Jeremy Corbyn

Corbyn learning from Angry Andy, how to lose party members

It seems UK Labour and NZ Labour share a great deal…including dead set useless leaders and low poll rankings.

The love affair of the left with Jeremy Corby seems to be over.

Almost 26,000 Labour members have quit the party since last summer prompting claims the ‘tide is turning’ against Jeremy Corbyn.

The rapid decline in the number of the card-carrying members was revealed as Mr Corbyn slips further behind in the polls and infuriates supporters by backing Brexit.

Until now Mr Corbyn’s leadership has been protected by devoted supporters who have twice elected him by a landslide.

More than three-quarters of those to leave the party last year had joined after the 2015 general election, a period that saw membership grow rapidly under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

Figures seen by The Times showed the number of resignations in 2016 was more than the previous six years combined, while more than 15,465 have left since mid-December. ? Read more »

Corbyn storms out of Labour’s Christmas karaoke party

Looks like Jeremy Corbyn has been taking angry lessons from Andrew Little.

Jeremy Corbyn walked out of a Christmas karaoke party for Labour MPs where they sang Tony Blair?s 1997 Election-winning anthem Things Can Only Get Better accompanied by chants of: ?We Want Tony!?

The humiliated Opposition leader left as MPs insulted him at the noisy booze-up. They also sang The Beatles? Back In The USSR ? an attack on him for failing to take a tougher line over Russia?s bombing of Aleppo in Syria ? and Madonna?s Like A Virgin, a dig at his ridiculed claim to have been forced to sit on the floor of a crowded Virgin train.

Dozens of Labour MPs joined arms to sing D-Ream?s Things Can Only Get Better and used their own secret ?anti-Corbyn? WhatsApp messaging system to mock him and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, defiantly posting a video of themselves in full voice.

The karaoke revolt was part of a Labour ?Christmas Uprising? against Mr Corbyn last week as: ?? Read more »

Labour’s man ban exported to UK


NZ Labour and UK Labour share lots of ideas. The pledge card was one. ?Cash for access and honours is another.

Now it appears another idea has been shared…the ill-fated Man Ban.

Men should be banned from running for Parliamentary constituencies on behalf of the Labour Party until there are an?equal number of male and female Labour politicians, a Labour MP has said.

Asserting that female MPs were likely to be the biggest losers from the upcoming boundary review, outspoken socialist MP Jess Phillips has called on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to bar men from standing in elections until gender parity has been reached within the party.

?I think the Labour Party has to make every seat an all women shortlist until we get equality,? she said.

?Currently 44 per cent of Labour seats are held by women. We want 50 per cent equality in this party, and for Jeremy to commit to this on the public record.? ?? Read more »

Sledge of the Day

I’m liking Theresa May more and more.

She delivered up this outstanding sledge at the Labour party:

?The Labour Party is not just divided, but divisive. Determined to pit one against another. To pursue vendettas and settle scores. And to embrace the politics of pointless protest that doesn?t unite people but pulls them further apart? So let?s have no more of Labour?s absurd belief that they have a monopoly on compassion. Let?s put an end to their sanctimonious pretence of moral superiority.?

That holds true as much in New Zealand as it does in the UK.

This was delivered in a keynote speech to the Conservative party conference.

Other?brilliant lines are: ? Read more »

Is this the way forward for Andrew?

Andrew Little can’t retain staff. Press secretaries and his Chief of Staff have all left or been given the arse card.

It seems Jeremy Corbyn has the same issue.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn faced another ?nepotism? row last night after the daughter of the right-hand man of union baron Len McCluskey was given a ?40,000-a-year job in Corbyn?s Commons team.

Laura Murray, daughter of Andrew Murray, chief of staff of the Unite union, now works as a ?political adviser? to the Shadow Cabinet.

Communist Mr Murray is one of Corbyn?s longest standing political allies. When Corbyn stood down as chairman of the Left-wing Stop The War Coalition, Murray took over. ? Read more »

Labour’s anti-semitism continues unabated

Jeremy Corbyn frequently appeared on Iranian television, is known as a supporter of Hamas and other Palestinian groups and has done nothing to arrest rampant anti-Semitism?inside the Labour party.

Now a Labour MP who is Jewish has revealed the level of hate being directed at her by Corbyn supporters.

A Jewish Labour MP who criticised?Jeremy Corbyn has revealed that she received ?more than 20,000 pieces of abuse in just 12 hours.

