John Bond

The banning of a hateful troll, why I did it

trollI don’t like banning people, but?occasionally?I have to.

The troll I have banned is known on various places by the pseudonym “dotcom”. He also goes by the name John Bond and uses the email [email protected] The email is live but I am unsure if John Bond is his real name, but pretty sure his first name is John from metadata of images and documents he has sent me. His ip address that he used was? .

Progressively over the past few weeks “dotcom” has got worse and worse with his fixation on opposing marriage equality. His rants and ill informed debate about show more about his prejudices and self loathing than anything I have ever seen before.

On posts about marriage equality he launches into rants quoting disproven myths about gay sex, AIDS, HIV and the “gay lifestyle”.

The moderaters attempted to adjust his behaviour politely, but it made him worse, but now he was playing the victim, claiming that people were “trolling” his comments on my blog.

The final straws have come though. Firstly this comment on the blog post about Marriage Equality in France in response to reasoned?debate?by another commenter who was calling him on his bigotry:? Read more »