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Did Martyn Martin Bradbury advise the Democrats?

Wrongly Wrongson, the blogger formerly known as Martyn Martin Bradbury, got all his predictions dead wrong in the last NZ general election.

But it seems he has taken his own particular brand of wrong punditry and been moonlighting with the Democrats in the US.

The Washington Examiner looks at some of the left wing shibboleths and Democratic myths that they clung to, which resulted in their defeat in the mid-term elections.

As Democratic losses mounted in Senate races across the country on election night, some liberal commentators clung to the idea that dissatisfied voters were sending a generally anti-incumbent message, and not specifically repudiating Democratic officeholders. But the facts of the election just don’t support that story.

Voters replaced Democratic senators with Republicans in Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, North Carolina, Montana, South Dakota, West Virginia and likely in Alaska, and appear on track to do so in a runoff next month in Louisiana. At the same time, voters kept Republicans in GOP seats in heavily contested races in Georgia, Kansas and Kentucky. That is at least 10, and as many as a dozen, tough races, without a single Republican seat changing hands. Tuesday’s voting was a wave alright ? a very anti-Democratic wave.

In addition to demolishing the claim of bipartisan anti-incumbent sentiment, voters also exposed as myths five other ideas dear to the hearts of Democrats in the last few months:

1) The election wouldn’t be a referendum on President Obama. “Barack Obama was on the ballot in 2012 and in 2008,” Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said in late October. “The candidates that are on the ballot are Democratic and Republican candidates for Congress.” Of course, that was true, but Republicans from New Hampshire to Alaska worked tirelessly to put the president figuratively on the ballot. And they succeeded.

Every day on the stump, Republican candidates pressed the point that their Democratic opponents voted for the Obama agenda nearly all the time. “Kay Hagan has voted for President Obama’s failed partisan agenda 95 percent of the time,” said Thom Tillis, who defeated the incumbent Democrat in North Carolina. Mark Pryor “votes with Barack Obama 93 percent of the time,” said Tom Cotton, who defeated the incumbent Democrat in Arkansas. “Mark Udall has voted with [Obama] 99 percent of the time,” said Cory Gardner, who defeated the incumbent Democrat in Colorado.

On Election Day, nearly 60 percent of voters told exit pollsters they were dissatisfied or angry with the Obama administration. In retrospect, there was no more effective campaign strategy for Republicans running in 2014 than to tie an opponent to the president.

Whoopsy…got that dead wrong.? Read more »

Nash knows…the Greens are toxic

Stuart Nash as written about Labour’s problem with being too cosy with the Green taliban…simply put they are toxic.

We always hear about the Labour-Green coalition v the National government.? I cannot remember if this was coined by the National party and adopted by the media or vice versa, but however it came about, it?s damaging to Labour?s brand.? Labour has to start talking about ?the next Labour-led government? and get right away from talk of a Labour-Green coalition.? There are three reasons for this:

1. it is not a certainty that a Labour led government would be in coalition with the Greens.? While any Labour-led government would certainly need the Greens support on supply-and-confidence, the nature of politics means that Labour may end up entering into a coalition with NZ First at the expense of the Greens.? There is, of course, a very recent precedent for this.? If the Greens did opt to form a coalition with the Nats (most unlikely but not inconceivable as Russell Norman and Met Turei don?t have the philosophical or political courage of their convictions that Rod Donald and Jeanette Fitzsimons had) then the likelihood of their long-term survival as a party is minimal.? Ref the Lib Dems in the UK or even the Maori Party in NZ ? both likely to disappear at the next election due to their support for parties (and power) against the wishes of the majority of those who gave them electoral success in the first place.? Read more »

Trouble at t’mill, finally someone on the left understands

Labour apparatchik?Jenny Michie has a post at The Daily Blog which shows that ?she is one of the few who “gets it”.

[I]f the economy is doing well then the underlying message to voters is that the government must be doing well, so keep the government. Or as Colin Espiner puts it ?voters will pick the devil they know, rather than turfing out a government in economic good times?.

So the thing that Labour dare not hope for is for the economy to?well?.um?.tank.
Because asset sales haven?t hurt the government, screwing workers through draconian employment laws haven?t hurt the government, tax cuts for the rich hasn?t hurt the government, charter schools haven?t hurt the government, corporate welfare hasn?t hurt the government, 270,000 kids living in poverty hasn?t hurt the government, overseeing the biggest gap ever between the rich and the poor hasn?t hurt the government, hell, not even Hekia Parata has made a dent.

At some point you have to ask, what on earth will hurt this government?? Read more »

Soper on Cunliffe

Barry Soper gives David Cunliffe a truly terrible nickname…it may well stick, but not as much as Silent T does.

