John Drinnan

When vigilante Witch-Hunters cross the line

By Jock Anderson

On-line vigilante witch-hunting dredged a new low this month when so-called ?pop culture? website The Spinoff named a man accused of historic sexual harassment but who had not been charged.

The man immediately lost his job as a radio station host and in followup stories was named in the mainstream media, which also reported that the police wanted anyone with valuable information to come forward.

The man was forced to issue a statement in which he said the allegations published by The Spinoff were ? among other things ? untrue, defamatory, horrible, stressful and distressing for himself and his family.

Spinoff television editor, and former film projectionist, Alex Casey and Duncan Grieve, a New Zealand Herald television reviewer and publisher of The Spinoff, put together a series of sexual allegations made by numerous women.

The women claimed the behaviour happened primarily when they were under age.

The Spinoff named the man throughout the story but changed all the women?s names to protect their identities. How noble to take such moral high ground?

Why name him but not them?

Regardless of whether the story contained any corroborating or independent evidence to support the women?s allegations ? which it didn?t – those responsible took it on themselves to be policemen, prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner. ? Read more »

How on earth does John Drinnan manage to keep his job?

During the Dirty Politics attack John Drinnan liked to ring up my friends’ bosses or customers and ask if they still employed them or supported them.

A campaign was run, mainly by media against my advertisers and any paying job I had, to shut me down. Mostly those journalists were employed by the NZ Herald.

I’ve often said that John Drinnan interviews his keyboard and is more often wrong than right. In the recent shuffling of the deck chairs at the NZ Herald, John Drinnan ?moved from being an employee to a contractor.

Unfortunately, his work ethics haven’t improved and on Friday he no doubt caused deep concern at the NZ Herald because they have had to issue an apology and a retraction for his column. ?? Read more »

Be still, my beating heart

Scout has revealed that the axe is swinging at a newspaper.

A huge shake-up is under way at the New Zealand Herald with several high-profile names facing redundancy, SCOUT has learned.

On Wednesday, staff at NZME ? owners of the Herald – were invited to attend a company presentation announcing expansion plans to integrate its print, digital and radio news teams in a 24/7 operation. Lunch was served and staff were feeling positive. ?? Read more »

John Drinnan caught making stuff up again

Following on from my earlier post about media and social media, one particularly stupid and fixated media person who uses Twitter to stalk and harass people all the while pretending it is his job to try to hound people out of jobs in the pursuit of a story is John Drinnan.

He has often been caught making up stories and not just getting basic facts misunderstood but just plain wrong. How he maintains his comfortable sinecure at the newspaper is beyond me.

He is the laughing stock of most people in the media…usually called the disparaging “Silly Old John Drinnan”.

When the final four flags were released he tweeted:

Drinnan Read more »

“Just John Drinnan interviewing his typewriter again”

Throng has lifted this pertinent bit of commentary from the Paul Henry show.

It’s getting tiring really. ?The NZ Herald are running their attack lines on anyone they don’t like. ?But they do it so clumsily. ?It’s little more than immaturity. Read more »

Spark and Whaleoil are now seeing each other behind Tiso and Manhire’s backs

by Pete


Nothing useful came from it other than the Twitter terrorist seeing clearly that another corporate will bend to their pressure. ? We still have the phones. ?We still use Spark. ?Spark still deals with us. ?Good heavens, Spark is between a rock and a hard place. ?If they dump us, we will go feral. ?If they dump on the terrorists, they will go feral. ?It’s ridiculous. Read more »

Dirty Media Herald editorial carries on Jihad against Key despite their own poll results

If you ever needed proof that the NZ Herald is out of touch with mainstream New Zealand voters there is their editorial today which sanctimoniously warns John Key about margin of error movements in their own poll.

The result of our poll today could suggest voters will forgive any foolish behaviour from this Prime Minister. If the man himself reads the results that way he would be foolish indeed. The fact that his support from polled voters is undiminished by the disclosure of his penchant for pulling a young woman’s ponytail may have something to do with his response. Wisely, he soon dropped the excuse that it was mere “horseplay” in his local coffee bar – some sort of standing joke enjoyed by all except the poor waitress – and admitted he had been plain stupid.

Persistently stupid. He would be wise to continue chastising himself whenever the subject is raised on his return from overseas. If supporters make light of it around him, he should not for a moment join in. It was not funny, and not just another of the fun-loving political risks he has taken over the years. Some of those were charming, some cringe-worthy, none previously involved an unwanted physical contact.

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John Drinnan was wrong but continues to dance on the head of a pin pretending he was right

John Drinnan is more often wrong than right. He likes to interview his keyboard and claim high ethical standards even when he seeks to hound people out of jobs for nothing more than differing from him in their political outlook.

When he gets things wrong does he apologise?

A source said another option canvassed was the notion of a show in the style of?Jono and Ben, or Hard Copy. In this column last week – based on a conversation that looked at the review of Campbell Live, I mistakenly attributed this idea to a TV3 document.

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Drinnan joins Fisher on the making stuff up naughty bench at the Herald

We all know David Fisher makes stuff up, he got slammed as did his editor Shayne Currie, by the Press Council for making stuff up over a Customs story.

John Drinnan is another who makes stuff up, often interviewing his keyboard and yesterday he got his chops busted.

So egregious were his “fabrications” yesterday that MediaWorks issued a very strongly worded press release.

Their spokeswoman, Rachel Lorimer said:

CLARIFICATION ? Jono and Ben and Campbell Live

There is on-going speculation that the Jono and Ben show is being considered as a possible replacement for Campbell Live.? This seems to be based on a fabrication by the Herald and has unfairly led to significant negativity towards Jono Pryor, Ben Boyce and the rest of the Jono and Ben team.

For the avoidance of doubt, MediaWorks Corporate Counsel, Alex Nicholson makes the following statement:

“The statement in John Drinnan?s articles in relation to the Jono and Ben show, which is attributed to ?TV3 bosses?, is a complete fabrication and is not based on fact. Jono and Ben has?never?once been mentioned in any MediaWorksmanagement forum, discussion or document as a possible replacement for Campbell Live.??

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And the Herald pays this guy?

John dreary Drinnan really has a bee in his bonnet about the Food Grocery Council.

Drinnan tweet

After interviewing his keyboard?on Tuesday as a result of being missed off the list of recipients of an Easter gift basket by FGC, he got all outraged and desperately tried to find someone as upset about it as he was.

So bitter and twisted the old fool was, he dug out another old bitter and twisted fool, my good friend Doug Sellman to moan about it.

So in this morning?s Herald dreary Drinnan wheels out Sellman who is ?aghast at the PR initiative?. ? Read more »