Josef Ratzinger

Was this the reason Pope Benedict quit?

Seems the former Pope’s brother has been buggering choir boys.

The priests at the Regensburg, Bavaria boarding school for boys liked to make the students take off their clothes and bend over for either a violent whipping or forcible anal sex. Sometimes the priests made them drink red wine. Sometimes the priests masturbated in front of the children.? Other times they made the children masturbate for them, perform oral sex or fondle each other.?

The complaint is not about just one or two isolated cases. At least 231 and more likely as many as 700 boys who attended the school between 1953 and 1992 were subjected to what has been described by the victims as ?ritual abuse,? according to Ulrich Weber, a German lawyer commissioned by the choir who represents the alleged victims. ?I have here 231 reports of physical abuse,? Weber told reporters at a press conference in Regensburg on Friday when he presented a report based on an eight-month investigation into the alleged abuse. ?The abuse ranges from sexual assault and rape to food deprivation to the boys who were less cooperative.? ? ? Read more »