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Journalists relying on criminals to do their reporting for them

While Matt Nippert and David ‘Tainted’ Fisher are lapping up the adulation of the script kiddies in Wellington there is yet another article about the failure of journalistic ethics, where it appears that journalists are quite happy to rely on criminals to their reporting for them.

These so-called investigative journalists are even still in touch with the hacker of my emails (if tweets from the Kiwicon are accurate)…so much for their journalistic integrity and they claims at being investigative journalists.

Ryan Holiday, someone knows a thing or two about manipulating the media, writes?about the media’s strategy of relying on criminals to do their reporting for them.

At first, I thought the media response to the celebrity hacking scandal was sanctimonious. Now I realize it was rank hypocrisy. Just shameless, awful hypocrisy from a group hardly better than the criminals they enable.

Because after every outlet, from Perez Hilton to Jezebel, called the hack, leak and publishing of nude photos of celebrities, including Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence, a crime, none of them seem to have any problem publishing the spoils of the Sony hack, particularly the many private conversations of its co-chairman Amy Pascal.

As Marc Andreessen put it on Twitter last week: ?Hackers steal a company?s email files. No bad acts by company revealed. Press prints emails. Journalism, or federal crime??

That?s exactly right. It?s the question we should be asking here.

How on earth do all these outlets?including The New York Times no less?justify printing or covering the contents of private emails obtained through clearly criminal acts? And not only that, but many in the media consider it real journalism and, in one case, criticize Sony for ?choosing to stay silent? for months before telling anyone they?d been a victim?

?There?s really no other way to explain the horrifying lack of empathy so many of them show, time and time again, when women of all levels of fame are treated like they exist to be bullied and mocked.?

Well put, Jezebel. It makes it extra ironic that your boss, Nick Denton actually wrote a memo to Gawker?s staff in which he lauded the publishing of the Sony emails and said ?that?s how good our editorial can be every day.? Really? That?s how good? Not: That?s how low we?re willing to stoop. This is the same guy who spoke last year about wanting to have a company people were proud to work at. These are the same people who criticized the supposed bullying tactics of #GamerGate, even though what they do is just as bad.

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Hosking on Double standards


via Newstalk ZB (she should sue!)

I’ve been under a lot of pressure from people to cover the Jennifer Lawrence stolen photo issue, and the parallels to my situation. ?In my view, everyone has?made up their minds already, so it doesn’t ?matter anymore. ?That doesn’t stop Mike Hosking having another try

I take it I am not the only one who is seeing the irony here in the Jennifer Lawrence hacking case.

Jennifer Lawrence and a bunch of other names have had nude photos hacked out of the cloud and distributed for the world to see.

The world, or at least parts of it, is outraged. Editorials are running in publications all over the planet, filled with upset and anger over what they?re broadly calling a massive invasion of privacy. A hunt has been launched for the hacker. Such is the upset when Ricky Gervais posted a tweet about it, he received an avalanche of hate over making fun of such matters.

It would appear that if you looked at this case in isolation, you would quickly conclude that hacking private information is the height of bad manners, bad behaviour and a very serious criminal act indeed.

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