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Shane Jones valedictory

If you think that Labour won’t miss Shane Jones, then watch this speech.

Makes you wonder why it was that Labour got UMR to poll about Shane Jones’ legacy.

TVNZ reports:

One of Parliament’s more colourful characters, Labour’s Shane Jones, has delivered his final speech in the House.
Mr Jones summed up his nine years in Parliament in a valedictory speech laced with humour as he steered away from attacks on opponents.

“Please release me, let me go,” he sang to the House this evening.

It’s out with the old and in with the new, as Shane Jones’ protege, Kelvin Davis, is now his replacement on the Labour list.

“[That] the people who should come to see me at my valedictory is Willie Jackson, John Tamihere, Mr Prebble, Mr Douglas, Ron Mark, is a comment on perhaps the nature of my politics as a member of this side of the House,” Mr Jones said. ?? Read more »

It’s all on in Labour, Tamihere comes out in support of Taurima

Labour’s factional fighting has broken out again, in public with John Tamihere going in to bat for Shane Taurima.

A former Labour MP for Tamaki Makaurau has accused the Labour Party president of abusing her power over the Shane Taurima case. It follows a request from the Tamaki Makaurau electorate committee for a review of the Labour national council decision not to let Mr Taurima stand.

John Tamihere told?Morning Report?that independent sources have confirmed party president Moira Coatsworth met with another broadcaster, Julian Wilcox.

“It’s OK for a president to shoulder tap a high profile candidate or nominee like a Wilcox, but where it goes a bit awry is when you use your authority and power to then skew the scrum completely by taking out a major adversary on the pretext of an error of judgement in his employment” he said.

Mr Tamihere went on to say he believed Mr Taurima had good grounds for a judicial review of the Labour Council decision.

In a statement, the electorate committee said it was disappointed with the decision, and wanted Labour’s council to review it. It said it continued to support Mr Taurima as a candidate and would be seeking further advice.

The decision was made after Mr Taurima was found to have used Television New Zealand resources for Labour Party campaigning.

A senior member on the electorate committee Shane Te Pou said there was a lot of hurt stemming from the decision to veto Mr Taurima’s candidacy.

He told?Morning Report?there there was lot of ill feeling on the electorate committee and a lot of patch-up work needed to be done. Mr Te Pou said it was time to move on and it was highly likely nominations for the seat would reopen.

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The carnage and fallout continues

The left is in disarray as Shane Jones edges towards the exit door. There is still a month of this while Jones still sits in parliament and there isn’t a thing Labour can do as commentators and journalists pick through the entrails of an eviscerated Labour party.

Michael Fox reports:

Shane Jone’s controversial departure has exposed divisions in the Labour Party, with opinion split on his qualities as an MP and the impact it will have on election prospects.

Supporters say he broadened Labour’s appeal while critics say he was overrated and the party is better off without him.

Left-wing political scientist and commentator Dr Bryce Edwards said the split has been apparent in the wave of commentary in mainstream and social media since the news broke.

“You’ve got a lot of people debating about whether he was a plus or a minus for Labour, whether he was a working class hero for Labour and whether he attracted that so-called blue collar vote, and whether he was a misogynist.”

Edwards labelled it an “identity politics dispute”.

“People are really talking about what Labour stands for and with Jones going does that mean that Labour has more or less ability to speak to so-called middle New Zealand and to traditional Labour voters? And there doesn’t seem to be any strong consensus on that.”

Former Labour MP John Tamihere said Jones represented a Labour constituency that was increasingly being sidelined as interest groups gained greater control.

“The real debate isn’t about Shane Jones, it’s about certain sector groups in Labour having far too much say in advance, well in advance of their constituencies in the street.”

The party was becoming dominated by “liberal academic elites” more focused on social engineering issues such as the so-called anti-smacking law than issues such as creating jobs which had a broader voter appeal, he said.

Jones had “cut through” on the latter, earning support for his campaign against the Countdown supermarket chain, where his accusations of bullying of suppliers led to a Commerce Commission inquiry, as well as his pro-development stance. Tamihere said he reached out to voters turned off by factional politics.

Former Labour candidate Josie Pagani agreed, saying those in the party who had rejoiced in Jones leaving “are guilty of sectarianism at its worst”.

The division in the party was between those focused on social mobility and those focused on social engineering – “we’ll make you better off versus we’ll make you a better person,” she said.

The Labour Party was there to support wage earners and promote better jobs and higher wages “and that’s the thing that unites everybody”.

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JT to sue Mediaworks, slams the sisterhood

John Tamihere is going to sue Mediaworks over his dumping from Radio Live.

NBR reports:

Former RadioLive host John Tamihere says he will sue MediaWorks over his departure.

Mr Tamihere and co-host Willie Jackson werestood down?last month after a controversial interview with a girl who phoned saying she was a friend of a victim of the Roast Busters. ? Read more »


Alasdair Thompson said some incorrect things, and rightly lost his job and his career.

Alasdair Thompson

Alasdair Thompson

Paul Henry used the correct name and pronunciation of an Indian woman, leftists howled with outrage, unions protested outside TVNZ and he had to quit and leave the country.


Paul Henry

Aaron Gilmore got drunk and abused a waiter, he was hounded from office by baying media, ending his political career.

