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National does not involve itself in local body politics, except for Bill English and nepotism [UPDATED]

Bill English's sister in law

Bill English’s sister in law

Finance Minister Bill English has made a rare intervention in Wellington local body politics backing his sister in law for Mayor.

But he says he has done so because he believes she is the best candidate.

However in doing that he has ignored one other candidate with long National Party connections and another who is being backed by the Wellington Chamber of Commerce.

Speaking to a fundraiser last week for Jo Coughlan, who is married to the Minister?s brother, former Federated Farmers CEO, Connor English, the Minister said he wasn?t supporting her because? they were related.

?It?s because I think that she?s the best candidate for a city that needs this kind of candidate; someone who understands growth; someone who understands communities and someone who understands families.?

But even so, that such a senior member of the Cabinet has publicly endorsed a Mayoral candidate goes against National Party practice.

And against the express orders of John Key and party whips.

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Here come the pre-election pork barrels: National roll out a brand new trough

Troughs of all sizes are troughs nonetheless. National have created a new one just in time for election year next year.

People seeking government money for community projects can apply under a new programme.

The Community-Led Development Programme (CLDP) replaces the Community Development Scheme (CDS) and comes as a pilot ends on June 30.

“The programme will allow selected communities to identify community aspirations, then partner with the Department of Internal Affairs, other government agencies, local government, private funders, businesses and local iwi to achieve their goals,” says Jo Goodhew, the community and voluntary sector minister.? Read more »


Size of Auckland Ratepayer Alliance shows depth of feelings against Auckland Council

Us New Zealanders aren’t easily moved off the couch.? It has to get to a point where we are really, really pissed off.?? Here’s a sign that has happened.

The Ratepayers? Alliance is now the most popular political group in Auckland, with more than 16,000 Aucklanders having signed up, as of today. The Alliance, which launched last year, has seen?a membership surge since its recent leaflet campaign?to 72,000 housholds in the North Shore and Albany Wards. The campaign exposed the?additional waste charges for residents, and those Councillors responsible for voting in Len Brown’s 9.9% rates increases.

The group’s?spokesperson, Jo Holmes, says:

“With?membership passing?the 16,000, the Ratepayers’ Alliance is now larger than the?nationwide membership of the?Labour Party?and the National Party’s membership?base here in Auckland.?We have been overwhelmed with people who want yard signs, to deliver pamphlets and generally spread the word.” Read more »

Someone needs to tell The Cunliffe he’s dreamin’

It looks like The Cunliffe has taken the blue?pill which?allows him to remain in the fabricated reality of the Labour Matrix, therefore living the “illusion of ignorance” of his leadership…such as it is.

Labour Party leader David Cunliffe claims National voters strategically answered a recent poll question to raise doubts about his leadership.

Meeting with supporters and Rangitata candidate Steve Gibson in Timaru yesterday, Cunliffe addressed the latest poll, which showed a net 13.6 per cent of those surveyed were more likely to vote for Labour if he were no longer leader.

Cunliffe said National voters had stated they would vote for Labour without him because “they want to destabilise the Labour Party”.

Gibson told supporters: “If nobody’s gonna stand up for David Cunliffe, I’ll tell you what, I bloody well will”.

Gibson called Cunliffe “a bloody decent bloke” but said “some people are just a bit unsure about him”.

Cunliffe said the Green Party’s decision not to stand a candidate in the Rangitata electorate was “very kind of them” but insisted it was entirely “a matter for the Green Party” and he believed Gibson could win an electorate seat. ? ? Read more »

Jo Goodhew is so good no one wants to stand against her

No one in Labour has the courage to take on Jo Goodhew:

The Labour Party is still without a candidate for the Rangitata electorate for this year’s general election.

A party spokesman said it had extended the deadline for another month after it did not receive any applications before the February 28 cut-off date.

Julian Blanchard stood unsuccessfully against incumbent Jo Goodhew of the National Party in 2008 and 2011, but has said he has no intention of standing this year.

Mrs Goodhew won by 8112 votes in 2008 and 6537 votes in 2011.

Isn’t it great not only are Labour struggling to find a?candidate in this district but the Greens aren’t standing anyone yet in Rangitata?either.

No one, it seems, wants to take one for the team…such as the team is.

