John Collinge

Stuart Nash on the Boagan’s plans to nick the AECT trust

Stuart Nash has written a piece on Michelle Boag’s plans to nick the AECT funds to gift to Len Brown for his train set.

It is on a little read hate speech blog run by Wrongly Wrongson, the blogger formerly known as Martyn Martin Bradbury, and so deserves wider attention.

Move forward to 2014, and John Collinge is at it once again.? Collinge, backed by another former National party president Michelle Boag, and helped by Auckland EMA CEO Kim Campbell, is trying to gather support for a scheme that would steal the shares off the people of Auckland for good.

Their miserable plan, as I have been led to believe, involves pressuring the National government to introduce legislation that would allow the shares, worth around $2.1b, to be nationalised, and then gifted back to the Auckland City Council for them to sell ? to the people of Auckland and overseas buyers.

Let?s put this into perspective.? This year the AECT returned a $335 dividend to all shareholders (75.1% of whom are the people of Auckland). This is a most welcome bonus to many who are currently struggling with the extremely high costs of living in Auckland.

Vector is an incredibly progressive and innovative company and so this dividend is only going to grow.? Why sell it?? This is about ideology ? and a massive disconnect by some wealthy individuals who simply have absolutely no idea at all how important $335 is to a huge number of Auckland families.? Read more »

Len Brown 1 – John Collinge 0

Apparently the infamous rooting by John Collinge on the dining room table at the High Commission in London never happened.

Th NZ Herald reports:

Former High Commissioner to London John Collinge hopes a legal victory which has seen the recall and destruction of copies of a book claiming he enjoyed a table-top romp at his official residence will put the “urban myth” to bed once and for all.

Former lover Barbara Stones’ claim that the pair had sex on the dining table at the residence in London’s Chelsea Square was made in a letter read out in court 15 years ago as she faced charges of harassing him and his new love Margaret Postlethwaite, who is now his wife.

The British and then New Zealand press had a field day and the story took on a life of its own.? Read more »

Pat Booth retires

Waitakere City Councillor Pat Booth has resigned from the Council due to health reasons. Councillor Booth had been on extended health leave for some time.

Pat is most well known for his role in pressing for the release of Arthur Allan Thomas from jail. He was also editor in chief of Suburban Newspapers Ltd in Auckland up until recently, and still has a regular column in the SNL community newspapers.

Pat was also a commonsense Councillor who tackled things from a practical perspective. I’m sure he wouldn’t have approved $10 million worth of shares on borrowed funds!!

A by-election will be held in April, in which political christmas will have come 18 months early for former left wing Councillor Denise Yates who lost her seat to Pat.