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Andrew Little almost calls PM a liar over Sabin, but actually lacks the stones to do it

Andrew Little has been on Radio Live this morning all but calling Prime Minister John Key a liar.

He says he knows stuff…and as a result the PM is lying. But he lacked the courage to actually say it, even when pressed by Mark Sainsbury.

It seems he is going to use the media to continue the focus on what John Key knew when.

The reason they are hammering this in the media is come next week they will be unable to ask any questions on this in parliament….for a number of reasons, but the main one being it is in reality a party matter and not a ministerial matter.

But since this is a party matter and Andrew Little is focussing what someone knew when, then perhaps he might like to answer some questions about what he knew when as well.

Let’s start with the Darren Hughes affair that Phil Goff keep very quiet for three weeks until Jonathan Marshall few down from Auckland and turned the beltway inside out by doing what no gallery journalist had the courage to do.

Mr Little was the president of Labour at that time.   Read more »

Jonathan Marshall runs one up the SMH

Jonathan Marshall has taken the Sydney Morning Herald to the Australian Press Council and won.

It’s a bit like the “I bet he was registered” posts I run about registered teachers. The SMH along with many other in the media always shield themselves with the “we’re a member of the press council” argument.

Congratulations, f*ckwits…that makes it all ok then. Actually no it doesn’t, as the SMH has just found out.

The Press Council has considered a complaint about an article headed, “Maverick who likes to bend the rules” in The Sydney Morning Herald on 2 October 2012. The article focused on some of the activities of Jonathan Marshall while he was living in New Zealand before becoming a journalist with a Sydney newspaper. Mr Marshall had recently reported controversial remarks made by a well-known speaker to a dinner arranged by a political club at a Sydney university. His report had led to wide media coverage of the issue and of his conduct in attending the dinner and recording the speech.

Mr Marshall complained that the article inaccurately said that while in New Zealand he had approached a university student and “asked him to lie to university officials in order to gain private information about a fellow student”. He also said the article’s claim that his “journalistic exposes back home were occasionally unbalanced by a sort of manufactured tabloid trashiness” unfairly suggested he had built a career on made-up stories. He complained that he was given no opportunity to comment before the article was published.

I wouldn’t rush at throwing Marshall under the bus just yet

I see all the usual suspects are lining up to have a larrup at Jonathan Marshall again. Word has it that Russell Brown is itching to run one up him, hard.

Brian Edwards has jumped all over this again, like he did on the Mark and Amanda Hotchin stitch up. Back then he may well have been right.

You may recall that the Sunday Star Times responded to my challenge to them to produce either a recording of Marshall’s ‘interview’ with Mrs Hotchin or his written notes of their ‘conversation’ by sending me a menacing lawyer’s letter requiring me to cease and desist or face the consequences. I published the letter on this site.

So just what has Marshall to do with the Barker family? Well Marshall is currently ‘Investigations Editor’ for the News Limited Network in Australia. I’ll let Jonathan Holmes,  host of the ABC’s excellent Media Watch, tell the story.

Seems Mr Marshall’s journalistic ethics and approach haven’t changed much since he left our fair shores: no point in letting the facts spoil a good story when it’s so easy to change the facts, just a little.  Read more »

Haumurana , Hamurana…hemorrhoids in sub-editing

What’s in a name and a place?

My old mate Jonathan Marshall has copped a subbing bomb from the Herald on Sunday.

Following the alleged attack, Rotorua police investigated and arrested Barker at his father’s seaside Haumurana property. He was charged with common assault. The penalty is a maximum one year imprisonment.  Read more »

Jonathan Marshall Sticking It To Them

Ex tabloid sludge merchant Jonathan Marshall has upset Australians as well as he did in New Zealand.

His latest expose has earned himself a write up:

THE New Zealand-born reporter who caught Alan Jones in the act of grave robbing has a Chaser-like knack of skirting the rules in search of the bigger picture.

Jonathan Marshall’s journalistic exposes back home were occasionally unbalanced by a sort of manufactured tabloid trashiness where facts bleed into fiction.

His secret taping of Jones’s repugnant mutterings to a Sydney University Liberal Club dinner 10 days ago was in keeping with his modus operandi.

I would chortle on my weet-bix however pot, kettle black on Fairfax and the Brisbane Times.

Check out the quality of their news.

