Joe Tripodi

Yep, that’s about what the Green party are worth

Nathan Tinkler is being investigated and questioned by the Independent Commission Against Corruption in Australia. He is aggressive and dismissive of them.

Nathan Tinkler has always been a man in a hurry. His crash or crash through approach to life, which has seen the 38-year-old make and lose a fortune, was evident during his combative appearance at a corruption inquiry.

“Jeez, I’m starting to see why this has been going on for three weeks,” Mr Tinkler said testily not long after taking the stand at 12.30pm on Friday at the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

As soon as the commission adjourned for lunch, Mr Tinkler was overheard saying, ?This is some of the most boring shit I’ve ever seen.”

For someone on the stand that is pretty aggressive, considering he faces criminal charges if the ICAC finds against him.

When asked about donations, he had plenty?to say about various donations to political parties, including an apt description of his commitment to Green policies.

The former coal magnate was shown an expletive-laden email in which he complained that he had donated $45,000 to the Nationals and they had done “f— all” to approve his plans for a billion-dollar coal terminal in Newcastle.

“We had a bunch of deadbeats before and now we have a bunch of pricks scared to make a decision,” Mr Tinkler wrote in an email on April 20, 2011, in a reference to the former state Labor government and the newly installed Coalition.

The ICAC is investigating allegations that Mr Tinkler’s property development company Buildev donated tens of thousands of dollars to the Coalition before the last state election, in breach of the ban on political donations from developers introduced in 2009. ? Read more »

Aussies take lying ratbag politicians a whole lot more seriously than we do

While Len Brown appears to be getting off with so much as a slap on the hand with a wet bus ticket for lying in LGOIMA requests, in Australia they have organisations that can truly hold lying ratbags to account.

Like the Independent Commission Against Corruption…who are currently holding Joe Tripodi’s feet to the fire.

Former Labor minister Joe Tripodi??has been accused of lying to a corruption inquiry after giving extraordinary evidence that Eddie Obeid’s ”interest” in businesses at Circular Quay was not financial.

Mr Tripodi, who was recalled to the Independent Commission Against Corruption at his own request, changed his evidence on Wednesday to admit he did tell a staff member in 2006 that his corrupt former colleague had ”an interest” in three cafes at Circular Quay.

But the former ports minister claimed he meant ”interested or concerned” rather than financially involved in the lucrative businesses.

Dodgy wop ratbag Joe gets hammered

Joe Tripodi, the ratbag ALP fixer is going down for corruption.

Former Labor minister Joe Tripodi has spent a torrid day testifying at the Independent Commission Against Corruption after the head of the investigation announced he is also a target.

In a sensational development, assistant commissioner Anthony Whealy, QC, announced on Friday he had “formally?enlarged the scope and purpose” of an inquiry into corrupt former minister Eddie Obeid to?include Mr Tripodi.

The former ports minister faces a potential finding of corruption over his involvement in renewing lucrative cafe leases owned by the Obeid family at Circular Quay.

The ICAC may recommend criminal charges be considered by the Director of Public Prosecutions if he is found corrupt.

The ratbag show continues in Australia

Day after day dodgy ALP ratbags are being rinsed before the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

Yesterday it was Joe Tripodi’s turn.

These revelations are going to cripple the ALP for a generation.

Former Labor minister Joe Tripodi knew his political ally Eddie Obeid had a secret interest in cafes at Circular Quay when he bypassed a tender and renewed leases for the lucrative businesses.

Lynne Ashpole, the former deputy chief of staff to Mr Tripodi, gave evidence at the Independent Commission Against Corruption on Thursday that Mr Tripodi told her in 2006 that Mr Obeid had an interest in the waterfront cafes.

The explosive testimony contradicts Mr Tripodi’s previous claims he was unaware of Mr Obeid’s stake in the cafes when he renewed the leases in 2009 for up to 10 years. Mr Tripodi is expected to give evidence on Friday.

“During your discussions of this issue, Mr Tripodi mentioned to you that Mr Eddie Obeid owned one or two leases down at Circular Quay?” junior counsel assisting the commission, Ben Katekar, asked.

Dodgy ALP Ratbag cops one in the chook again

Eddie Obeid is the ratbag that just keeps on giving.

He is back before the Independent Commission against Corruption with three more investigations.

Former Labor parliamentarian Eddie Obeid and two former departmental chiefs will be adversely named during the Independent Commission Against Corruption’s three-pronged inquiry which began today.

In his opening address, counsel assisting, Ian Temby, QC, outlined the details of the corruption watchdog’s trio of fresh inquiries into Mr Obeid’s dealings.

Mr Temby said the inquiries spanned three departments – Treasury, the Department of Water and Energy, and NSW Maritime – four separate ministers, and a period of more than a decade.

