John Oakes

Stranded Orca saved by fishermen

It isn’t often you see a stranded Orca…though the left-wing keep hoping and praying.

In late September three commercial shrimp fishermen near Ketchikan, Alaska came to the aid of a killer whale stranded on a shallow, rocky inlet. A video posted on YouTube last week shows the men calmly petting a large female orca and pouring water over its body, waiting for the rising tide to help them return it to the water.

Jason Vonick told?ABC news?that he and his partners,?Nick Segal and John Oakes,?were preparing for the start of their fishing season when they saw several killer whales hunting seals near a rocky inlet. When one of the orcas got stuck on some rocks, the men anchored their fishing vessel and ventured closer in a smaller, 15-foot boat to see if they could help, but the orca’s mass and low tide was working against them. ? Read more »