Jerry Mateparae

Confirmed: Key announces Patsy as Governor-General

The NZ Herald reports:

Prime Minister John Key has announced that the next Governor-General will be Dame Patsy Reddy.

Dame Patsy will replace Sir Jerry Mateparae whose five-year term ends on August 31, becoming the third woman to hold the post.

“I am delighted Dame Patsy accepted the role,” says Mr Key. “She is a passionate New Zealander, a well-respected businesswoman and a staunch supporter of our creative sector.

“She is thoughtful, articulate and has a brilliant legal mind. I am sure New Zealanders will be proud to have her as our Governor-General.”

Former Auckland Mayor Dame Catherine Tizard was the first woman Governor-General, from 1990 to 1996. ? Read more »

Key rules out Jim Bolger as next Governer-General

John Key has scotched any talk of a former politician replacing Sir Jerry Mateparae as Governor-General

The Prime Minister has ruled out a former politician being the next Governor-General.

The current Head of State representative, Sir Jerry Mateparae, finishes up his five-year term with a state farewell on August 31.

On Monday John Key hinted a decision could be made as soon as this week but not to expect a former politician to be given the nod.

“As a general rule, and I know it’s happened with Sir Keith Holyoake for instance, but as a general rule that’s not my preference.”

Before Mateparae, there was Sir Anand Satyanand, a judge, an ombudsman (and the victim of Paul Henry’s race comments).?And before him was Dame Silvia Cartwright, another judge, who went on to work for the United Nations.

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Who will be New Zealand’s next Governor-General?

Sir Jerry?Mateparae will complete his five-year term shortly.

Who will replace him?

A new Governor-General will be announced before the month is up.

The current Head of State?representative?Sir Jerry Mateparae will finish up his five-year term with a state farewell on 31 August.

So who will take his place and live it up lush at Government House? ? ? Read more »

So what? Are we supposed to give in to the head hacking bullies?

Radio NZ and Fairfax are making much of the fact that government documents say that if we went into Iraq to combat ISIS then we would become a target.

They don’t overtly say it, but they are implying that we shouldn’t.

The Government was warned sending troops to Iraq could make New Zealand a target of Islamic State but on Tuesday a 100-plus contingent slipped away with little fanfare.

A Cabinet Paper revealed by Radio NZ said the risk of doing nothing was even greater than the risk for troops deployed and if Islamic State became stronger the threat to New Zealand would increase. ?? Read more »

Oh dear, look who is at the bottom of the list

Readers Digest has released their “Most Trusted” list of Kiwis…and predictably Willie Apiata is at the top of the list.

Politicians are as trustworthy as sex workers and Willie Apiata, VC, is – again – the most trusted of all New Zealanders, according to an annual survey on the country’s most trusted people and professions.

The 10th annual New Zealand Reader’s Digest Trust Survey revealed a skew towards sports stars and emergency service workers as those whom Kiwis put the most faith in.

Mr Apiata took out the top spot as the most trusted of 100 well-known Kiwis, followed by Northland doctor and champion of Maori health care Lance O’Sullivan and All Blacks captain Richie McCaw.

But look who is at the bottom of the list:

99. Kim Dotcom, internet entrepreneur
100. Hone Harawira, Mana Party leader

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Tell them to stick it John, it is just more brown-mail

Adam Bennett has reported in the NZ Herald that Ngapuhi were thinking of not inviting John Key to Waitangi and seriously considered giving him the cold shoulder.

He should give them a call and tell them to stick their invitation…they want to give the cold shoulder…how about they get the cold face and the black tent.

While anti-mining protesters are planning a torrid welcome for John Key at Waitangi tomorrow, the Prime Minister was close to receiving the cold shoulder from Te Tii Marae this year, Ngapuhi kaumatua Kingi Taurua says.

Visiting politicians have been a magnet for heated protest at their traditional speaking engagement the day before Waitangi Day at the marae several hundred metres down the road from the Treaty grounds.

This morning saw a scuffle as Hinewhare Harawira – sister of Mana Party Leader Hone Harawira – attempted to prevent Governor-General Sir Jerry Mateparae from going on to the marae.

Mr Taurua today confirmed the decision to allow Mr Key and other politicians to speak this year was only narrowly agreed.? Read more »

And so the annual whinge-fest begins

I think it has got to the point where Waitaingi is a chore and burdensome to most New Zealanders to even bother thinking about.

The annual Harawira clan fighting with the Crown is tiresome, and in all these years no one in Ngapuhi has told this family of ratbags to sling their hooks.

Yet again they are kicking up a stink…time to end Waitangi celebrations, rename the holiday and stop pandering to these scoundrels.

The NZ Herald reports on the Harawira ferals:

There were heated exchanges and jostling when a veteran Maori protester tried to block the Governor-General from entering the whare at Te Tii Marae at Waitangi.

Governor-General Lieutenant General Sir Jerry Mateparae and his wife had been welcomed on to the marae this morning, accompanied by Titewhai Harawira, and tried to enter the whare when her daughter – veteran Maori protester Hinewhare Harawira and sister of Mana MP Hone Harawira – tried to stop him from going in.

Ms Harawira was denied entry into the whare but could be heard yelling at Sir Jerry.

She was removed from the marae and it is unclear what she was protesting about. ? Read more »

No pardon for Scott Watson

Scott Watson, the man convicted of murdering Olivia Hope and Ben Smart won’t be getting a pardon. He will be continuing to stop in jail.

A Ministry of Justice review of the Scott Watson murder case has found none of the new evidence he put forward was fresh or credible enough for a pardon.

Following the ministry’s advice, Governor-General Lieutenant General Sir Jerry Mateparae declined Watson’s application for exercise of the royal prerogative of mercy.

Watson was convicted of murdering Ben Smart and Olivia Hope who were last seen boarding a yacht in Endeavour Inlet, in the Marlborough Sounds, in the early hours January 1, 1998.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum non-parole period of 17 years.? Read more »

Thanks and Well Done

Our NZDF boys and girls have completed their mission in Bamiyan and are returning home.

Photo: NZDF

Photo: NZDF

The?New Zealand?flag has been lowered for the final time at Kiwibase in Bamiyan marking the official close of the Provincial Reconstruction Team and this country’s 10-year involvement with it.

The?United States?and Malaysian flag, representing other nations in the PRT, were also lowered leaving the Afghan flag flying alone.? Read more »

A good bloke

Jerry Mateparae has been chosen to be our next Governor-General.

Lieutenant General Jerry Mateparae says he has an “unshakeable belief in New Zealanders” and believes he can use his new role as Governor-General to contribute to the country.

Prime Minister John Key today announced that the former head of the Defence Force would replace Sir Anand Satyanand when his term ends in August.

Lt Gen Mateparae’s appointment has been approved by the Queen and he will be sworn in on August 17, beginning a five-year term as New Zealand’s 20th Governor-General.

Lt Gen Mateparae told reporters he was honoured to be asked to accept the role.

Army sources tell me that he is loved by those in uniform. He was always willing to come and have a drink with them and find out what they thought was going on in the army.

A sound, non-political choice.