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Credit: Phil Walter / Getty Images

Credit: Phil Walter / Getty Images

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Fighting Depression with fitness

Another great story about fighting depression with fitness:

A man has committed to making 425km journey down the mighty Waikato River – on a lilo.

After suffering from depression for over two years, Jimi Hunt decided he needed to get fit, but he wasn’t really one for gyms and marathons.

“Stuff like that’s just too boring so I sat down and came up with the idea of liloing from Taupo to Port Waikato and I ran with it. Now, six months, later it’s turned into a juggernaut like you wouldn’t believe.”

The Auckland-based designer decided to use his trip to raise awareness about depression and now has?more than 7000 supporters on Facebookand is being sponsored by the Mental Health Foundation and Movember.

He’s even upgraded from a $4.99 to a $7.99 Warehouse lilo.

He used to be so depressed that he’d spend his weekends crying in bed, and even small things like deciding what he should have for lunch would seem overwhelming.

But he put on a “mask” whenever he was around other people, pretending everything was fine.

I know all about that mask…I lived with one in place for over 6 years. People mistake depression for “feeling a little bit sad”. It isn’t.

Good on Jimi Hunt for fighting his demons and getting out and getting fit in his battle with the black dog.