John Dragicevich

Does Len Brown even know what happens in his Council?

The Auckland Council is having to pay out over $300,000 for the actions of a bullying senior manager. Quite apart from the fact that the bully should be coughing out of his own pocket, after all it was he who did the bullying not the ratepayer, you have to wonder of Len Brown has actually got even a single clue as to what is going on inside his council.

A spokeswoman for Mayor Len Brown said the mayoral office was unaware of the matter and would not comment on employment matters.


Doesn’t Len Brown have a “no surprises” agreement with his Chief Executive?

Council chief executive Doug McKay said the matter was an employment issue that was subject to an investigation and had been resolved.

Mr McKay declined to comment on the payments to the two whistleblowers who resigned, and on other issues raised by the Weekend Herald.

I would have though that over $300,000 in payouts was a fucking big surprise, further I would hazard a guess that those amounts are way above normal sign of authority by the Chief Executive.