Jimmy Savile

BBC banned Johnny Rotten in 1978 for telling the truth about Jimmy Savile


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Photo: PA Archive/Press Association Images

Photo: PA Archive/Press Association Images

Savile greets Diana, the Princess of Wales, and the Queen Mother in 1984. Savile was a regular at the royal Palaces after impressing Prince Charles and getting involved in his life – often as an advisor.

Jimmy Savile: Who was protecting him for decades, and why?

Why did Royalty and Prime Ministers want to spend their time with this man?

A sleazy old DJ and TV presenter, he had Christmas dinner with Mrs. Thatcher and her husband eleven years in a row, then all the pictures and stories involving Savile and members of the Royal Family, as well as various prime ministers, and even the top Catholic clergyman in Britain.

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Rolf Harris is getting nasty mail in prison…diddums

Convicted pedo Rolf Harris is getting abusive mail after a social media campaign backfired.

The disgraced Australian entertainer ? who was convicted of indecently assaulting girls as young as seven or eight ? is currently serving time in HMP Stafford, Staffordshire.

His supporters had urged people to write letters of encouragement to the 85-year-old ? but instead their efforts resulted in the TV presenter being bombarded with abusive messages.

Writing on the Facebook page ?Support Rolf Harris?, an administrator claimed ?vile, repulsive letters? were being passed on to shamed former presenter of BBC’s Animal Hospital. ? Read more »

Photo Of The Day

Sick: New evidence revealed that Savile abused the dead and stole their glass eyes and turned them into rings like these pictured on his hands. His victims were aged between five and 75

Sick: New evidence revealed that Savile abused the dead and stole their glass eyes and turned them into rings like these pictured on his hands. His victims were aged between five and 75


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Gutless, bewildered and disgusting

NEXT! Winston Peters

Winston Peters is looking increasingly bewildered and gutless after he refused to discuss his allegations against Brendan Horan, instead refusing to answer at all.

Adam Bennett reports:

NZ First Leader Winston Peters refused to answer questions about his ugly parliamentary put-down of his rogue former MP Brendan Horan in his first day back after making the comment a week ago.

Reacting to a series of interruptions from Mr Horan, who is running a campaign against his former political mentor, Mr Peters had referred to him in the House as “the Jimmy Savile of New Zealand politics”. British broadcaster Savile was accused after his death of child sex abuse.

Mr Peters avoided reporters on the way from the House after offering the insult but was back yesterday. Asked what he meant by the comment his response was “next question” which he gave 10 more times to follow up questions.

While he is in parliament he demands the Prime Minister stands by all his statements, but he won’t stand by his own.? Read more »

It is Canon Media Award winning “dysfunctional twit”…thank you very much

Winston Peters is a crook

Karl du Fresne notices the chill wind blowing for Winston Peters as it becomes obvious that he is bewildered and out of touch.

Winston Peters cops it with both barrels in today?s?Dominion Post. In his weekly column, former TV3 political editor Duncan Garner launches a withering attack on the New Zealand First leader and concludes that the public is tired of his games. On the same page, Dom Post political editor Tracy Watkins says New Zealand First is a clock that has been slowly winding down since the 1996 election. (Remember? That was the pantomime when Peters kept the country in political limbo for six weeks while he went fishing.)

Both commentators are especially critical of Peters? vicious and cowardly counter-attack against his former prot?g? Brendan Horan, whom he likened ? under parliamentary privilege ? to the serial child abuser Jimmy Savile.

It all tends to reinforce a perception that Peters is losing his mojo. Certainly there has been a marked change in the tone of media coverage of him in recent weeks, starting with his failure to deliver on the promise of a killer blow to Judith Collins.??The press gallery was almost unanimous in its scorn for him over that, which leads me to wonder they?ve finally had enough of his bluster and bullshit.

Yes they have, as have I.

But before those of us who abhor Peters? political style get too excited, hang on a minute. Yesterday he held a public meeting in Masterton, and out of curiosity I went along. The room was packed long before the guest of honour arrived. I counted more than 100 heads, nearly all of them grey. The meeting was chaired by octogenarian New Zealand First stalwart George Groombridge, who deferentially referred to Peters as “the Boss”.

For Peters, the 2014 election campaign is already underway. He spoke, mostly without notes, for nearly an hour. It was vintage Peters, delivered in that characteristic hoarse staccato bark, and it pushed all the usual buttons.