Kemeys Very Unsteady At Slowly Sinking Tabloid

If Limp Panting Waisting Editor David Kemeys was not already looking over his shoulder at the poor readership of the SST (Slowly Sinking Tabloid) he should now after ditching Jonathan Marshall.

Marshall left under a cloud after a run in with Kemeys.  Kemeys was lucky at the time also that Cactus Kate did not set OSH on to him when visiting one evening she slipped in heels and fell on the cleaners unmarked wet floor breaking a glass on the table as it smashed into her hand.  This was well before she even had time to be offered cheap Fairfax wine which she never would have touched anyway.  In other words – completely sober.

Kemeys also showed the door to much adored columnist Steve Braunias.  Braunias has since moved on to better things as well.

We hear rumours thick and fast through the tipline that Kemeys may very well be the next out the door due to the paper’s thumping at the hands of HoS, allegations of plagiarism and being a general dickhead.

Kemeys week got worse when Jonathan Marshall, now working in Sydney for News Limited picked up a prestigious Kennedy Award for excellence in NSW journalism.  He did so for “Splash of the Year”.  That is breaking stories.  Something the SST has not achieved in a very long time.  Marshall was also a finalist in two other awards.

Editor of The Sunday Telegraph, Neil Breen, and reporter Jonathan Marshall won the Splash of the Year award for the scoop – which led directly to the Australian Olympic Committee banning athletes from using Stilnox before the London Games.

Marshall is a news hound and story breaker and despite lying about the Hotchin’s and never producing a tape of what Mrs Hotchin was alleged to have said that day in Hawaii, is on the way up in his career, Kemeys is sinking faster than the Titanic.  He should resign now and hand what is left of the shriveled limp dick of a paper over to someone with much larger cojones.


Whaleoil Redux 2011 – Q1

Today is the last day of the year and what a year it has been. The chaos and mayhem I created was:

January 2011 – 151 posts

The new year started with yet another case of celebrity name suppression. Martin Devlin had thrown a tanty and decided to bounce on the bonnet of his missus’ car. With the ensuing media frenzy he eventually outed himself.

I called time on the Royal NZ Ballet:

From the latest available published accounts for the Royal NZ Ballet.

For the 2009 year.

Ministry for Culture and Heritage funding – $3,959,000
Sponsorship and donations – $2,010,000
Box office revenue – $2,631,000
Total Revenue  – $8,600,000

On these figures the Royal NZ Ballet bludges $1.50 for every dollar they raise in ticket sales. That’s right, you and I pay $1.50 for every $1.00 some liberal elite wanker pays to sit and watch ballet.

I interviewed Judith Collins for my Summer Series interviews. I am yet to decide if I will do another Summer series.

I outed the Albany Superette for selling P-Pipes. It subsequently was followed in the MSM days later. I next day I got my first legal threat of the year.

On January 9 I highlighted Sunday Star Times and their dodgy polling company Horizon. They never learned from that post and went on to become completely discredited with their methodology and results. It still didn’t stop Radio Live from featuring them, though I understand that Horizon actually paid Mediaworks to do it.

I drove halfway down the Napier-Taupo highway to meet Garth McVicar for my Summer Series interviews. Followed up a few days later with an interview with Trevor Mallard. I doubt he will do another. While in Wellington I also popped in for coffee with Celia Wade-Brown and talked about her victory in the local body elections.

I started asking questions about Len Brown’s 100 things in 100 days. Len Brown starts to desperately look for things to do in his 100 days. On day 79 Len Brown released 52 things he was going to do.

On January 20 I reminded Len Brown about his promise for a referendum on Maori seats. This was before the Maori Statutory Board blew up in his face:

He made this promise throughout the campaign, but has chickened out of a referendum. On Q&A he was trying to buy himself some wriggle room.

On TVNZ’s Q & A yesterday, Mr Brown said a referendum on creating Maori seats on the council “may well” be possible in the next three years

This blog has reminded him of his promise herehere and here.

Brian Rudman felt obliged to attack Len Brown and his failure of the 100 things in 100 days promise.

I had a beer with Chris Trotter for my Summer Series interviews. I also went to the Unite Union bunker and interviewed Matt McCarten.

I asked whether or not Labour was snooping on your emails. This story develops in later months.

I started my battle with the Teachers unions.

The good people at Kaimata Retreat get suspicious of a lying blonde tart and google Pearl Going. They subsequently contact me and I out her re-emergence as a bullshit artist.