Ruth Smeeth, the Labour MP for Stoke-on-Trent, said Jeremy Corbyn should be “naming and shaming” supporters who are attacking moderate Labour MPs “in his name”.

Counter terrorism police are investigating anti-Semitic comments made by?a fanatic who?threatened to hang Ms Smeeth?”from the gallows.”

She is reportedly receiving special protection from police after receiving the foul-mouthed death threat on Facebook.

The abuser accuses her of “treason” and says the gallows would be a “fine and fitting place” for her.

The threat was issued in July, soon after the MP?fled the launch of Labour’s report into anti-Semitism in tears?after being accused by a Momentum activist of colluding with the right-wing press. ?? Read more »

Jeremy Corbyn is getting shivved by the pink pinkos now

British Labour party leadership contender Jeremy Corbyn poses for pictures with a tie that he was given by a charity worker as he arrives to address a public rally in Glasgow, Scotland, on August 14, 2015. Voting began Friday to elect the new leader of Britain's main opposition Labour party, with Jeremy Corbyn, a veteran socialist who would move the party significantly to the left, favourite to win. AFP PHOTO / LESLEY MARTIN (Photo credit should read LESLEY MARTIN/AFP/Getty Images)

Jeremy Corbyn has defended his past [paid] appearances on Press TV, the Iranian state broadcaster?s English language channel, despite concerns from his supporters over that country?s treatment of LGBT people.

The Labour leader said people were ?free to make the criticism they wish? but insisted he had been able to ?raise a number of human rights issues? on the channel.

Corbyn was paid up to ?20,000 in total for several appearances on Press TV between 2009 and 2012, according to analysis of his register of interests by Business Insider. In 2011 three Iranian men were executed for homosexuality.

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UK Labour plan to split in two if Corbyn is returned as party leader

The reason this is both fascinating and relevant is because New Zealand Labour are in the same position, albeit with less pressure at this stage of the electoral cycle.

More than 150 Labour MPs are plotting to form a breakaway party codenamed ‘Continuity Labour’ if Jeremy Corbyn wins the leadership battle ? with Stephen Kinnock tipped to head it.

The Mail on Sunday understands a group of leading anti-Corbyn MPs are poised to make approaches to Labour’s top 50 donors to fund the new party if the Labour leader fends off challenges from Angela Eagle and Owen Smith.

The plot emerged as this newspaper also established that Mr Kinnock, the son of former Labour leader Neil Kinnock, has held secret talks with former Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown about ‘safeguarding the interests of our country’.

Lord Ashdown denies that the discussions included the formation of a new centre-ground party.

Mr Corbyn was plunged into the leadership contest after losing a confidence vote among Labour MPs by 172 votes to 40, followed by dozens of resignations from his frontbench team. Ms Eagle, the former Shadow First Secretary of State, and Mr Smith, the former Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, have both since announced leadership bids.

With Mr Corbyn still commanding a strong following among ordinary party members, most moderate MPs accept the party will split if he hangs on to the leadership in September’s vote.

Strategically, there is actually room for a union-Labour party and a non-union-Labour party.? One would simply be the parliamentary arm of the unions, and they will push union-friendly policy.? This frees up the other Labour to appeal to the centre voter.? Read more »

There is no accounting for the stupidity of left-wing activists

LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 12: Jeremy Corbyn is announced as the new leader of the Labour Party at the Queen Elizabeth II conference centre on September 12, 2015 in London, England. Mr Corbyn was announced as the new Labour leader today following three months of campaigning against fellow candidates ministers Yvette Cooper and Andy Burnham and shadow minister Liz Kendall. The leadership contest comes after Ed Miliband's resignation following the general election defeat in May. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

It is suspected that many of the 100,000 new members have joined Labour since 23?June?with the express intention of defying Labour MPs and voting for Mr Corbyn in any leadership election.

The surge in membership comes amid what some are calling an attempted coup against Mr Corbyn by the party’s MPs.?There have been?mass resignations from Mr Corbyn?s Shadow Cabinet, with exiting members calling on him to resign, and a no-confidence vote in which MPs in the Parliamentary Labour Party opposed their leader by an overwhelming margin of 172-40.

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Andrew Little survives on a 7% approval rating

…while his predecessors were dumped on higher ratings.

There are parallels with the hapless British Labour Party


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