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This is the nastiest election ever, will the left wing leaders speak against it?

Anti-semitic vandalism in Mt Albert

Anti-semitic vandalism in Mt Albert

I have been involved in New Zealand elections right back as far as 1981.

I have had some input into all of those elections from a grassroots level, to back room operations to media.

Back in 1981, 84, 87, and 90 I was largely involved around the Eden electorate, one of the most politically active electorates in the country.

Elections were hard fought. I learned my heckling skills in the halls of Eden electorate and copped a fair few hidings with union thugs outside afterwards.

I was well versed in the the real rough and tumble of elections.

Back then though sign graffiti was one of two things…it was either humorous or it was just wanton vandalism. At one stage in 1984 signs were going up along Gillies Avenue and other arterial routes that were nailed to the wooden lamp posts and power poles that were on ply with a simple black and white text sign of a3 size that said simply “Good Night Aussie”…a play on the then take off of ‘The Waltons‘  on ‘McPhail & Gadsby‘.

We went around in teams with glue and paper changes so over night the signs were changed to “Good Luck Aussie”. We fought a long running battle over those signs but it was always in good humour.

In all my years of political campaigning though I have never seen the filth that is being spewed forth on signs now.   Read more »

Has Scott Simpson been to Dunedin?

My good friend Scott Simpson, my longest standing friend in caucus, appears to have shared his dark arts skills with Michael Woodhouse.


National MP Michael Woodhouse slams the defacing of electoral billboards as “a thuggish and ignorant act of vandalism”, as opponents boast online about other signs to tag.  Read more »

Pete George, your help is not wanted


via Facebook

via Facebook

Pete George isn’t at all keen about the Government’s latest GCSB ideas and wants to “Help stop the GSCB bill”.  Hey, it’s a free country.

Isn’t it?

When the ‘Stop the GCSB Bill’ campaign started I was interested in being involved. It was promoted on The Daily Blog by Mana Party adviser Martyn Bradbury and I asked him “What groups make up the ‘coalition’”? I was interested to know who was involved. That comment wasn’t passed by moderation.

Come on Pete.  Are you still not dry behind your ears?

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Green vandal turns up again, bleating as usual

Look who has turned up in another poorly researched piece from David Fisher…Jolyon White, the green vandal who attacks national’s signs and remains uncharged by police despite admitting doing it, one of more than 32 Electoral Act offences during the 2011 campaign referred to Police that have never been actioned.

He learned his sanctimony well too…now he is outraged that his groups can’t access charity donations from pokie machines because they have lobbied and criticised pokies.

The biggest pokie charity in the country is rejecting funding applications from Anglican-linked organisations because a branch of the church spoke out against gaming machines.

The edict by Pub Charity – which pulls in $74 million from pokies – emerged in a rejection letter to an application by the Christchurch Cathedral.

The cathedral was seeking $235,000 for its rebuild but was told “the Anglican Church has indicated its opposition to gaming funds” and funding was refused.

The Anglican Church is led by the General Synod which allows freedom to linked organisations to make their own decisions on many ethical areas – including applying for gaming funding.

But Pub Charity chief executive Martin Cheer said a submission by an Anglican body seeking pokie reform was a factor. He then wrote to the Anglican leadership group demanding it take a position nationally on the issue.

He said the refusal to do so – while still making applications – highlighted the church’s hypocrisy and leadership failures. “You can’t have it both ways. You can’t actively campaign to get rid of something then apply for money from it.”  Read more »

Random Impertinents for Russel

Since he seems so keen on having the police seize emails perhaps they might like to ask Russel Norman to provide emails between the Green party and Jolyon White.

That crime remains un-charged, un-investigated…perhaps a sift through their emails might be useful to help the investigation.

There are still more than 30 electoral crimes before the Police and as yet not a single person charged.  Read more »


You would think Churches should stay out of politics. The Anglicans just don’t seem to be able to. Perhaps the Charities Commission can pull their charitable status too.

But why do Anglicans hate mining?

There’s this guy….still uncharged, and god knows what has happened with the Police investigation into his vandalism amongst other Electoral Act breaches.

And now there’s this guy

Arch Deacon Dr Anthony Dancer, Social Justice Commissioner for the Anglican Church, says “At its core, global climate change is not about economic theory or political platforms. It is about our human stewardship of God’s creation and our responsibility to those who come after us. It is, literally, all about our grandchildren…. True stewardship requires changes in human actions—both in moral behaviour and technical advancement. A renewed sense of restraint could make an essential contribution to addressing global climate change”.

