Jeremy Hunt

Why is it that Labour parties seem to have dud ideas?

Labour is dead set useless, they focus on retard policies and treat voters like their policies.

In the UK it isn’t much different, hell, they even share policies with New Zealand Labour.

Ed Milliband is proving to be just a savvy with the voters as David Cunliffe.

Junk food adverts aimed at children face being banned before the watershed, under proposals announced by Labour today.

Shadow health secretary Andy Burnham said too many children were ?exposed to adverts for foods high in fat, sugar and salt? ? particularly during popular Saturday night shows like the X Factor.

The proposal was contained in a raft of public health measures announced today aiming to tackle Britain?s obesity epidemic.

Yeah because the nanny state is always a vote winner.

Mr Burnham said Labour would impose ?a time watershed for advertising of products high in sugar, fat and/or salt? if measures cannot not be agreed with regulators to dramatically cut the number of junk food adverts aimed at children.

The Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt took to Twitter to condemn the proposals.

He said that ?banning and legislation not always the answer? and that ?backing families to make better choices brings lasting change?.

But Mr Burnham accused the Government of being ‘too close to powerful vested interests’ to stand up for children.

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I don’t what’s worse, the meddling or the quackery?

Silly old Prince Charles has been caught lobbying directly…that wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t on behalf of quack products and ‘therapies’.

Prince Charles has secretly lobbied the Health Secretary to back discredited homeopathic medicines.

The Prince and Jeremy Hunt ? both strong supporters of alternative therapies ? held a meeting at Clarence House last week.

Homeopathy and alternative medicines were on the agenda, according to well-placed sources. The NHS already spends millions each year on alternative medicines, at a time when it is restricting life-saving drugs for those with cancer.

Charles is understood to be unhappy that government plans to set up a register of practitioners of herbal and Chinese medicine ? designed to give them an element of respectability ? have stalled. ? Read more »

Homeopathy is quackery, so the Poms get their government to fund it

Homeopathy is pure unadulterated 400X rubbish. It staggers me that they have never been prosecuted for fraud. Meanwhile in the UK the NHS funds this quackery.

The use of homoeopathy by the NHS has been described as ?mad? by a former government scientific adviser who retired from his post last week.

Professor Sir John Beddington criticised the Government for ignoring his advice against the use of homoeopathic remedies by GPs and NHS run hospitals.

Sir John, who retired as chief scientific adviser to the Government on April 1, expressed frustration that ministers had continued to allow taxpayers money to be used to fund such treatments despite them having ?no scientific basis?.

Homeopathy, which uses highly diluted extracts from plants, herbs and minerals to treat diseases, costs the NHS between ?4 million and ?12 million a year.? Read more »

Yes there is

The UK Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, reckons there is no public interest in nude photos of Prince Harry in Las Vegas:

There was no public interest in the publication of photographs of Prince Harry nude in Las Vegas, the Culture Secretary has said.

Speaking to BBC News this morning, Mr Hunt said: “Personally I cannot see what the public interest was in publishing those.

“But we have a free press and I don’t think it is right for politicians to tell newspaper editors what they can and cannot publish. That must be a matter for the newspaper editors.

“I just hope that people won’t remember this, but they will remember the amazing good work that Prince Harry has done.”

There is enormous public interest in those photos.?We all want to know how big his chopper is.

Union scum

? The Telegraph

Unions really take the cake with self-importance.

Border guards who disrupt the Olympics could be fired, Culture secretary Jeremy Hunt has suggested.

The Culture secretary disclosed that some ministers wanted a ?Ronald Reagan? approach to dealing with this weeks- eve of Olympics strike.

The comments lift the lid on the concern at the top of Government over the planned strikes by the PCS union on Thursday, the day before the start of the Olympic Games.

A split has emerged in the Coalition, after Chancellor George Osborne suggested laws at the weekend could be changed to make it harder for public sector workers to go on strike.

One idea is only to allow a strike if more than 40 per cent of the officials vote in a ballot. In the PCS?s strike ballot, one in five border guards voted.

Mr Hunt was asked by a sports presenter on BBC Radio Five whether the Border agency should say to strikers ?sorry your job is not there any more? ? and ?sack them?.