Islamic terrorism is a battle not of nations or organizations but of ideas


Trying to rationalise terrorist attacks and minimise their links to a terrorist organisations is pointless as we are battling ideas not organisations.The organisations came from the ideology, the ideology did not come from the organisations.

The media and effete powers-that-be have been twisting themselves into Halal pretzels Islamsplainin?, rationalizing how a given Muslim terrorist attack isn?t really ?Islamic? or isn?t significant. These contortions can become quite ridiculous, such as suggesting that recent Allahu Akbar-shouting Munich shooter Ali Sonboly might somehow have had ?right-wing? motives because, among his violent passions, was an interest in Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik.

A more common (un)intellectual contortion is the minimizing tactic of claiming, as is politically correct authorities? wont, that a given jihadist attacker ?has no ties to IS? (the Islamic State), as if there?s nothing to see here if a man doesn?t provide notarized evidence of allegiance to the boogeyman du jour. Yet this is much as if we?d claimed during the Cold War that a Marxist terrorist attack wasn?t really a Marxist? terrorist attack because we couldn?t find a connection to the Soviet Union. The issue and problem wasn?t primarily the Soviet Union but communism (Marxism birthed the USSR, not the other way around), an evil ideology that wreaks havoc wherever it takes hold. Likewise, the IS didn?t birth Islam; Islam birthed the IS.

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They are desperate for a motive, any motive except jihad


The terrorist attack at the gay Pulse nightclub in Orlando should be out of the news by now since yet another terrorist attack has happened in France. The media though, like a dog with a bone, are desperate to find a motive for the slaughter; any motive just as long as it is not jihad. ?The latest ridiculous suggestion will have you scratching your head. Desperate to ignore the facts, they are suggesting his steroid use may have had something to do with it.

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The three stages of Jihad

We played this a few years ago, but it is valuable to replay it for those who haven’t yet seen it.?? To understand why Islam is not compatible with western society.


Everything that is wrong about our Western society in one short video

Why is Western society so weak? Watch this police video and see its lack of testicles for yourself. Heaven forbid that anyone should use force to take down the Muslim waving a knife about.That would be racist. Watch political correctness in action and ask yourself, do you feel safe in your Western society? Do you think that our Police are armed and empowered to protect us?

I sympathise with the cops I really do. I have read the media headlines every time an Israeli shoots a knife-wielding Muslim terrorist after they have stabbed someone and are trying to kill even more people. It doesn’t matter who has been stabbed or killed. Our media expect victims of Muslim violence to stop them with cuddles.

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 10.46.17 pm

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The real issue with Jihadi brides

Yesterday it was revealed that NZ-based women have absconded to Iraq and Syria as jihadi brides.

Everyone is talking about the concern of them leaving.

New Zealand Jihadi brides are known to have taken part in “weddings” before heading to Islamic State (IS) stronghold Syria, Prime Minister John Key has revealed.

Key confirmed the information after SIS boss Rebecca Kitteridge revealed a rise in the number of young New Zealand women heading to Iraq and Syria.

Kitteridge was giving evidence to Parliament’s powerful intelligence and security committee, chaired by Prime Minister John Key.

Also giving evidence was acting Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) Director Una Jagose.

Kitteridge told the committee there had been a rise in the number of New Zealand women travelling to Syria and Iraq.

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Muslim Woman’s Video goes Viral

I follow a facebook page called Ex Muslims of North America because no one understands Islam better than someone who has been Muslim. The woman in this video who grew up as a Muslim in the Middle East understands exactly what Jihad is. The video was posted on the ‘Silence is Consent’ facebook page. In the video this woman is doing exactly what all we critics keep condemning Muslims for not doing. She is speaking out against terrorism. Not only that, she is telling us that there is a link between terrorism and Islam. So who are you going to believe, a Muslim from the Middle East or Susan Devoy?

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Answer six questions to find out if you are an Islamophobe



The word ‘ Islamophobia ‘ was made popular by the Islamic terrorist organisation Hamas which is part of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood is the parent organisation of countless other Islamic terrorist groups including Al Qaeda. In America Hamas operate under different names one of which is CAIR ( the council on American-Islamic relations. )

After reading the six ways to spot an Islamophobe I can safely conclude that I am one. Number two is the one that best describes me. ‘ An ?Islamophobe? is more interested in the truth than the approval of their peers.‘ Call me a hater and a bigot all that you like, I do not need people’s approval to do the right thing. I can do what is easy or I can do what is right. For me it is that simple.