We have a government that grovels to wealthy foreign interests. Immigrants are placing huge demands on housing and infrastructure, which the rest of us (meaning real New Zealanders) have to pay for. Australian banks are robbing us blind. The Budget was a big con; the only good thing in it was the extension of free doctors? visits for children, and we all know where Bill English got that idea. Honest, hard-working Kiwis in places like the Wairarapa are being forced to subsidise the Auckland super-city, which even Aucklanders didn?t want. We wouldn?t sleep at night if we knew how few police cars were on the job (and this after New Zealand First heroically pushed Helen Clark?s government into increasing police numbers by 1000). Wealthy Chinese donors to the National Party who can?t even speak English are demanding that we change our immigration policy (?Just try that in Beijing!?). Twenty-one of Barfoot and Thompson?s 25 top real estate agents are Asian. We?re an economic colony of China and Australia. John Key was the only person in New Zealand who didn?t know in advance of the raid on the Dotcom mansion, and he?s the minister in charge of the SIS and GSCB. The free market is a total nonsense. Cameron Slater is a dysfunctional twit who knows nothing about politics. (Journalists were repeatedly scorned, but only Slater was paid the compliment of being mentioned by name.) The most profitable investment in New Zealand is a donation to the National Party. Chardonnay-drinking clowns have nothing but contempt for the concerns of ordinary people ? ?but we?ve got news for them, and it?s all bad?. And so on, and so on. You get the picture.

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As bad as the Catholics

It looks like the BBC should be renamed the Boy-Buggering Club as sex charges mount. They are in danger of becoming better known than the Catholic Church as the preferred workplace for pedophiles.

More than 150 allegations of sexual abuse have been made against 81 BBC employees since the Jimmy Savile scandal engulfed the corporation last year.

Half of the accused are current members of BBC staff or contributors, a Freedom of Information request revealed.

Of the cases involving those 40 employees, ten remain outstanding and are currently being investigated by either the police or the BBC.

The figures reveal a seismic shift in the number of people coming forward in the wake of the Savile controversy.? Read more »

Bill Roache aka Ken Barlow arrested for rape


Oh dear, Coro star Bill Roache aka Ken Barlow is in a spot of bother.

Coronation Street actor Bill Roache has been arrested for rape.

The actor, who has played Ken Barlow in the TV soap for decades, was held at his home in Wilmslow, Cheshire, this morning.

Roache, 81, faces an allegation of raping an under-age girl in Lancashire between April and July 1967.

A spokesman for Lancashire Police said: “An 81-year-old man from Wilmslow in Cheshire has this morning, Wednesday May 1 2013, been arrested by Lancashire Constabulary on suspicion of rape.

“The man will be interviewed at a police station in Lancashire during the course of the day.

“We take all allegations of sexual abuse extremely seriously and would encourage people with any information about sexual abuse, or anyone who has been a victim of sexual abuse, to come forward and report their concerns confident in the knowledge they will be investigated appropriately and with sensitivity.”? Read more »

Rolf Harris arrested

The world’s worst kept secret has been busted by The Sun. Rolf Harris has been arrested as a result of the Jimmy Savile affair.

Rolf Harris has been sensationally arrested by police investigating allegations of sexual abuse following the Jimmy Savile scandal.

The veteran entertainer – who serenaded the Queen with the song Two Little Boys at her Diamond Jubilee concert last year – was interviewed by detectives from Scotland Yard’s Operation Yewtree.

Harris, 83, became the 11th man to be detained over the controversial inquiry which critics say has turned into a ‘celebrity witch-hunt’.? Read more »

Some Rolf Harris Jokes

Rolf Harris seems to be top of the pops at the moment so here is a collection of Rolf Harris jokes.

Rolf Harris has been arrested after letting two little boys touch his two little toys

There are some bars, some grey walls, a toilet and a big black man. Can you guess what it is yet Rolf?

The latest Australian drug, Rolfhypnol!!

Is it me, or as each day goes by is it getting harder to tell the difference between the queen’s honours list and the sex offenders register?

Is there no end to Rolf Harris’s musical talents? Hit songwriter, singer, virtuoso on didgeridoo and wobble-board, and now we find out he’s also an expert fiddler.? Read more »