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No excuses for Garrett

No excuses for GarrettAct MP David Garrett has blamed his inappropriate comments relating to a female Act staff member on the steep learning curve he has been on since being an oil rig worker for 10 years – but omitted to mention that he has subsequently… [NZ Herald Politics]

My understanding of the Garrett situation is that his so called “off colour remarks” to a sissy staffer was along the lines of “Fuck Off, and stop annoying me”.

Hardly the stuff that warrants copious quantities of lefty hand-wringing. Good god I tell people to fuck off daily, some, slower learners to be fair, more than once.

Greens advocate GM to halt Global Warming

I never thought I’d see the day, a pro-GM post from the Greens.

Looks like they are pro Genetic Modification if its anti-oil.

As always the fundy’s come unstuck when confronted with reality.

Proslytizing Climate Change thru Twitter

You know how everyone hates being door-knocked by Jehovah’s Witnesses and you know that if you take a Watchtower that you are destined for monthly visits for the rest of eternity.

Well for the past week I have had the Twitter equivalent from Global Warming adherents who have taken upon themselves to try to “convert” me to their religion of snake-oil and false deities who spout inconvenient truths that are actually proven lies.

I have been bombarded from nice, well meaning but ultimately annoying adherents of this new religion proslytizing the news by sending me links to articles about “consensus”, “the science”, anything that proves their point of view.

Every time I respond with a corresponding link that disproves their “consensus”, scientific “proof” and other general proven lies. It is like trading verses of the bible against muslim adherents throwing sura from the Qu’ran.

Further the adherents of the new religion use much the same tactics as Muslim jihadists. They use terror (seas rising 100′, terror (ice floes melting), terror (Polar Bears being slaughtered) and terror (hurricanes, floods, typhoons and cyclones).

Every time I send them information it is instantly dismissed with lines like “That’s just a data point, not scientific consensus…” in response to empirical data that shows the opposite of what they believe and  “The evidence is very clear for anyone who actually wants to look at it and understand it. If 30,000 don’t, too bad.” in response to evidence of more than 30,000 scientists who aren’t in agreement with “consensus”.

Their actions are nothing better than the Jehovahs Witness or the Jihadi terrorists trying to proslytize their world view, except they use Twitter and modern technology. I however remain true in both cases to the ability to reason and to think and to question for myself.

Two things is for sure, the science is most definately not settled and there is no such thing as scientific consensus when it comes to the new religion called Climate Change.


Job well done; here's a billion for your troubles – Saudis

Make no mistake where Hamas gets their funding from. From jihadist regimes like the Iranians and from the Saudis. Faced with falling oil prices Iran needed some conflict in the Middle East and Hamas the ever loyal servants of their main arms suppliers dutifully obliged.

For their part the Saudis have chipped in a cool billy to help with “reconstruction and rehabilitation in Gaza”. The chances of Hamas reconstructing anything in Gaza witht he billion dollars is remote, more likely the money is fulfilling the Saudis own duty towards the jihad — jihad al-mal, the “money-jihad,” which Bin Laden recently reminded Muslims of.

We should also remember that the Saudi King says;

“One drop of Palestinian blood” is more valuable than all the money in the world…

Given the fact they have chucked a billion at the jihadist regmie run by Hamas for about 1500 killed you’d have to say that the Saudi King lied and he rates Palestinian blood at about $666,666 a body. (ironic number that, isn’t it?)

Why bio-fuels don't work

I commented on Air NZ’s stunt and also about jatropha and why it won’t work as a bio-fuel. You all probably don’t know this but I have conducted extensive research into the commercial viability of bio-fuels in New Zealand. It isn’t scientific research. That is pretty much a given, you CAN make bio-fules out of suitable feedstocks of bio-mass. The research I did was whether you SHOULD financially.

I have extensive spreadsheets worked on by several accountants with differing business models from small boutique bio-fuel plants up to multi-million dollar ones. Not one single one of these models makes money, ever, unless heavily subsidised either via the farce that are carbon credits or direct government subsidy. Basically you go broke slowly or quickly depending on the scale.

The other factors I looked at were whether or not is was feasible to get feedstocks in New Zealand or from overseas, in both cases the answer was it wasn’t. In only one instance is bio-fuels feasible and it is at its most rudimenatary. For small villages/schools etc in the pacific islands with ready access to coconuts over and above their copra income. I am working with an aid agency for free on a cost effective setup for small bio-fuel self sustainability models and have got one plant up and running on Santo in Vanuatu for a school.

Bruce Simpson has also looked at this situation and in relation to Air NZ’s little stunt which upon a little investigation turns out to be little more than a fraud on the New Zealand public.

