Joel Fitzgibbon

Mocking the Spin

The ALP and Julia Gillard are in awful trouble in the polls and facing electoral annihilation.

Watch as Kevin Rudd loyalist, Labor MP Joel Fitzgibbon reads from the party’s ‘manual’ about how to respond to bad poll results.

NSW Labor faction chief Joel Fitzgibbon is highlighting “a lot of disaffection” with the Government as he becomes the public face of party discontent with Julia Gillard’s leadership.  Read more »

Rudd going again?


It looks like Kevin Rudd is having another crack. Perhaps this could be his anthem:

Australia’s two major newspaper groups are reporting that Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s leadership position is again under threat. Fairfax and News Limited say that government whip Joel Fitzgibbon is canvassing for votes to return Kevin Rudd to the leadership. Fairfax says that ‘some who favour a switch do not want it to happen until the last day of parliamentary sittings in June, when a new leader would have the long winter break to reorganise government and tweak policies.’ News Limited says that Fitzgibbon’s move is extraordinary, as the whip traditionally guards against instability.

Stop being a sook

Sydney Morning Herald

Craig Thomson rorted a union for $500,000 and has avoided getting punished as if he is he will have to leave parliament, bringing about a by election and a likely liberal win, forcing a general election. He is a seriously bad bastard being protected by an immoral Labor regime.

Now he is having a sook about bright light being shined on him. He should go and have a talk to Chopper. Or if he cant handle the pressure he should resign.

CONCERN is growing for the wellbeing of Craig Thomson after he pleaded publicly yesterday for an end to his trial by the Parliament and the media.

”Is this about trying to push someone to the brink?” he said. ”Enough is enough.”

Last night, as Channel Nine uncovered another alleged use of a prostitute by Mr Thomson when he led the Health Services Union, his former ALP colleague and chief government Whip, Joel Fitzgibbon, joined the growing chorus of concern about Mr Thomson’s wellbeing. Mr Fitzgibbon urged those piling pressure on the member for Dobell to remember the suicide of the Labor MP, Greg Wilton, in 2000.

Mr Fitzgibbon told the Herald online that Mr Thomson had been treated ”worse than Ivan Milat” and that the Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, should recall the speech he gave about the need for civility after Mr Wilton’s death.

”Even if Craig Thomson is guilty of everything that’s been alleged … his punishment has far outweighed the crime,” Mr Fitzgibbon said.

Mr Thomson is being investigated by the NSW and Victorian police, and Fair Work Australia has instructed its solicitors to lodge civil proceedings in the Federal Court concerning the 156 breaches of the Registered Organisations Act it found Mr Thomson had committed.