Aaron Gilmore

Aaron Gilmore

Willie and JT said some dumb things and were hounded off air, costing JT his job.


Willie Jackson and John Tamihere

Len Brown fucks someone on the Council table, takes undeclared freebies, fails to comply with the code of conduct, lies about lots, has form in lax fiscal controls with his spending, and will ?endeavour to do everything he can to follow those through on your behalf?.

Len Brown

That?s fair, right?

The mayor is laughing stock and a disgrace. He should go.

Fran O’Sullivan on Brown’s bullying and corporate governence

Fran O’Sullivan doesn’t mince words when talking about and dissecting the recent actions of Auckland’s power mad mayor.

Her article is on the NZ Herald website.

There is a suspicion that the mayor’s office is now charging ahead with too many initiatives simply to take the heat off [Len] Brown on other fronts. The manner in which Len Brown deploys his considerable powers as Mayor of Auckland deserves greater scrutiny by elected members of the Auckland Council.

Formally the Mayor of Auckland is legislatively tasked with promoting and leading a vision for Auckland, as well as leading the development of council plans, policies and budgets.

Brown occupies one of the most powerful positions in New Zealand. It is a position which clearly vests a great deal of trust in any incumbent – far too much, in my view – allowing them to push through too many personal policy platforms without requiring them to be appropriately put to the test other than support from councillors.

In Brown’s case, the most recent example was his advocacy for a living wage policy which he managed to get through the council’s budget committee, with help from a couple of Independent Maori Statutory Board members (including John Tamihere), to give him the requisite majority of 11 to nine in a vote.

A substantial policy initiative – like a living wage – should be debated thoroughly on the basis of full background papers on its implications for the broader council finances.? Read more »

Willie and JT off air until next year at least


At 12:10 today Radio Live announced via a statement from Willie Jackson and John Tamihere that they will be off air at least until the new year as they speak with management about the implications of their shows last week.

They made an apology to listeners, advertisers, and staff at Radio Live.

They stated they do not condone rape or rape culture.

In the end though they are off air for the rest of the year.

A reader emails about the attention span of the media

A reader emails me about the state of the media and their attention span of a gnat.

I’ve noticed today that yet again the media has managed to get itself off-topic and be distracted by a side show event that is secondary to the main news event.

Back last month we had the Len Brown dodgy sex-gate and within a week the mainstream media had been distracted off topic by a PR spun side show conspiracy that Whale Oil and John Palino had orchestrated a hit job on Len. Sniff. Poor Len.

The real story was Len’s very dodgy behaviour in office. Like references for the girl he was nobbing, using his Council paid PR guys to work him out of trouble and rooting in the office and hallowed rooms of town hall.

Now we have these complete idiots calling themselves Roast Busters (what does that mean anyway?) who have essentially raped a pile of girls under age and bragged about it online. That and the lack of police action is the news. ? Read more »

Tough guys prey on 13yo girls then run like cowards when things get hard

These “Roastbusters” turkey are a bunch of blouses…the brag about raping and stupefying 13 year old girls…then do a runner when things get a bit heated.

The Herald on Sunday reports:

“Roast Buster” Joseph Parker has skipped town after threats and abuse were shouted at his family home.

The?Herald on Sunday?has spoken to his family through an intermediary, who defended Parker’s actions despite video on Facebook showing him and his friend boasting about sex with young, drunk girls.

His family is adamant he did the right thing and fronted up to police on realising the sex had gone too far.

The turning point was an encounter with a 13-year-old girl, who alleged three boys had group sex with her. But when she protested, Parker had pulled another boy off her, saying they had gone too far.

The girl had told her family and laid a police complaint. The girl’s older brother had gone to the Parker residence in West Auckland to confront him, but Parker was away.

On Parker’s return home, a family friend says, Parker’s stepfather had taken Parker to Henderson Police Station to make a formal statement about the encounter with the girl. ? Read more »

Guest Post – Rex Widerstrom on the Jackson/Tamihere debacle.

Rex Widerstrom

Rex Widerstrom

As someone who?s sat in a talkback studio, waiting for the lights to blink to indicate a caller wants to fill a few minutes with something other than my increasingly desperate blathering, I know exactly what it?s like to be Willie Jackson or John Tamihere. They, at least, have one another to talk to if those lights steadfastly refuse to illuminate. When you?re in the studio on your own, the phrase ?dead air? seems palpably real. You stare at the microphone that stares back, sightlessly accusing you of not being interesting enough to provoke Fred in Takapuna to press a few digits on his phone rather than jump online and comment on that damned upstart Slater?s blog.

You?re constantly walking a fine line between stirring up the audience sufficiently to get prompt them to call, and not making an ass of yourself by saying something clearly calculated just to cause outrage, though increasingly ? and especially on Radio Live ? the latter tactic seems to be not just accepted but encouraged. How else to explain hour after hour, day after day, of Michael Laws? entirely predictable and by now well canvassed opinions that the poor, the infirm, the mentally fragile and of course ?fat brown slugs? are responsible for any plight in which they may find themselves?

Anyway, back to ?Willie and JT?, as they seem to want to be known. I don?t believe their now infamous interview with the victim of ?Roast Busters? was a premeditated attempt at attracting attention to their show ? though goodness knows they and everyone else could do with some, as their lacklustre ratings clearly illustrate ? which only makes what transpired worse. ? Read more »