The trouble with Martin Luther Cunliffe is that he likes to be all things to all people.

The other trouble for him is that he’s never been forgiven for his disloyalty to the Dithering David Shearer and his latest action in sacking his campaign manager, for what was stating the bleedingly obvious, will further isolate him.

This is what Jenny Michie said: “It would be naive to imagine that there would be no resistance to a gay Prime Minister at this point. I think some people might have a problem with it, I don’t.”

There are a couple of things about the comment. She made it on a political show on telly before Martin Luther had grandly declared his candidacy for the top job. One would have thought then, he would have been aware of her views before he got her to manage his campaign.

And if that’s the case you’d have to ask a question about his sincerity in his so called zero tolerance for anyone who goes near the personal life of any candidate.

Freedom of speech clearly isn’t part of the Cunliffe lexicon. ? Read more »

Hard not to disagree with Shane Jones

As the Labour leadership selection turned nasty yesterday it was hard not to agree with Shane Jones. Labour is unfit to govern.

“What happens in David Cunliffe’s camp or Grant Robertson’s camp ought not to be fed via the Twitter, then exponentially spread up and down New Zealand, only to confirm that the Labour caucus is unfit to govern,” Mr Jones said.

To my mind David Cunliffe deliberately threw Jenny Michie under the bus to ensure continued media coverage of Grant Robertson’s homosexuality was to the fore.

Clare Curran unwittingly gave Cunliffe the opportunity when she made a huge fuss an bother about statements made more than two weeks ago by Michie to The Nation programme. Comment I might add that were neither homophobic nor out of line.

Nonetheless Cunliffe used that and now Grant Robertson gets to suffer another couple of days with people talking about his sexuality.? Read more »

Cunliffe sacks Michie in order to save the perception of unity

David Cunliffe has sacked Jenny Michie from his campaign team for stating the bleeding obvious:

David Cunliffe has stood down campaign member Jenny Michie after comments she made about the sexuality of fellow Labour leadership contender Grant Robertson.

Michie’s comments – that they would be naive to think that Robertson’s sexuality would have no impact on voters – was slammed by Labour MP Clare Curran on Twitter.

“The ‘NZ’s not ready for a gay PM’ is prob the biggest dog whistle I’ve ever heard. Extraordinary that it’s also coming from within the Party,” she wrote.

Michie had said “it would be naive to imagine that there would be no resistance to a gay prime minister at this point – I think some people might have a problem with it but I certainly wouldn’t”.

Curran also accused two unnamed union bosses and former party president Mike Williams of using Robertson’s sexuality to undermine him.

Cunliffe had earlier said anyone on his staff who made comments relating to Robertson’s sexuality would be off his campaign team and told Fairfax Media in a?live online appearance today?that Michie had been stood down this morning.? Read more »

The Nasty party shows itself

It looks like the nasty party is showing itself with a big fight erupting over allegations that David Cunliffe‘s team are running anti-gay slurs against Grant Robertson.

The Labour leadership contest today openly split over Grant Robertson’s sexuality.

One of his supporters accused Camp Cunliffe of deliberate gay scaremongering.

Tonight the three contenders are all campaigning in the West Coast town of Blackball, something of a Labour Party shrine ? the birthplace of the party.

It’s a party now with its first openly-gay leadership contender, although Mr Robertson is concerned his comrades are using his sexuality against him. ? Read more »

Labour turning on Robertson in #Labousgottalent

Georgina Beyer is against Grant Robertson, now Mike Williams is saying that the social conservatives won’t tolerate Grant Robertson.

Labour is a broad church party?and part of that sort of coalition is a significant group of social?conservatives. I think they would be unhappy with Grant?Robertson, but the interesting thing is that that group would?never vote National, they just would not vote. And that was the?real problem for Labour in the last general election and indeed?the one before. We had the lowest turnout last election in 150?years, or since we’ve had democracy in New Zealand, 25% of?the proposal got on the role and didn?t bother to vote, that?s?nearly a million, three quarters of a million voters. And whoever?is the leaders has gotta really focus on getting that group out?voting and I think Cunliffe’s got a better chance of doing that.? Read more »

Daily Billboard

This one snuck through the censors at Labour HQ.

I doubt Len Brown’s top spin weasel is Eddie.

Monty Python's Dead Parrot sketch, scammer style!

Should Scambaiting ever become an Olympic sport, Shiver Metimbers from would be a Gold Medal contender. His latest effort is truly outstanding having tricked scambaiters into performing Monty Python’s Dead parrot comedy sketch for the camera.