After Phil Goff handed in his man card by dying his hair I started a series of hair do suggestions for him.

 February 2011 – 187 posts

Chris Hipkins kicked off the first SMOG of Labour with porn spam on Facebook profile.

On February 2 John Key said no to Winston Peters and set the election date.

Len Brown finally released his full list of 100 useless things he was going to do inside 100 days.

On the 6th of February Len Brown fell for the classic Michael Bloomberg train sting. Jonathan Marshall and a photographer bust Len Brown and his hypocrisy over riding the rails to work.

The pressure built on Len Brown over his little train ride double standard.

I told Nikki Kaye that she could have a gay Mardis Gras but only if the government or council didn’t pay for it.

Michael Wood announced on 11 February that he wanted to ensure that there were no penis lollies in Botany despite the fact that there were no penis lollies in Botany.

Trevor Mallard uses Red Alert to attack Jami-lee Ross as a “Tory lump of lard” and accuses him of being a “nasty piece of work”.

On February 15 I said that Carmel Sepuloni wouldn’t win in Waitakere.

On 16 February I highlighted for the first time the skulduggery that was going on in Rodney electorate for the National party selection.

It was in February that we had a rash of MSM writing articles completely unrelated to Hanover and Mark Hotchin but tied them in in either headlines or the body of the article.

The Rodney Selection skulduggery continued. At this stage it only involved a local and the electorate chair, it was however to go much deeper than this. I then outed the involvement of a former South African white supremacist in the manipulations in the Rodney selections. It took several posts to tell the story.

Having dealt with the local skulduggery in Rodney it then became apparent that that there was two separate cases of skulduggery going down. The rather inept local incident with Brent Robinson and then the involvement of the regional hierarchy in attempting to stack appointed delegates. The Rodney selection was then postponed. It was to get much worse.

Serious muckraking was then deployed against Mark Mitchell. It was run by a sitting board member and involved a journalist as well. Things were getting very murky in Rodney electorate.

March 2011 – 187 posts

The Rodney selection was delayed so an audit of membership could be completed. On 4 March the selection process was cancelled and a new selection processed launched such was the level of skulduggery. A serious miscarriage of justice in selection was averted. The irony is the board member most deeply involved int eh murk now claims credit for halting the selection. This is hugely ironic because it was him that was visiting delegates with printouts of websites, a tactic that was later employed in Coromandel by the same board member on behalf of the same candidate.

The day after Jami-lee Ross won the Botany by-election Phil Goff claimed victory for the Labour party.

Speaking of the Labour party, I helpfully make some suggestions for their coming campaign. They ignored them. We know where that ended up.

Trevor Mallard hits a snag using email.

I leaked an email from Perry Rush of the NZPF outlining how they were going to run a campaign against Anne Tolley.

The very first Txts from New York.

I reviewed my Savage 17HMR from Hamills.

Questions over Pagani

Is Stuff’s “political commentator” Pagani still being paid by the taxpayer to be Goff’s chief strategist?

Just today John Pagani makes an inept and silly attack on Radio Live and their lawyers, front running yet again Labour’s and Phil Goff’s lines. With dirty little attacks like this common now from Labour MPs and it’s flunkies some questions need to be asked about the propriety of John Pagani.

The Labour Party has long suspected that David Farrar, me, Michelle Boag and even columnists like Matthew Hooton are paid by the National Party or through parliamentary services or in some other way to speak in the media as political commentators. They fail to understand that we do what we do, mostly because we can, and often because it is fun. They must always colour their judgment by that which they do. In other words they see conspiracy because that is what they would do.

In my case, anyway, they are totally wrong about any payments.  I have never received a cent from the National Party or parliamentary services for anything I have said, written or done, and I wouldn’t accept it if I was.

Still, Labour deeply believes that all the key members of the VRWC are paid by the National Party and is very angry about it.  My new friends in the Labour Party tell me that high-level discussions even occurred as far back as 2009 between Phil Goff, his mate Mike Moore and party strategists about the need to create a Farrar or Hooton in the media.

Now, what an ethical party would do, if it has these suspicions about illegal or unethical payments, is find out whether it was true, and try and stop it.  They’d make a complaint to the Speaker or the Auditor-General, or get the media to investigate. Or indeed lobby as I have done to open up the Parliamentary Services to the OIA. Labour however has opposed this vociferously mainly because there are things under the covers of Parliamentary Services that they would rather the voters couldn’t see.

