US Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush has resigned from all of his corporate and non-profit board member positions, the Washington Post reports, as the former Florida governor explores a run for the White House.

The Post, citing a statement emailed to the paper by one of Bush’s aides late on New Year’s Eve, said he even stepped down from the board of his education foundation.

The statement added that he was still evaluating next steps for businesses for which he serves as an owner or principal partner, including consulting firm Jeb Bush & Associates, the Post reported.

Reuters could not independently verify the report. Representatives for Bush were not immediately available. Read more »