Jew ban

Muslim country issues a Trump ” Muslim ban”, waiting for howls of outrage

There has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth over the so-called racist ” Muslim ban.” Despite this outrage the MSM have been quiet about the “Muslim ban” from an Arab Muslim country that has banned visas from five Muslim majority countries.

Is it racist for Arabs to ban other Arabs? Is it a ” Muslim ban” if the Muslims are being banned by other Muslims? Perhaps just like America, Kuwait is protecting its citizens due to the instability in the banned countries?

Meanwhile, the Jew ban enforced by 16 Muslim countries continues to escape international condemnation despite there being no security reasons for the ban which is solely based on the nationality of the individuals.


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If you agree with me that’s nice, but what I really want to achieve is to make you question the status quo, look between the lines and do your own research. Do not be a passive observer in this game we call life.

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