Islamophobia and the ‘Hate’ crime statistics

Do you think that Muslims are one of the main groups in western societies that are the victims of ‘Hate’ crimes because of religious ‘bias’ against Islam? An entire word was created to describe ‘bias’ against Islam: Islamophobia. No other religion has been given a term like this so it must be a pretty big problem like homophobia right?

We constantly read stories in the news where they show some sweet, young, attractive woman in a hijab who was verbally abused for being Muslim, or who didn’t get a job because she refused to meet dress requirements. We read numerous articles after terrorist attacks in western countries, where reporters interview Muslims who say that they are afraid of reprisals against them.

Knowing what you know and having read all the Islamophobia articles in the news, which religious group from the top ten religions in America do you think are top of the ‘Hate’ crime statistics? Do you think they might be there because there are so many of them? Do you think it is because some members of their religion do terrorist acts thereby causing fear in the general population? If you answered yes to both of these questions you would be wrong.

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