Jerome Mika

Why do unions oppose drug testing? Don’t they care for safety?

The unions usually bang on about workplace safety. And they have a point mostly.

No one wants people to go to work and be put at risk of serious injury or worse.

Yet we constantly see unions opposing drug testing. Why?

A union has criticised plans to drug test workers for kava as discriminatory – but the company involved has categorically denied the claim.

In a statement yesterday, the First Union said Goodman Fielder’s employees at the Quality Bakers site in Dunedin would be subject to testing for kava.

However, both the company and the Drug Detection Agency, which Goodman Fielder has contracted to carry out drug testing, have denied workers would be tested for kava.

The union is standing by its claim, and says such testing would be discriminatory,

“Classing kava as a drug will have a racist impact. It effectively means targeting Pasifika people,” First Union organiser Jerome Mika said.

The roots of the kava plant are used to produce a drink which has a sedative effect. It is used throughout the Pacific and is known as ‘ava in Samoa and ‘awa in Hawaii.

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Labour’s vote winning strategy – voter immobilisation

Jerome Mika, the Labour candidate about to take a pasting from Judith Collins in Papakura has revealed why Labour is going to get wasted on Saturday.

They want to immobilise voters.

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So why did he run in Mangere and Manukau East?

Jerome Mika attempts to claim the high ground:

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Arrogant and out of touch? I don’t think so

Labour has a mantra that John Key is “arrogant and out of touch”.

I guess with the #TeamKey approach you might have a slight chance of making that stand up, but only a slight chance.

Jerome Mika is typical of many candidates, putting these sorts of messages on Facebook to chivvy along the sycophants.

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BREAKING: Internet censorship of 9 year old drunk [UPDATED]


Of course, trying to censor the Internet doesn’t work. ?The video is up all over the place in various incarnations. Read more »

Is this for real! Wasted 9 y.o. kid who smokes weed, drunk at Skatepark [UPDATED]

If this video is real it is astonishing. ?[THE VIDEO HAS BEEN REMOVED – ALTERNATIVE SOURCES CAN BE FOUND HERE]

What is more astonishing though is First Union organiser and Labour party candidate Jerome Mika saying that someone needs the bash.? Read more »


Long Term Effects of the Tizard Timebomb

The Herald editorial talks about the paucity of talent in Labour’s list:

The Labour Party has 43 seats in the present Parliament. If it wins at least that many at this year’s election it will bring in eight new names from the list it published on Sunday: Andrew Little, Deborah Mahuta-Coyle, Michael Wood, Kate Sutton, Jerome Mika, Josie Pagani, Lynette Stewart and Jordan Carter. If the party maintains its improvement in the latest poll – suggesting pressure on its leader over his handling of Darren Hughes has done Phil Goff and his party no harm – Labour can look forward to many more than 43 MPs.

The names Christine Rose, Glenda Alexander, Susan Zhu, Rino Tirikatene, Sehai Orgad and Megan Woods could be in the House too. There are not many pale males among all those names. Party lists are intended to bring a better gender balance and more ethnic diversity into democratic representation. Labour’s makes a meal of it.

It has also learned from recent experience not to put old names low on its list where they could be next in line to replace any list MP who fails to serve a full term. There are no Judith Tizards in a position to return at the expense of fresh talent this time.

They also note the long term effects of the T-Bomb. There doesn’t appear to be any Tizards lurking down?the?list?to embarrass them after the election.

But the downside of that lesson is that there are no new names high on the list. With few exceptions, sitting MPs occupy all the places down to number 35. Most of them are also standing in electorates, which means that if any are rejected by the voters they will return on the list. The real winners of any party’s list selection, in the public eye at least, are probably electorate MPs who want no place on it.

They go on to?commend?Lianne Dalziel as I have for her?decision?to abandon being ont eh List. She knows better than most that scum list MPs are hated.

The list system remains an unsatisfactory element of MMP to members and voters alike. The lists are drawn up by party panels out of the public eye. Electorate candidates are selected in similar secrecy, but at least those selected have to pass muster at public election meetings and voters have put a tick beside their names.

The?list?system is the single worst aspect about MMP and one of the reasons why it should be chucked aside.



Now Carter has a lawyer

Chris Carter is digging in for the long haul, engaging a lawyer and scalping tax-payers for two months leave for his “unwell-ness”.

Labour’s hard-line smear attack on Chris Carter’s sanity has back-fired on them at a hundred miles an hour and all at a time when Helen Clark is in the country. I can just bet that for the time Clark is here her lurking shadow will be Chris Carter.

Once she flies back to he do nothing job in New York her flying companion will most likely be Chris Carter again. All the while Te Atatu remains without an MP.

Through all of this Andrew Little and Phil Goff look like prize twats, left now sitting on their thumbs, spinning. They have painted themselves into a corner, with their own paint and their own brush. They were hoping to get Carter to resign and force taxpayers to stump up $600,000 for a by-election, that plan has failed utterly.

Labour are leaderless in all respects, at the party level and in parliament.

Interesting information is starting to filter out in Auckland too about the challenge on for Manurewa. Unionist Jerome Mika is named as the challenger. Not many outside of Auckland would realise this but Jerome Mika is one of a close bunch of friends of Len Brown. It was also no surprise to see Len Brown at the launch of the ShittyVision campaign the other day. It seems he is keeping his hand in through all aspects of the Labour Party, from local level to candidate selection for electorates.

Chris Carter’s ill-advised memo to repeaters seems to have revealed the extent of the opposition to not only Phil Goff but also to the dry-right of Labour. The unionists and wet-liberal and rainbow sections have had enough it seems. Phil Goff and George Hawkins are old Roger-nomes. Their politics is drier biltong.

While Chris Carter sits on leave doing nothing at the taxpayers expense, Labour is imploding into several nasty factions. I must say it is a pleasure to watch.