The Holy Land Foundation trial was the result of the largest bust in FBI history of an Islamic ?charity.? This organization was caught funneling about $12 million to Hamas.? These monies were to be used to enable Islamic jihadists to murder innocent civilians in the name of Islam.

During this FBI raid, a memo was unearthed.? This memo has become known as the ?Explanatory Memorandum.? In summary, the Muslim Brotherhood and a couple dozen of its front groups in America declared a ?Civilization Jihad.? ?In plain terms, the Muslim Brotherhood stated its intention to destroy the US from within, using our own culture, media, legal system, academia, law enforcement, you name it.? Unfortunately, most people cannot or will not look at this ? and consequently, the plan is moving forward like clockwork.? As author?Dr. Bill Warner?reminded me recently, ?You can wake a man who is sleeping, but you cannot wake a man who is pretending to be asleep.?

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Take a peek inside Sydney?s Muslim Land

The original title of this article is ‘Last drinks in Lakemba.’ It is a snapshot of a former Multi-cultural suburb in Sydney that is now exclusively mono-culture.There is no assimilation here. There is no Australian culture here.Recently I posted about an Australian woman/refugee who fled a suburb just like this one and took her family to live in Tasmania to escape the racism and discrimination she and her children faced there as European Australians.

Was she exaggerating what she faced? Read the below article and decide for yourself.


The Lakemba Hotel, Haldon St, Lakemba / Picture: Adam Taylor

THE Lakemba Hotel is one of the last Anglo holdouts in Sydney?s otherwise Middle-Eastern south-western suburb. Frankly, the old joint ? it opened in 1928 ? isn?t putting up much resistance. Most nights the bar is closed by 8.30pm or so, because by then what few customers it attracts are insufficient to cover running costs.
Still, it?s friendly and hospitable. Staffer Poppy helpfully showed me to my $50-a-night room, which is the only option in Lakemba for anyone seeking short-term rented accommodation.

There are no other hotels or motels. In fact, there are no other rooms besides number 15 in the hotel?s residential wing. All the others are taken by boarders, one of whom has been here for 20 years.

It isn?t exactly luxurious. The room has a sink, which is nice, but nothing else by way of amenities. There isn?t even a Gideon?s Bible. Instead, reflecting certain demographic changes in the area, there is a Ramadan eating schedule.

Lakemba may be only 30 minutes from the centre of Sydney, yet it is remarkably distinct from the rest of the city. You can walk the length of crowded Haldon St and not hear a single phrase in English. On this main shopping strip the ethnic mix seems similar to what you?d find in any Arabic city. Australia may be multicultural, but Haldon St is a monoculture.

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Why does Islam hate the Jews and what is Civilisation Jihad?

Have you ever wondered why Islam hates the Jews? This video gives you the answer straight from the horse’s mouth.

Have you heard of Civilisation Jihad? The truth will shock you because of what it means for you, Joe Public, otherwise known as Infidel or Kafir to those who follow Islam.


This is what is being taught in local Islamic schools in New Zealand.

This is what is being taught inside local Mosques in New Zealand.


The enemy of Islamic brutality is information. Spread it far and spread it wide. Spread it like Napalm. The Information Age will be the death of Islam.

Eric Allen Bell



Face of the day


Mohammed Emwazi AKA Jihadi John

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about ?Jihadi John?, the world?s most wanted man, is just how ordinary he actually is.

?Jihadi John? – the barbaric executioner of Western hostages held in Syria – has been unmasked as a computer studies graduate who grew up in a leafy and affluent suburb of west London.

His real name is Mohammed Emwazi, the eldest of six children, who took pride in his appearance, wore nice clothes, and appears – on the face of it at least – to have been a diligent student. He doesn?t even have a criminal record.

Nevertheless over the course of six years following his graduation, Emwazi undertook a journey that transformed him from benign teenager to the most demonic of killers, a blood-thirsty murderer who beheaded hostages, including Britons David Haines and Alan Henning, broadcast to the world in propaganda videos for the Islamic State.

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