So inspite of all the caterwauling from Green numpties the simple and plain inescapable facts about using bio-mass for bio-fuel is that it is complete bollocks and will NEVER work, EVER.

Bruce explains simply, for the congenitally stupid (Clinton Smith) and extremely dim-witted (Jeanette Fitzsimons);

So where does the biofuel component come from?

Apparently it’s a plant called jatropha (Wikipedia) which is virtually a weed in some places.

The seeds of this plant are rich in an oil that can be used as a biofuel to replace products such as diesel. In fact, some countries (such as the Philippines and India) already use jatropha oil as a supplement to their diesel.

Sounds great eh?

Even better, this plant will grow (like a weed) in poor soils so it need not displace food crops in many areas.

So what could possibly be wrong with Jatropha?

Well unfortunately (wouldn’t you know it), some of the downsides of this route to biofuel have been carefully overlooked by Air NZ’s PR people when they wrote their wonderful press release.

For a start, Jatropha is actually toxic. This pretty much explains why it’s so resistant to pests — nothing really wants to eat a plant that will kill it.

And then there’s the issue of soil depletion…

Yes, jatropha will grow in poor soils but in doing so, it strips that soil of the few nutrients available.

Over the break I heard an Air NZ spokesperson saying that this was a great fuel because it also meant that poor countries like Africa could earn money from it. Unfortunately, those are also countries which are dramatically short of food for their people.

The problem with this is that some of these regions only have poor soils so jatropha, if grown on a commercial basis, will still displace food crops and by stripping the soil of much-needed nutrients, will make it even harder for those people to grow the food they need.

When you look at the sheer area of land required to produce allow even tiny amounts of this stuff to be used in jet-fuel, the picture gets worse.

Do you know how much jet fuel the world’s airlines consume each year?

Well, in 2006, it was an astonishing 230 billion litres! (extrapolated from the figures in this press release).

If you do the math… replacing just 10% of this dino-based jet fuel with jatropha oil would require the sequestering of some 460 million hectares (assuming 500-l/hectare) (or 4.6 million square kilometres) of land just for crop production.

Hands up anyone who knows the area of the continent of Africa….

Well, according to this reference it’s a paltry 30 million square kilometres.

That’s 15% of the total landmass of the content of Africa that would need to be set-aside to provide just 10% of the 2006 demand for Jet-A1.

If you eliminate those areas that are simply too arid for jatropha and those which are home to important animal species, it’s likely that this 15% would rise to 30% or more.

What would the creation of such a huge monoculture do to the continent’s environment?

And what would we do once the soil in those areas became so depleted that it was no longer able to sustain even jatropha as a crop?

I’m sorry but from the research I’ve done, jatropha might be a useful localised fuel-supplement (as in India and the Philippines) but it’s not going to provide any sensible replacement for jet fuel.

See, and if it doesn’t wok for jatropha it doesn’t work for any other crop as essentially jatropha is the top of the heap when it comes to oil per hectare. Essentially the only thing that beats that is Algae and the technology for producing massive amounts of algae-based oil is simply not up to it.

I am happy to share my research with anyone who cares to ask.

Biofuel requirement dropped as bill sneaks through

Biofuel requirement dropped as bill sneaks throughA requirement for oil companies to mix petrol and diesel with biofuel has been dropped from law. The Energy (Fuels, Levies and References) Biofuel Obligation Repeal Bill passed during urgency in Parliament this afternoon by a vote… [NZ Herald Politics]

Good. Finally a government that can see through the spin and bullshit and do what is right.

Tom McNicholl has enlisted the Labour party to save his business, clearly a business that cannot survive unless there is compulsion and subsidy. In other words a business it isn’t.

David Parker also shows his complete ignorance about making biofuels from tallow. I would gladly educate these numpties if only they would open their ears to listen.

National and Act have done the right thing. To says that New Zealand would have been less dependent on foreign oil companies is a complete lie.

In order to make biofuels we would have to import feedstocks as there are no viable crops in New Zealand and not likely to be in the forseeable future.

IMO the only really viable feedstock would be algae and that technology is yet to be proven for production of economically viable feedstocks.

Basically if your feedstock before processing exeeds $0.30 per litre you are in financial trouble and going backwards. Almost all viable feedstocks worldwide are international tradeable commodities subject to the vagaries of world pricing. Tallow included. Jatropha and Algae woud be the exception because they are not edible. The problem there though is the RMA approvals to get sizeable Jatropha plantations going in order to even get close to providing the 300 million litres required to meet the 5% threshold Labour put in.

Good work Gerry and others for stopping this bollocks before we got caught up in it.

