Jill Ovens

This is a whole new reason to go on strike – see if you can spot it

Service and Food Workers Union Industry Leader Jill Ovens said the union gave written notice of the strike this morning after guards working for the security company ACM had left for their daily run.

At 10am, 28 guards will return their trucks to the company?s East Tamaki base and walk off the job.

The guards? collective agreement expired in April and after months of negotiations, the union and the company failed to reach agreement at mediation last Friday.

“Guards have wanted crew leaders to get more of an increase in their pay to recognise the high level of responsibility they carry,” Ms Ovens said.

“They are exposed to huge dangers as they pick up millions of dollars from banks and large retail stores. In Australia, the same company?s guards carry guns, but here in New Zealand they have to rely on the crew leader to keep them safe.” Read more »