John Della Bosca

The ALPs top turd polisher called in

Labor is in real trouble as named candidates fail to fire and Kevin Rudd looks increasingly like an out of control narcissist. They have called in a turd-polisher to help soothe the factions.

Labor campaign insiders are playing down reports of a breakdown in communications between the travelling party around Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and the party’s main headquarters in Melbourne, while admitting there have been glitches in the first 10 days.

A senior ALP source said there had been worries that the travelling party was ”going off on a frolic of its own” but that the recent installation of Environment Minister Mark Butler as a link man between the two groups was aimed at fixing the problem.

”Butler will be there so that Melbourne HQ always has someone to talk to, so that there is better relay back and forth between the two,” the source said on Friday morning.

NSW Labor and their dodgy ratbags are the gift that keep on giving

Eddie Obeid is proving to be a daily embarrassment for Labor in Australia. Now they are threatening to engulf Bob Carr.

The spat between former premiers over who was to blame for the rise of powerbroker Eddie Obeid in NSW Labor has again raised questions about how a succession of leaders failed to check his power.

As the allegations of wide-ranging corruption have emerged at the corruption watchdog, former premier Bob Carr has sought to portray himself as having stood up to Eddie Obeid’s influence. It was his successor, Morris Iemma, who had given him ”special status” within the state government, Carr told ABC1’s Four Corners this week – and, by implication, left Obeid unchecked to exploit his position.

Iemma responded with vigour, pointing out that he did not give Obeid a ministry, Carr did.

The picture of how Obeid accrued so much clout in the ALP is much more complex. Iemma might have been a closer friend to Obeid, but Carr turned a blind eye and at one stage even gave character evidence for the powerbroker in a defamation suit against the Herald.

Obeid, a budding Lebanese businessman and owner of ethnic newspaper El Telegraph, joined the Labor Party at 29 and was elected to the Legislative Council in 1991. A good networker with extensive ethnic contacts, he wielded significant clout in the ALP’s western Sydney branches even before he entered State Parliament.

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A Labor Party Doing Nothing about a Dodgy Union?

? Sydney Morning Herald

Looks like the NSW ALP has been caught with its pants down. Union corruption went unreported and was not dealt with.

THE corruption crisis tearing apart the Health Services Union threatens to engulf NSW Labor with claims emerging that key party figures were warned about the alleged antics of senior HSU officials but took no action.

Emails obtained by the?Herald?reveal the state Opposition Leader, John Robertson, was warned three years ago, when he was a minister, about allowing the HSU national president, Michael Williamson, to serve as the ALP national president.

Mr Williamson, the ALP national president for 2009-10, is facing allegations of extensive corruption but is fighting a push from HSU officials to resign.

The?Herald?has also been told the former NSW Labor powerbroker John Della Bosca twice warned Labor officials, including the now-NSW ALP general-secretary, Sam Dastyari, not to endorse Craig Thomson for the 2010 election because the allegations against him concerning credit card misuse would flare.

The emails concerning Mr Williamson show union official Peter O’Toole contacted Mr Robertson to warn him about the HSU boss. Mr O’Toole’s warnings followed the airing of similar concerns in 1999.

”Do you remember the coffee we had at Haymarket when you tried to dissuade me from running against Williamson,” wrote Mr O’Toole.

”Didn’t I mention the number of times Michael had been mugged at ATMs and had to withdraw additional money with the union credit card?

”Didn’t I mention the six-hour lunches every Thursday before Labor Council?

”Knowing what you know, if you think Williamson should be the next federal president of the ALP then do nothing. But, I think it’s about time this bloke was taught what it is to care for union members. Why isn’t there a standard of practice for these guys?

”You have the power to do something about this, why don’t you?”

Mr Robertson replied that he didn’t recall their earlier conversation and said Mr O’Toole should ”take the matter up with the party’s national office”.

Makes you wonder what union corruption the Labour Party here know about but have done nothing about. Like the Meatworkers Union hiding $4m of union dues?

Skips not Wogs

Australia is truly a different world:

LABOR powerbrokers chose?Nathan Rees?as premier because there were too many ”wogs” in cabinet, according to the first insider’s account of the last years of the former NSW government.

In his political memoir,?The Fog on the Hill, the former senior minister Frank Sartor recalls being told in 2008 by the then NSW ALP general secretary, Karl Bitar, that the party favoured Mr Rees to take over from?Morris Iemma, who was struggling in the polls.

”I canvassed at some lengths the reasons why I thought Rees was unsuitable. Bitar countered with his reasoning that the cabinet was too ‘on the nose’ and that there were too many ‘wogs’,” writes Mr Sartor. In cabinet alongside Mr Iemma and Mr Sartor were?Joe Tripodi, Michael Costa,?John Della Bosca?and John Hatzistergos.

”Rees, he said, was a break from that – an Aussie Westie. What a way to choose a premier! Imagine if BHP chose their CEO using focus groups? What a bunch of superficial fools, I thought.”