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Sucking on the Taxpayers’ Tit, Ctd

If you were spitting out your cup of warm milk at the post yesterday exposing Breastfeeding NZ and the amount of dosh those troughers were tucking into, then you?d better sit down.

Topping the list of Brestapo groups is one called the?Women?s Health Action Trust or Women?s Health Action?for short.

Having gouged out over $1 million from the public trough they clearly feel as though they?re untouchable.? They?re clearly not worried about some contract they have with Jo Goodhew?s Ministry of Health, in which the work they undertake is meant to be ?consistent with and maintain the actual and perceived political neutrality of the MoH?. Hell no, we?re the Brestapo.

They?ve agreed with the Ministry to fund them for, wait for it… to make complaints about the WHO Breastfeeding Code (i.e. lodge complaints against infant formula).

Hang on a second. Do you mean to say that the Ministry of Health is funding this group to make complaints about manufacturers producing infant formula for NZ mothers who struggle to breastfeed? Well yes!

But wait there?s more.

Troughers are well known for lobbying the Government ? despite the so-called MoH ?actual and perceived political neutrality? get out of jail card, inserted into every contract. Here we have the?Women?s Health Action?contract stating that they are to lobby the Government.


So what you say. It doesn?t say lobbying in here, so you?re winding this up. Sadly no. Look what they?state on their website?right at the top of their activities…

So, yet again here we have troughers sucking up over $28,000 per month (and have been for the last 4 years at least).

I bet Tony Ryall may be starting to wonder what is going on in the bowels of his Ministry and why his Associate Ministers? aren?t all over this like a rash.

Looks like a razor gang is needed once again to dive into the Vote Health budget.

Sucking on the taxpayers? Tit, Ctd

The other month I ran a series of posts?Sucking on the Taxpayers Tit. This followed exposure of a state funded Breastfeeding hui in Wellington that ran on 5 July 2012.

The Minister responsible Jo Goodhew, didn?t seem to know anything about the trougher?s hui (complete with its own resident stunt feeder) so I thought I?d help her out with?Sucking on the taxpayers? Tit, Ctd?where they pushed for wet nursing and milk banking.

The next post followed information dripping into the tip line?exposing groups?behind these calls and what sort of coin they tuck from the Ministry that Goodhew oversees. To top it off, and clearly hating infant formula manufacturers? as much as big tobacco, they?started pushing for plain packs for infant formula.

These posts resulted in a torrent of comments from the female members of the WO army.

Even MSM whored into the issue with claims of?Brestapo tactics?that were happening around the country with new mums??outraged at the behaviour of the breastfeeding police.

Since then, the dripping of information about these groups into the tip line has increased to a near torrential flood. I promised I?d continue to look at this and I?m a man of my word.

Let?s start with the?NZ Breastfeeding Authority?as they seemed to defend the brestapo tactics being utilised around the country.

These smiling troughers have been tucking into a whopping $416,250 each year for the past 6 years from Jo Goodhew?s Ministry of Health for providing ?Baby Friendly Co-ordination?.

So where does the dosh go? The biggest chunk, $210,000, naturally goes into paying the salaries. $112,000 pays for their computers, travel costs, meals and accommodation as they race around the country looking busy. To top it off, $94,000 helps to pay for their office rent, rates, power, insurance, Board meetings and the good old cleaner.

It?s no wonder then that the NZ?Breastfeeding Authority?s Julie Stufkins and Raeleen De Joux?seem quite happy to attend breastfeeding hui in Wellington and talk about more restrictions on infant formula manufacturers, when $37,000 is being pumped into their bank account each month.

That money is supposedly meant to be spent on the coordination and support for the implementation of a so-called Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative. But as we?ve seen, this initiative is anything but friendly.

Sucking on the Taxpayers? Tit, Ctd

The other week I let the Whaleoil army know about a bunch of troughers sucking on the taxpayers? tit. The response was interesting and indicated strongly held views.

My spies have even told me that Minister Jo Goodhew?s office (who you ask?) was deeply concerned about the comments flowing forth from that breastfeeding hui? – not the least the idea of a wet nurse or a milk bank or banning NZ exports of infant formula.

True to my word, I?ve been looking at these troughers. The tip line has also provided a treasure trove of information about some of these groups. What I was surprised about was just how deep some of them were in the government?s public trough.

Here?s a list (it?s not conclusive by the way).

It?s not conclusive as it doesn?t show other hangers-on, for example an outfit called Quigley & Watts. But more on them later.

What?s interesting is that the list above comes directly from the Goodhew?s Ministry of Health. What I?m interested in is what some of these other troughers are getting ? yes the ones coming up with weird and novel ideas.

Naturally, I have more documents dripping in from the tip-line. So if you?re on this list, you?re also on WO?s list of troughers ? and that is not a good list to be on.

Sucking on the Taxpayers? Tit

Each day the tip-line runs hot with scurrilous tit-bits of the untoward. A lot comes out of Wellington, home of that pinko Farrar as well as busy-body bureaucrats determined to run a Sir Humphrey?view of a clear conscience,?plotting ways to push through their own pet projects.

As one of the largest bureaucracies in New Zealand, the Health Ministry is also one of the largest recipients of public money with Vote:Health receiving a solid whack of about $14b each Budget.

