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Liu-Jones Saga Summaries

The media is now belatedly starting to realise that Bill Liu is seriously dodgy, that his stories don’t stack up and neither do the excuses of Shane Jones.

Although most media continue to repeat the mistakes of the officials, in underestimating the size of the alleged fraud in China…

The extensive documents at Investigate show that the amounts concerned were far from a few million dollars:

“Yan was charged for accounting frauds and fund embezzlement of public company, the amount was said to be RMB 720 million or 1.08 billion (between NZ$167 million and NZ$257 million).”

Here are today’s stories:

Jared Savage seems to be getting a handle on the stench of this case:

The public servant who handled the citizenship application of a millionaire Chinese businessman with multiple identities was told by his boss to “stop asking questions”, a transcript of court evidence shows.

What sort of pressure was applied to make senior government officials issue orders to stop questioning…that is corruption.

Mr Gambo wanted to make further inquiries with immigration authorities in Australia.

“I had a phone call that I was told not to ask any more questions because there was a lot of political pressure to send the file to Wellington.

“I was told to just process the file, send it to Wellington, don’t worry about asking any more questions.

“I have been working there for seven years and that was the first time I have had my boss phone me about an application.”

Asked who called him, Mr Gambo named the general manager of citizenship, Geoff May.

I’m not sure we even have a statutory body that is able to look into the breadth and depth of these sorts of allegation of corrupt behaviour. Each department has limited purview…the SFO looks at fraud only, the Auditor-General has no oversight of criminal activity, the Police have no oversight of political activity…it really is becoming a bugger’s muddle.

Jared Savage also provides a useful catalogue of the actions, activities and personnel involved in this murky affair.

Andrea Vance and Dana Levy carry claims of signs of torture on Bill Liu…which ironically was contained in a letter to Shane Jones from John Billington, who is also the lawyer for Dover Samuels.

It is really starting to stretch the realms of belief that there was no connection between Shane Jones, Bill Liu, Dover Samuels, and Shane Te Pou and his brother who worked in Shane jones office. The conflicts of interest are glaring and obvious even if Shane Jones cannot see them.

Calling bullshit on Red Radio and Shane Jones

In it’s effort to help Shane Jones out, Red Radio NZ went with a soft piece on him this morning.  It is riddled with inconsistences:

Strike 1:
The story says: “he could face the death penalty if he was returned to China”
Truth:  As a permanent resident he would not have been sent packing, citizenship makes little difference.

Strike 2:
The letter confirms that Billington QC told Jones about unresolved fraud issues

“Mr Yan faced unresolved fraud claims brought by the Chinese authorities”

So there’s absolutely no doubt Jones knew about the fraud allegations and ignored them.

Strike 3:
The story says:

“there had been no attempt to recover any funds allegedly taken.”

Truth: Australian authorities did repatriate money from Bill Liu – he eventually agreed to settle rather than go to court.

“NZ$5 million was eventually confiscated and repatriated to China by the Aussie courts last year. “

And in the coincidence stakes; John Billington QC is/was also Dover Samuels’ lawyer in this matter.

Red Radio strikes out again.

Interesting coincidences

The more I look into the murky cash for citizenship scandal engulfing Labour the more interesting the coincidences that keep on coming up

Did you know that the eminent QC that Shane Jones based his decision to grant citizenship to Bill Liu:

However, after considering submissions from officials and from John Billington QC on behalf of Yan, he based his decision on “humanitarian grounds” which he could not expand on until the court case was over.

This presumably is the same eminent QC also representing Dover Samuels in this matter?

 “See my lawyer!” spat Dover Samuels down the phone.

“One question, did you receive a donation from Bill Liu before 2005 –”

“I’m not prepared to answer any more of your questions! You can see my lawyer, John Billington!”

Oh dear…conflicts, murk, coincidences…inquiry?

I go chop your dollar, ctd

The empire is crumbling, the shabby edifice of respectability so craved by Terry Serepisos has almost rotted away.

Property developer Terry Serepisos has crumpled under the weight of $200 million debt and is putting forward a proposal to sell his assets.

A judge in the High Court at Wellington was told today that Mr Serepisos’ portfolio of about 150 residential properties and at least 6 major commercial buildings in Wellington is worth $232,472,000.

The Wellington Phoenix football boss’ liabilities are calculated at $203,095,206.

Serepisos’ new lawyer, John Billington, QC, said an orderly sale of assets was proposed to avoid “an economic and social catastrophe” that could occur if individual creditors moved immediately to sell the secured assets, flooding the Wellington property market and depressing prices not just for the Serepisos properties, but for property generally.

At Serepisos’ last showing in the High Court bankruptcy list 10 days ago, Associate Judge David Gendall was told South Canterbury Finance is claiming $18 million and Equitable Mortgages Limited about $9.8m.

The debt to Equitable Mortgages was expected to reduce about $4.3m with the sale of one of the Serepisos buildings in Victoria St, Wellington.

The two creditors have stepped into the breach left when Serepisos settled the $5m debt owed to FM Custodians 10 days ago.

Judge Gendall said Serepisos had not filed any formal notice of opposition to the bankruptcy proceedings or made an affidavit to support his position.

Nice to see Terry has obtained the services of John Billington QC, the guy who defended John Barlow for the murders of Gene and Eugene Thomas. He defended him three times and lost three times.