Mr Temby, formerly the inaugural head of the ICAC, said the hearings involved “lobbying of an unusual kind” by an MP, in circumstances where his family’s interests were involved.

People want Obeid’s support like they want cancer

Dodgy ALP ratbag Eddie Obeid is still trying to throw his weight around, despite corruption allegation. However the locals are having non of it rejecting endorsement they previously would have loved to have had.

Labor exile Eddie Obeid has thrown his support behind Matt Thistlethwaite in the battle to replace outgoing minister Peter Garrett in the seat of Kingsford Smith.

Mr Obeid, who is waiting on a decision in his hearing at the Independent Commission Against Corruption, said Senator Thistlethwaite had a stronger claim to the eastern beaches seat than his opponent, Tony Bowen.

But Senator Thistlethwaite immediately rejected Mr Obeid’s blessing, saying it was unwanted mischief-making and the ALP branches in Kingsford Smith would decide his fate, not a disgraced powerbroker.

Mr Obeid’s diaries, made public by ICAC, record 15 private meetings with Senator Thistlethwaite between October 2008 and September 2009, when he was Labor general-secretary. Four of those were with Mr Obeid’s fellow powerbroker Joe Tripodi. But they fell out in November 2009, when Senator Thistlethwaite backed then premier Nathan Rees in sacking Mr Tripodi and Ian Macdonald.

Rotten to the core

Th Brisbane Times has a couple of interesting articles.

NSW Labor is rotten to the core, Kevin Rudd ?is not even sure there is a straight politician left.

As pressure grows on Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to clean up the scandal-ridden NSW Labor Party, party boss Sam Dastyari may be headed for a seat in the Senate.

While Mr Dastyari is recognised as a reformer, there are question marks over the credentials of his likely successors.

Former NSW premier Nathan Rees believes that if Mr Dastyari goes, the Prime Minister would need to order full-scale intervention in the state party, which has been disgraced by years of revelations about corruption among MPs and union officials. ?? Read more »

All in brawl by ALP at wog club

Key members of the ALP are said to have been involved in an all in brawl over a crappy little wog club and its run-down but maybe valuable building:

THE traditional season of peace and goodwill has not extended to the scandal-plagued Calabria Community Club. Hostilities between feuding members of Sydney’s Italian community erupted into an all-in brawl complete with the hurling of chairs at last week’s annual meeting, in which a former drug kingpin was elected to the board of the controversial club.

The future of the dilapidated one-room club is at present the subject of a bitter legal battle in the Supreme Court of NSW. Fuelling the dispute is a potential $200 million rezoning proposal that has led to the value of the club’s land in Restwell Street, Prairiewood, increasing tenfold.

With such a shit fight it isn’t unsurprising ti find?the?ALP in the middle of it all.

Read more »

Skips not Wogs

Australia is truly a different world:

LABOR powerbrokers chose?Nathan Rees?as premier because there were too many ”wogs” in cabinet, according to the first insider’s account of the last years of the former NSW government.

In his political memoir,?The Fog on the Hill, the former senior minister Frank Sartor recalls being told in 2008 by the then NSW ALP general secretary, Karl Bitar, that the party favoured Mr Rees to take over from?Morris Iemma, who was struggling in the polls.

”I canvassed at some lengths the reasons why I thought Rees was unsuitable. Bitar countered with his reasoning that the cabinet was too ‘on the nose’ and that there were too many ‘wogs’,” writes Mr Sartor. In cabinet alongside Mr Iemma and Mr Sartor were?Joe Tripodi, Michael Costa,?John Della Bosca?and John Hatzistergos.

”Rees, he said, was a break from that – an Aussie Westie. What a way to choose a premier! Imagine if BHP chose their CEO using focus groups? What a bunch of superficial fools, I thought.”

The Brutality of Sussex Street

If Goff won’t go quietly some of these guys will take care of him no worries. They rolled leaders with a degree of low bastardry that was as beautiful as it is brutal.

Rees’s only qualification for the job, according to one of many detractors in his party, is that he was a “westie” and not a “wog”, apparently an asset when appealing to voter parochialism. The way he was plucked from obscurity to take the state’s top job is a glimpse into the empty heart of NSW Labor today.

The then ALP general secretary, Karl Bitar, and his predecessor, Mark Arbib, now a senator and parliamentary secretary, wanted to replace Iemma because of his electricity privatisation policy.

Ironically, their focus groups at the time were negative about the “wogs” in cabinet – Iemma, Michael Costa, Frank Sartor and Joe Tripodi, and a cynical idea emerged that a “skippy”and “westie” like Rees, who had done nothing objectionable in his limited time in the portfolios of utilities and emergency services, would win the electorate’s heart.

These blokes make Fat Tony look like Tweety Bird, and H2 look like Tinkerbell.