John Bercow

Politics isn’t tiddly-winks or a pillow fight at a sleepover

Some people didn’t like my statement to Rachel Smalley on The now defunct Nation programme that politics is a “dirty, disgusting, despicable people playing a dirty, disgusting, despicable game”.

The ones who didn’t like that truthful statement in particular seem to be from the left, and have this belief that politics is some sort of intellectual exercise.

They would never have been beaten up by union thugs after a public meeting, or forcibly ejected by those same thugs from a meeting for heckling in the time honoured tradition of politics.

They will also likely not have had a war with their own party, or the opposition.

Don’t get me wrong, politics is the best game in town and mostly because there are no rules. Where those sooks whining about my statement prefer pillow fights I prefer knife fights…and I’ll trot along with a shotgun. Politics is about winning not cuddles or tiddly winks.

Now you know where I stand you will better appreciate my dismay at reading this:

Nick Clegg is sad at the moment. Not because of his party?s fortunes, but because of the low regard that so many young people have for democracy. He blames it on MPs shouting, telling the BBC?s Free Speech programme: ?I long for a day when politics is actually done in our language in Westminster, which is a normal language, rather than this archaic, shouty, 19th-century language.?

He could have been talking about this week?s Prime Minister?s Questions, where MPs roared and jeered as they usually do. Mr Clegg has never much liked this spectacle, and others agree with him: John Bercow, the Speaker, has a near-weekly habit of scolding Honourable Members for putting off voters with their ebullience.? Read more »

Will Holly Walker try to do this here?

Holly Walker has a lobby bill in the house at the moment. In the UK lobbyists are under huge pressure as a scandal over their behaviour and that of MPs has erupted.

But will Holly Walker try this here?

The Speaker of the House of Commons has suspended 80 parliamentary passes in the wake of the lobbying scandal exposed by The Daily Telegraph.

Dozens of passes, which allow privileged access to the Houses of Parliament, have been withdrawn after this newspaper disclosed that Patrick Mercer, the Newark MP, was prepared to organise a pass for journalists posing as lobbyists.? Read more »

Some backbone at last

David Cameron has finally seen what John Key still fails to grasp…that unions are the enemy and are in bed with the Labour party. It is therefore best to move to cut off their funding mechanisms to the Labour party. They are no better than shameless lobbyists.

Downing Street was accused of conducting “shabby” politics by?Labourafter?David Cameron?and?Nick Clegg?took a new anti-sleaze bill announced in response to the?lobbying?scandal and inserted last-minute plans to clamp down on union funding of election campaigns.

The surprise move was designed to reduce the impact of union support for Labour in the run-up to an election, and came as Clegg said he would introduce a bill to create a statutory register of lobbyists in time for this summer’s parliamentary recess.? Read more »

Tory ratbag arrested on suspicion of rape

In a case?reminiscent?of a similar NZ case, UK police have?arrested?the Deputy Speaker,?Nigel?Evans?on suspicion of rape:

Mr Evans, a Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, was questioned over claims made by the two alleged victims.

They claim to have been raped and sexually assaulted between July 2009 and March 2013 at his constituency. Both were in their twenties at the times of the alleged attacks, although their exact ages have not been disclosed.? Read more »

MPs with Depression

? The Telegraph

It is no secret that I have and do battle with depression. Sometimes if creeps up on you and other times overwhelms you like tsunami…more and more people talk about depression now, and that is a good thing, because we need to battle the perception that depression is “feeling a bit sad”…it is not.

In the UK some MPs have spoken out about depression and how it has affected them. Famously here Nick Smith spoke about this and shameless, callous c*nts like Trevor Mallard and Winston Peters deride him for his courage in speaking out…it is one of the reasons I despise both of them:

A former defence minister was close to tears yesterday as he revealed his battle against depression, saying that other people did not understand the huge stresses that go with being an MP.

Labour?s Kevan Jones said politicians often did not want to admit they suffered from mental health problems for fear of being seen as weak.

Two female Conservative MPs also spoke about their struggles with post-natal depression during a Commons debate on mental illness.

Mr Jones, the MP for North Durham and former veterans minister, urged Speaker John Bercow to devote more resources to helping MPs with mental health issues.

He said: ?Being an MP is a great privilege. It’s a great thing that I love, but it also has its stresses.

“I don’t think that unless you’ve actually done it, anyone knows what those stresses are, both personally in terms of family but also in terms of what is expected of you in the modern technological age.”

Andrea Leadsom, the Conservative MP for South Northamptonshire, said the Commons session had been “part debate and part group therapy” as she recounted her experience of post-natal depression.

“It is unbelievable how awful you feel when you are sitting with your tiny baby in your arms, and your baby cries and so do you,” she said.

“You can’t even make yourself a cup of tea, you just feel so utterly useless.?

Fellow post-natal depression sufferer Dr Sarah Wollaston, the Tory MP for Totnes, said she had suicidal feelings and suffered panic attacks on the Tube at what should have been the happiest time of her life.