But they haven’t done any of this.  In typical Labour fashion, instead of complaining to the authorities they have decided their own suspicions are enough and – to make things fair – that they should start paying people too (even though, to my knowledge, National actually doesn’t.)

This is what led them to break the spending limit in 2005 – they thought National was, so they thought they should too (no matter that National actually didn’t.)

The person they have chosen, I’m told, to be their paid political commentator is John Pagani.

Pagani is of course married to Josie Pagani, Labour’s candidate for Otaki Rangitikei, and he used to be Phil Goff’s chief strategist.  Well, according to the tip line, he actually still is Goff’s chief strategist.  Apparently, it was decided it would be a cunning plan to change his status from employee to contractor so that he could then go out, deny being paid by Labour, and get gigs with, among others Radio New Zealand and

It’s interesting that on Stuff they call his column “Left Leaning” and they say he’s a “former” senior advisor to Phil Goff when perhaps what they should be saying is “this guy is paid to be Phil Goff’s senior strategist, but pretend he’s only a former senior advisor so he can write this.”

Compare that to what they say about David Farrar and the way they even link to his disclosure statement where he says his company receives money for polling from the National Party.

I hope I’m wrong about Pagani but I doubt I am.  With his wife running for Parliament and out of her job, and with kids’ mouths to feed, are we really to believe he quit his $100,000+ job with Goff to become a blogger earning $100 here and $50 there as a media commentator?

Of course not.  The family is being paid somehow.  By Labour?

Then of course there is the form of the Goffice in meddling with things media. During the height of the Darren Hughes saga, senior Goffice staffer Gordon John Thompson enlisted the aid of his brother Paul Thompson at Fairfax to descend hell upon the editor of the Sunday Star Times to get them to call off Jonathan Marshall. Paul Thompson even descended from his lofty heights to “assist” David Kemeys editorial decisions and spent a considerable amount of time in the newsroom on this issue alone.

So it is with some bemusement that we see John Pagani leave a high paid job in the Goffice and appear all of a sudden opposing David Farrar at the Fairfax run stuff site. A man who has no legacy at blogging or commenting, a back room dark arts practitioner who now all of the sudden makes a career choice to become an unpaid blogger and commentator, just when his wife is losing her income too.

There is the sniff test in politics and smells a bit whiffy. Questions need to be asked, answers need to be sought.

UPDATE: John Pagani has emailed me with a categoric denial: “I run a consultancy business. We are looking for business hard. We don’t have any there.”

"Nice to Have" – $4.12m on a Governor General

Jonathan Marshall has an article about the outrageous expenses of the Governor-General.

Amongst other things there is a bill of $500,000 for photocopying!

I don’t know why we can’t simply outsource the Governor-General’s position to the private sector. Cut the ceremonial bullshit completely, and retain a constitutional lawyer on retainer to cover the constitutional issues if and when they arise.

The retainer would probably only have to be making someone a knight or a dame because it is hard to remember a constitutionally tricky situation that our Governor-General has actually got into in.

I'm with Brian

Now all loyal readers will know that I think Brian Edwards is a pompous toss-pot. However Brian is a blogger and when bloggers are threatened by bully-boy mainstream media outlets, even thoroughly pink ones like The Sunday Star-Times, then the Bloggers Union members, me included must put aside our prejudices and support our members.

David “I’m friends with Len” Kemys, needs a good hard lesson in what  NFWAB means.

On Brian Edwards part he has obviously been watching this blog for tips on how to deal with flea lawyers. You publish their threats and bring everything into the open, cleansing sunlight.

As Cactus Kate notes on flea lawyers:

As for Edwards, tell them to fuck off. Real lawyers don’t send threats by emails. They serve papers.

If the intent of the Slowly Sinking Tabloid was to hopefully bury the story then I refer them and their idiot editor to my post about the Streisand Effect. Just inc ase they missed it here is the idiot’s guide to what happens when you try to shut bloggers down.

David “I’m friends with Len” Kemys, the Slowly Sinking Tabloid and Izard Weston can make all this go away by simply publishing jonathan Marshall’s recordings or notes. It isn’t hard to do, and it will shut everyone up.

Right now though the advantage is certainly with Amanda Hotchin and Brian Edwards.

Meanwhile the advice Never F*ck With A Blogger holds true, and in solidarity with a fellow union member we now stand strong against the bully-boy tactics of the Sunday Star-Times, together with Brian Edwards.