Jim Messina

Forget betting a lunch, how about a moustache?

Every one knows that I have a bet with Leighton Smith about the outcome of next weeks US presidential Election. We have only an expensive boozy lunch at stake, imagine if we bet our moustaches if we had such things:

President Barack Obama’s campaign claimed today that Mitt Romney’s campaign is “flailing” in the final days, with senior strategist David Axelrod betting his mustache that Obama will win the newly minted battlegrounds of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Minnesota.

Axelrod and Obama campaign manager Jim Messina on a conference call with reporters dismissed the Romney campaign’s late charge into those states, despite persistent polling leads for Obama, as a sign that it is losing in the existing battlegrounds and is increasingly desperate to expand the map.

“It’s break glass time in Boston,” Axelrod said. “I’ve put my mustache on the line.”

Messina said Democrats are piling up big leads among early voters in key battleground states including Nevada, Iowa, Ohio, Colorado and Florida.
Axelrod dismissed a question about Obama consistently trailing significantly among independents in polling.

A great compliment

New York Magazine

This the a description of Jim Messina, Obama’s campaign manager.

He earned a reputation as a very nice guy who would merrily club you with a truncheon if you crossed him.