Peak Oil? Not bloody likely

The concept of Peak oil is a fantasy, like Global Warming, invented by Greenies and Chicken littles to make us fearful and therefore compliant to their warped way of thinking.

A case in point is the as yet untapped and easily obtainable oil off the coast of CONUS.

The U.S. has known for decades that at least 8.5 billion proven barrels of oil sit off its Pacific, Atlantic and Gulf coasts, with the Interior Department estimating 86 billion barrels of undiscovered oil resources.

Meanwhile in Brazil where they aren’t all that concerned by the waffle of green fear-mongers they have just tapped into billions of barrels of oil sit in difficult water beneath a swath of the Santos Basin, 180 miles offshore from Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

The US at the same time won’t drill.

California won’t drill for the estimated 1.3 billion barrels of recoverable oil off its coast because of bad memories of the Santa Barbara oil spill – in 1969.

We won’t drill for the estimated 5.6 billion to 16 billion barrels of oil in the moonscape known as the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) because of – the caribou.

In 1990, George H.W. Bush, calling himself “the environmental president,” signed an order putting virtually all the U.S. outer continental shelf’s oil and gas reserves in the deep freeze. Bill Clinton extended that lockup until 2013. A Clinton veto also threw away the key to ANWR’s oil 13 years ago.

Our waters may hold 60 trillion untapped cubic feet of natural gas. As in Brazil, these are surely conservative estimates.

So the US is sitting on an ocean of energy twiddling their thumbs, even John McCain is a don’t drill fool leading to the charge that the US isn’t really a serious country any more.

Meanwhile back here in new Zealand we also have a veritable ocens of oil at our finger tips in the Great Southern Basin.

I’m just wondering when this “peak oil” bullshit is going to be called as it is.

Peak oil? Nah its all b.s. just like "Climate Change"

Bioengineers rebuilding bacteria to produce crude oil – gizmag Article

Oh i do love it when wowzers usually from the left wail on about “Peak oil”. I usually can’t be bothered writing copious amounts rebutting their foolishness like Insolent Prick did recently, rather I prefer to know that humans are incredibly intelligent and generally find solutions to difficult challenges.

This post from Gizmag is a case in point.

[quote]August 2, 2007 If you ever doubt the creativity of modern science, just throw a serious challenge at it and watch the myriad responses you receive. Rising oil prices and historical data are signifying that Hubbert’s “peak oil” may be upon us, and the rush is on all over the world to find viable alternative energy sources to replace the dwindling crude that’s powered us into the technology age. But what if we could just ‘grow’ more oil? The deadly bacteria E. coli, might seem like an unlikely ally, but scientists in California are claiming they have successfully genetically manipulated the deadly bug and a host of other bacteria to produce pure hydrocarbon chains that can be processed into biofuels. In fact, they’re getting so good at it that they can coax the bacteria into producing a substance that’s exceptionally close to crude oil – minus the sulfur impurities that taint the oil we pump out of the ground – and ready to be put through a standard refinery to produce petrol, diesel, jet fuel or any other petroleum product. There’s also talk of other, far more pure and powerful fuels that need no further refinement before they go to the pump. Could the next great oil barons be bug farmers?[/quote]
Peak oil like Climate change is bollocks, a socialist conspiracy if you will, designed to further control populations of supposedly enlightened peoples.

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And while we are talking about it

It seems that N.Z. is sitting on a veritable mountain of Lignite deposits. 

You may ask why this matters?

Well lignite is could be used to provide most of the country's transport fuel and petrochemical requirements for more than 300 years.

Wow that sounds fantastic doesn't it.

Nope not fantastic at all.

Despite sitting on reserves that "will still be available long after most nations have exhausted their hydrocarbon feedstocks. This will place New Zealand in a future strategic position not dissimilar to that of the oil rich nations today" according to a report the dunderheads of the Greens along with fellow "Climate Change" tosspots reckon saying the financial and environmental impacts of greenhouse gases were not considered.

Well whoopdee fucking doo….so what! Riddle me this? How does CO2 get up into the atmosphere when it is heavier than air??????

"Climate Change", Global Warming, Global Cooling…whatever the fuck you want to call it is bullshit. 

It isn't peak oil….

Why is oil so expensive?

Peak oil I hear you say. And you would be wrong, dead wrong.

Check out this sequence of photos from Dubai.

Photo 1 – Construction

Photo 2 – All finished. Notice the palm trees outside……….

Remember, this is in the middle of the desert…. The very HOT desert where temperatures average 35 degrees in the summer…..Unbelievable! But true…..

Photo 3, 4 and 5: Inside

We wonder why petrol is $1.70 a litre for unleaded?

Wonder no more.

So they can ski in the F#*@ING desert!!!