Jennie Connor

Karl du Fresne slams Otago troughers

The more I read the work of Karl du Fresne the more he reinforces the view he?s a good bloke and says it how it is.

In his piece published today ?The rise of the moral crusaders of academia? he reinforces the view that Otago University is fast becoming the home of the nanny state idealists.

He says:

?But I have to accept that my romantic view of Otago is hopelessly outdated.

Because far from being a place associated with useful, functional things like stoves, houses and trousers, Otago has ironically become a name synonymous with the 21st century phenomenon of academic busybody-ism.

Unlike the business enterprises of those early entrepreneurs, this is not a field of activity intended to ease people’s lives or make a raw, young country more liveable.

On the contrary, it sets out to frighten and discomfort New Zealanders with an almost constant campaign of shrill hectoring and haranguing.

Then he hits at the heart of the shrill makers. ? Read more »

Bullied out of existence by #dirtypolitics wowsers


Some people need a cup of HTFU.? Thanks to the bullying by anti-alcohol wowsers Jennie Connor and Steve Child, a bunch of entrepreneurs have wimped out and are now in hiding.

Last week you may recall the post #DIRTYPOLITICS WOWSERS NOW HATE ENTREPRENEURS. Fairfax reporter Chloe Winter raced around getting the usual spiteful comments from Alcohol Action NZ and the NZ Medical Association chair. ? Read more »

Dirty Trougher Kypros Kypri wants sunlight – but hides Doug Sellman


Oh here we go again. Trougher researcher Kypros Kypri seems hell-bent on getting some sunlight.

Problem is that his latest play at getting attention is at the expense of his writing buddy – mad as a hatter Professor Doug Sellman.

The Dominion Post this morning pimps yet another whinge whinge whinge by publich health experts troughers all moaning, once again about the Health Promotion Agency. ? Read more »

Doug Sellman teams up with discredited troughers

Professor J. Douglas Sellman

Professor J. Douglas Sellman

While on the topic of prohibitionist and supermarket hater Doug Sellman, his organisation Alcohol Action NZ is gearing up for a big fight with the Government over the report of the Ministerial Forum on Alcohol Advertising and Sponsorship.

Travel and lifestyle blogger and pinko David Farrar commented on all the bans the forum recommended the other day, saying it was all a bit depressing, and that it will eventually end up with plain packaging for drinks and food.

Farrar?s post would have incensed Doug Sellman, who is now saying that Alcohol Action NZ is ?sponsoring an independent expert committee on alcohol advertising and sponsorship (IECAAS), which is monitoring the work of the Ministerial Forum?. From this an ?independent report? will be produced.?It?s worth a look to see who is on this so called ?expert committee? that will produce an ?independent report?.

Oh dear look who we have here. Read more »