Leaked docs show MOH woefully unprepared for Botulism outbreak

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Oh dear oh dear. Leaked documents showing Ministry of Health advice to Tony Ryall and Jo Goodhew over the Fonterra botulism scare point to the MOH being woefully underprepared for an outbreak.

Remember just a few months ago,?Botulism Siouxie ? recent recipient of the $100,000 Prime Minister?s Science Media Communication Prize, caused widespread angst by saying ?Botulinum toxin A is one of the most toxic substance known to man.?One kilogram of it would be enough to kill the entire human population?.

You?d hope the MOH would be able to cope, but documents show an alarming admission.

In an August 2013 MOH Situation Report, the Acting Director of Public Health, Dr Fran McGrath provided an update on the MOH?s actions in response to Fonterra?s contaminated Whey Protein Concentrate and Nutricia Karicare Recall.

McGrath must have been desperate to give Ministers confidence that the MOH was all over the issue like a rash, especially just in case botulism started spreading like wildfire among the population.

At the start of the SitRep, McGrath states ?There have been no cases of infant botulism reported in New Zealand in the last 20 years?. From that you?d expect a sigh of relief from Ministers. ? Read more »

The Big Question for the Mainland Conference

This weekend’s National party Mainland conference in Hamner Springs will probably skirt around the most important issue…where is the new blood coming through to replace the inevitable retirements?

  • Colin King will be on the?pension?before the next election
  • Nick Smith is rumoured to have a major international appointment lined up
  • Chris Auchinvole has health issues and will retire
  • Kate Wilkinson got the arse from cabinet and will get beaten in Waimak if she runs again
  • Gerry Brownlee will either burst or retire ? Read more »

Greenpeace is not a charity, Ctd

image001-1The other day I posted about a?NBR article from Greenpeace founder Patrick Moore.

He also went on Newstalk ZB with Larry Williams last Friday giving Greenpeace NZ a good slapping.

From the tip line I?ve heard Greenpeace hasn?t applied for re-registration following the Court of Appeal?s 16 November decision. This gives strength to the Wellington rumours that Internal Affairs and the Charities Registration Board are considering bumping the recent Court of Appeal decision upstairs to the Supreme Court.

Patrick Moore?s comments certainly won?t help Greenpeace?s application process.

Jo Goodhew better be watching this one closely.

Charities Registration Board taking Greenpeace to Supreme Court?

Rumours are circulating and gaining traction in Wellington that the?Charities Registration Board?are planning on sticking to their guns about Greenpeace being a? bunch of political activists and intend on taking the Court of Appeal?s decision to the Supreme Court. It needs that final arbiter.

Clearly the Board is not happy about having to decide whether Greenpeace?s political activities are ancillary to its charitable purposes. Not only that, it looks like the Board are not happy about having to consider whether under the changed rules, Greenpeace was involved in illegal activities or is likely to be involved in them in the future.

There?s more at play than meets the eye to most punters.

Greenpeace is furiously changing its website and its ?objects? to focus on ?nuclear disarmament and the elimination of all weapons of mass destruction? so that it can claim the golden goose of charitable status.

Their wordsmithing is nothing short of an attempt to rort the NZ taxpayer. Does anyone really, seriously believe that Greenpeace activists will suddenly not undertake illegal activities?

There will be many watching closely how this plays out, including so-called charities currently enjoying charitable status when really their activities are political in nature.

The Charities Board will also be aware New Zealand?s international reputation is also at risk by allowing a blatantly political activist group to be granted charitable status.

Makes you wonder whether?Jo Goodhew?s recently appointed board?is up to the task…

Nice work if you can get it

I can’t?believe?we pay for rubbish like this:

Community and Voluntary Sector Minister Jo Goodhew today announced the recipients of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowships for 2013.

The Trust helps New Zealanders from all walks of life to travel overseas and bring back new insights and understanding that will enrich their community and, ultimately, New Zealand as a whole.

Takerei Norton, who will travel to Norway, Sweden and Finland to learn from the Sami University College and the Sami Parliaments. Their innovative methods of distributing traditional Sami knowledge for place-names, flora and fauna provide opportunities for Takerei to investigate methodologies and processes that can be applied by iwi nationally.