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Reader calls Whaleoil out over Colin Craig’s 2000 postal ballots

Yesterday we covered the Conservative party’s drama with respect to picking a leader. ?I suggested that the party may not at all have given up on Colin Craig yet. ?As reported in the NZ Herald, Colin claims he sent out a postal ballot to all Conservative party members, and the response was about 75% in favour. ?My point was that Colin Craig is clearly still an option for the party to consider.

Whaleoil reader ‘dab’ thinks I draw a long bow

…the original article in which Mr Craig disclosed that 75% of 2,000 responses were supportive of him, was dated July 2015 – so is hopelessly out of date. I struggle to believe such levels of support remain, even among the perpetually faithful.

That’s a fair point. ?And in the absence of another postal ballot of the membership, or a resolution by the party board, it is getting stale. ?But it’s the best quality information that the Conservative party is operating under.

In fact, if it wasn’t for the fact that the 2000 ballots have turned up somewhere else, I would have agreed with ‘dab’. ?Just a few days ago, the Judicial Decisions Online web site published a decision in the High Court between Craig v Stringer.

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Colin Craig loses email trawling bid

Colin Craig has been taking diabolical liberties in his various court cases, but one in particular should send a shiver down the spine of anyone involved in politics.

His bid to silence three people who told the truth about him had a turn for the worse for him with the court rejecting his attempt to go trawling through emails after he tried to execute third-party discovery on Vodafone.

An application by former Conservative Party leader Colin Craig to have Vodafone New Zealand release correspondence between former Conservative Party Board members has been rejected by a court.

Colin Craig made the application in March as part of an ongoing discovery process in one of a string of defamation cases.

In this particular case he’s suing former Conservative Party board member John Stringer for defamation after the party fell to pieces during the Dirty Politics saga. ?? Read more »

No need for natural justice


The Party that Stands for Something elected a Board using a process where they trespassed Mr Stringer and his wife for simply being present, even though as a member he had every right to attend the AGM. So now they’re trying to eject him using a letter which was born from a meeting between people who aren’t formally recognised as the party’s board in the eyes of the Electoral Commission. Read more »

Season’s Greetings from the Conservative Party

craig-defamationSeasons Greetings [member],

Even the Conservative Party doesn’t dare call it Christmas

It has been an ?eventful? year for the Conservative Party of New Zealand, a year of mystery, intrigue and a whole lot of disruption.

The media may have announced the death of the Conservative Party, but this is not so. There is a new team at the helm, a new leader to be found, new policies to confront and an ever increasing need for a Conservative voice in Parliament. It is exciting to see some Conservative policies being adopted by the current Government, like binding referenda. Now we just need it applied to significant decisions!

The?government hasn’t adopted binding referenda, and actually, the media have not declared the Conservative Party dead. ?It’s those other pesky people: the voters! ? Read more »

Uh oh: Mr Craig not cowed by Granny’s response

Just to keep an eye on proceedings, this is what Granny received from Colin Craig

From: Colin Craig <[email protected]>
To: [redacted]
Cc: ‘Helen Craig’ <[email protected]>; ‘Steve Plummer’ <[email protected]>
Sent: Thursday, 19 November 2015 10:42 AM

Good Morning [name redacted].

Thank you for responding.

Just to be clear:
1. We do hold evidence that you have been corresponding with Mr Stringer.
2. The allegations have not been taken off the coNZervative blog.
3. I have explained the context in which the allegations are being made public.
4. I have also explained the allegations are now part of legal proceedings that will be covered by media.

Also to be clear we do indeed hold evidence that you have made these statements (and others) and I appreciate the honesty in your response below, in that you have not denied making them. Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: “Grandma” strikes back. Your move, Mr Craig

If you didn’t catch last night’s article where Colin Craig sent a rather impressive letter to someone, you’ll need to catch up first. ? Then come back and read this.

Whaleoil has obtained “Grandma”‘s reply to Mr Craig’s letter.

19 November 2015

Mr Craig

Re your email of 18 November 2015.

LEAVE ME ALONE! I consider your post-litigation email between us, which decided in my favour, a re-opening of matters already decided by the court and you harassing me because you did not like that result. This appears to be the case, from your reference too!

“You will recall that you previously made allegations of fraud (or theft) at the ERA hearing between us and you were required to retract these allegations at the hearing after we had independent auditors show you were wrong.” You are silly re-litigating the Court’s decision which was in my favour

I would suggest that you do not contact me in any way, not by phone, txt, email or visit me. In failing this I will have no alternative but to go to the Police. You are therefore on notice from today, being 19 November 2015. Read more »

Do you think Colin Craig can’t sink any lower? Think again

This is a letter he just sent to a former employee who is now a grandma and a quilter.

Good Afternoon [name redacted]

We are aware that you have in recent months been corresponding with Mr John Stringer. In the correspondence you have made a number of defamatory statements. Here are two examples of statements you have made:

“We” are aware? ? That Colin and Mr X? ? Or Colin and Interviewer? ?Or both Colins, from the poem “Two of me”? ? It’s hard to keep track.

1. ?The Conservative Party was funded with stolen money, thousands and thousands every month.?

How exactly is private correspondence with anyone defamatory? ? Well, I’m not a lawyer, but perhaps it is. ?I suspect the damages that flow from a one on one conversation are rather limited, especially from a retired ex-employee.

2. ?You are quite correct in your descriptions [John Stringer’s] of Mr Craig?s behaviour in dealing with people who oppose him in any way. His fraudulent activities chiefly rely on blackmail and his other tactics are to discredit, isolate and threaten any opposition?

So that’s a statement Grandma made to Stringer in a private convsersation, and this Mr Craig also considers defamatory. ? Read more »

Media Party ratify latest Conservative Party as genuine

The Conservative Party could be on the road to recovery.

It elected a new board at the weekend, the first positive move since the party collapsed earlier this year following the controversial resignation of leader Colin Craig.

The brief annual general meeting held on Saturday wasn’t without drama, however.

Mr Craig’s erstwhile colleague and now bitter foe John Stringer tried to get in but was turned away.

Police were called and defused the situation.

Mr Stringer says he and his wife were evicted.

“Mrs Stringer was shoved from the room by Craig’s staff.”

He has previously claimed the meeting was organised by Mr Craig’s supporters and employees.

The meeting elected a board and an interim chairman, Leighton Baker.

“The new board was democratically elected,” Mr Baker said after the meeting.

“Colin Craig stepped down from the leadership on June 19 and is not involved in the new board.”

Under the party’s constitution, the board elects the leader.

It hasn’t reached that point yet, but Mr Stringer believes Mr Craig will be asked to again lead the party.

It’s kind of remarkable (it isn’t?) that the media are folding. ? Well, I know it’s boring. ?It’s been boring from the beginning. ?It’s only the sheer level of banality that’s made it worth following.

On what basis did Stringer get trespassed? ? Read more »

Face of the day UPDATED

John Stringer, board member of the Conservative Party

John Stringer former board member of the Conservative Party

Todays face of the day is John?Stringer who?says he is considering standing for the leadership of the Conservative Party.

UPDATE:?Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 10.30.25 am

BREAKING: “Progress report” on Conservative AGM in Auckland this morning

Colin Craig has not turned up but has left the Colonites in charge with a Trespass notice blocking John Stringer from attending. ? Not entirely sure you can enforce a trespass notice on someone else’s property, but after a two hour stand-off, including police having a say, John Stringer has withdrawn and the “AGM” has started.

More as it develops.


A newpaper reports also? Read more »