Recently the tip line has provided an insight into the nefarious activities of some of the groups literally sucking on the taxpayer?s tit. There?s a lot so I?ll do a series of posts on this.

Early last month breast feeding advocates converged on Wellington for a state funded hui or ?stakeholder consultation? at the airport?s convention centre. As this involves some serial troughers I think some sunlight into this area is required.

On the basis that mothers should breast feed their babies if they can, the question is what happens if they can?t. And this is where it gets interesting.

As with most Ministry of Health funded cardigan wearing groupies, it seems the more extreme ideas the better. Pull together a group of breast feeding advocates (activists) and there?s little talk about actually helping mums with breast feeding, instead it?s about big business scaremongering.

The likes of?Fonterra?should be very worried.

These women?s groups are now calling for plain packaging of infant formula akin to Turia?s recent brain fart that?s bound to see NZ brought before the courts by those evil tobacco companies. They call for an infant formula tax to be placed on the manufacturers. They even suggest that infant formula should only be allowed on prescription from a GP like a heroin addict.

To top it off they even call for New Zealand not to sell infant formula to the world because it was ?morally wrong? even though infant formula is sold at 10x the value of milk powder and is a big export earner (conveniently forgetting that export dollars are how mad huis like these can actually be held).

Basically they are trying to equate formula with addictive, carcinogenic poisons and drugs. It is shameful.

And to top it all off this ?hui?, stakeholder consultation or whatever you want to call it, also had an earth mother ?stunt feeder? attend,? sitting there breast feeding her baby throughout the meeting without saying a word. I?m surprised the baby didn’t erupt with reflux having to sit through that bollocks.

This sort of nonsense by troughers literally shows how tits Wellington has become. More concerning is that the Minister responsible for all of this is Associate Minister Jo Goodhew.

I?m sure Ryall, English, Joyce and Key will be just tickled pink that a Minister is overseeing ideas that can damage one of New Zealand?s leading exporters.

How about you start with caucus JK?

? John Key Facebook page

John Key launched the 25 Per Cent Group yesterday:

In Wellington with Jo Goodhew launching the 25 Per Cent Group ? it?s about getting more women into leadership roles.

It sounds like a great initiative but perhaps he might like to commit the National party to such lofty goals while he is at it.

National actually has fewer women now than it did in the previous session of parliament, and current board members and regional office holders supported a campaign against a woman candidate on the grounds she had young children and shouldn?t be an MP.

Is Matthew Hooton Out of Touch?

In an otherwise good article explaining why Nick Smith won more Politician of the Week awards than anyone else based on his principles and willingness to have a dust up with anyone over ideology, Matthew Hooton has a shocker when describing potential replacements.

The tragedy of his departure is that, like too many of the appointments after the 2011 election, he is likely to be replaced with a below-average-intelligence, grey, provincial yes-man, unwilling to challenge the status quo and valued simply as a safe pair of hands.

Hooton seems to think that the provinces are inhabited with troglodytes who haven’t succeeded in the real world based on intellectual rigor and their own hard work.

In Tauranga Simon Bridges is Oxford Educated, which not many westies are, and he is far to refined to have leopard skin on his car. In Rotorua Todd McClay build a substantial lobbying business in Brussels, which is arguably not the real world but it was bloody successful, created links with many New Zealand businesses and did a lot of diplomatic work for Pacific nations. And succeeding in lobbying at one of the biggest parliaments in the world may not be my idea of success but it is better than being a successful unionist in a backwater like the New Zealand union movement.

Louise Upston?s mastery of policy details and background in leadership training means she is a safe pair of hands and has the potential to lead, not to just to administer.

From Hawkes Bay Chris Tremain turned a moderately successful family business in to a highly successful one, at the same time as making huge contributions to sports in HB. He is not in parliament ?safe pair of hands?, going on record to upset the small minded in Napier, challenging the status quo on amalgamation. Craig Foss may have a gay ute but he was as successful in banking on an international scale as John Key before entering parliament.

Chester Borrows is a bit too wet on law and order, when he could man up and back the prevailing wisdom which is working world wide. His willingness to take a stand that is unpopular in National show he is not ?unwilling to challenge the status quo?.

In the Wairarapa highly intelligent former diplomat John Hayes has well over 40 years of standing up for what he believes in, and not being afraid of a turn up for a good cause. At Lincoln he tried to remove the students association from the New Zealand students association, allegedly because they were a pack of communists, radicals, pooftas and other misfits. John can rest easy at night knowing he fights the good fight and is not one of Hooton?s ?below average intelligence?.

Further South Amy Adams has shown herself to be willing to take on difficult issues, and no one has ever accused her of being a ?yes-man?. Jo Goodhew is hugely popular in her electorate, and it is a travesty for Hooton to describe her as grey.

Michael Woodhouse may not be favored by the voters in Dunedin but he came to parliament with a track record of success in a difficult industry, where challenging the the status quo is an important part of success. Anyone that knows Michael knows he has a fine intellect, and is definitely not ?below-average-intelligence?.

National’s new whips

National’s new whips are Michael Woodhouse who replaces Chris Tremain as Chief Whip and Lousie Upston who replaces Jo Goodhew as junior whip.

Both Tremain and Goodhew were promoted to minsterial positions.

Stuff however has managed to bollocks up the story. The headline bears no?relationship?tot eh body of the story which gets the salient facts correct.