Jesse Mulligan

A man this sensitive shouldn’t be in politics

As I have said many times before politics is not tiddly-winks nor is it a game for sooks.

Colin Craig is such a sook. The big girl’s blouse got all snippy over some satire from The Civilian…and now he is moaning about about a Seven Sharp programme.

The Broadcasting Standards Authority has pinged them for some well deserved mockery of Colin Craig. NBR reports:

TVNZ says it will not appeal the decision but will broadcast an apology as directed by the BSA.

TVNZ says the apology statement will appear on screen during Wednesday’s Seven Sharp broadcast and be voiced over by one of Seven Sharp’s team – not a presenter, ?as per the BSA’s decision. ? Read more »

“A dyke, a bore and a clown”, is this a call to bring back the muppet?

Bruce Russell has caused outrage this afternoon on holiday talkback by asking caller if they thought the changes at 7pm on TVNZ to replace Close Up and Mark Sainsbury with a new show called Seven Sharp and hosted by Alison Mau, Greg Boyed and Jesse Mulligan.

I was listening in the car when he asked callers about it…as best I can recall, I haven’t managed to get the audio yet but I believe he said something along the lines of the show is “populated with a dyke, a bore and a clown” and indicated it wasn’t something he would be interested in watching and asked caller what they thought.

Well it went off…the txts started flowing and Dannews was the first to tweet about it:? Read more »