“Digging up Lignite and burning it is an intergenerational crime”, said Rosemary Penwarden of Coal Action Network Aotearoa. This builds on NASA scientist James Hansen’s statement when he visited Aotearoa in 2011, that “adaption to climate change is mandatory and mitigation is critical”.

Perhaps the church might like to concern itself with saving souls rather than meddling in politics.

Oh come on!

The partner of the Green vandal who orchestrated and coordinated the vandalism of more than 700 National party signs has been cleared to go back to work in the Greens parliamentary office.

The partner of a man responsible for organising vandalism of National Party hoardings during the election campaign has been cleared to return to work for the Green Party.

Anne Heins, executive assistant to Greens co-leader Russel Norman, was last month stood down from her job after it was revealed her partner, Jolyon White, had led a systematic campaign to deface 700 National billboards.

White immediately gave up his Green Party membership when the incident emerged and Green co-leader Russel Norman said there would be an investigation in to any involvement by Heins.

Today, the party said Heins had been investigated by Parliamentary Services, which had decided no disciplinary action was needed. Heins had returned to work as Norman’s EA after two and a half weeks of leave with pay.

“The details of the investigation are an employment issue and as such will not be discussed further,” the party said in a statement.

Parliamentary Services has shown itself to be a toothless bunch of numpties yet again. Classic Sgt. Schultz behaviour going on here.

So who was that woman on he back of the motorbike in Christchurch then?

Oh really?

Green vandal Jolyon White reckons he wasn’t actively involved in the attack on National’s billboards:

White, who did not personally take part in Sunday’s raids, said the stunt had cost $500, which he paid himself.

Really? Then perhaps he would like to explain who was riding his motorbike on Sunday night when it was chased by someone who saw the vandalism and who subsequently sent the details to my tipline?

Is he regularly in the habit of lending out his motorbike to someone, who takes pillion passengers on night time vandalism sprees around Christchurch?

He may as well tell because it is likely the Police will be asking the same questions.

Vernon Small on the Green’s problem

Vernon Small has grasped the nub of the Green’s problem:

How embarrassing. That right under Russel Norman’s nose the partner of his executive assistant was organising a campaign to put stickers on National billboards up and down the country.

Norman has said he was disappointed that his EA did not tell him, though she had known for a couple of months, and that is bad enough.

But for a party that has painted itself as whiter than white it is completely at odds with its image as the clean party in the campaign; a party that does politics but does not play politics and steers away from dirty tricks.

OK, the ring leader Jolyon White was a Green member, but not an activist, and was working through his networks, not Green party ones, according to Norman.

But it is a dollar to a muesli bar that other Green members will have been involved.

The Shield of Sanctimony will not Protect the Greens

Russel Norman’s admission that the Greens are responsible the shabby tactic of stickering National’s hoardings should pierce the shield of sanctimony that the Greens hide behind.

Earlier today I accused green supporters of being behind this and I also published motorbike number plates. Those plates came from eyewitnesses in Christchurch and were forwarded to me via the tipline. I also now know, again from Christchurch based tipsters, the identities of the owners. One is a well know Green activist and spokeman for the Anglican Church, Jolyon White who is also the husband of Russel Norman’s EA.

[blackbirdpie id=”136198112875266049″]

The Greens hold themselves up as morally virtuous, yet have been shown to be as shabby and as shoddy as every other political party in New Zealand. No one would mind much if they weren’t such a bunch of holier than thou, unctuous, sanctimonious pricks.

I correctly identified the sticker tactic on October 14th when a tipster gave the tipline details of quotes being sought for large numbers of hoardings.

This kind of stupid campaign tactic might appeal to the tribal, intellectually incestuous group thinking hard left/green group, but it doesn’t sit well in the eyes of the average voter. The Greens have made a major strategic error in the campaign that they were doing so well in, and I expect they will lose votes.

I believe the Greens deliberately defacing National’s hoardings on a massive scale has the potential to have the same impact as the Brethren did on National’s campaign in 2005.

Remember too that the Greens are fervent supporters of MMP. They sanctimoniously tell us how fair it all is and yet behind the scenes they are quite willing to pull every dirty trick in the book in order to screw the scrum their way.