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Broadcast watchdog dismisses complaint against Laws – National – NZ Herald News

Radio Live is hailing a Broadcasting Standards Authority decision not to uphold a complaint against it by Children’s Commissioner Cindy Kiro as a “real fillip for freedom of speech”.

Cindy Kiro is a fat, ugly, meddling control freak who objected to Michael Laws’ giving her office stick over a stupid report into child poverty. In the BSA decision we finally have proof that Michael Laws is unbalanced 😉 In fact the BSA went out of its way to point out that listeners would not expect a range of balanced views for Laws’ talkback show. heh. Basically Cindy Kiro threw a tanty and used her office, the finances of her office to try to strong-arm a talkback station. She failed. Now whoever is her m inister should call her in and give her a right good Borising.

It's Official: You can call Prince Philip a Dork

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A cartoon referring to Prince Philip as “a dork” on TV3’s Campbell Live has escaped censure by the Broadcasting Standards Authority.

Marking Prince Philip’s birthday in June, Campbell said the prince had criticised a number of groups over the years and showed a defaced picture of him with a moustache and horns and a speech bubble saying “I’m a dork”.

Wellington wowser and professional busy-body Robert Martin complained that the cartoon and the presenter’s attitude should have also recognised the prince’s “60 years of service to his country”

Unsurprisingly the BSA declined to uphold the complaint….the fact that they had to deliberate at all on something as patently ridiculous as this time wasting exercise beggars belief.

The fact the Prince is a dork had obviously escaped the complainant.

I think it is time for a charge to be levied against blantant time wasting complaints.

The BSA ruled the item was a relatively “innocuous prank” in the context of a light-hearted discussion on freedom of expression and therefore did not breach codes of taste and decency, balance or fairness.

So there you have it….it is O.K. to state the bleeding obvious.