Joseph Kony

Another campaign truck that would make Fossy’s gay ute cry like a baby

Mark Mitchell has a Holden ute…it isn’t as manly as Alfred Ngaro’s truck, but certainly better than Fossy’s gay ute.



Shame about the parking though Mitch…sort that out would ya…if you can stare down Joseph Kony, Victor Bout and Muqtada al-Sadr I’m sure you can park straight.

Mitchell Muscles up on Dodgy Dotcom

Mark Mitchell has accused Kim Dotcom ?of meddling in our parliament under parliamentary privilege today.

He outlines an altercation last year where ?Kim Dotcom made threats against the Prime Minister. Mark is no sook, he’s stood up to scumbags like Joseph Kony, Victor Bout, Muqtada al-Sadr, all of whom came off second best. The incident in An Nasiriyah was perhaps the most brutal:

The closest Mitchell and his men came to being killed was in 2004, during a five-day siege of the An Nasiriyah compound, home to diplomats, officials, coalition forces and security staff.

The uprising Shi’a militia, led by Muqtada al-Sadr, was putting coalition forces under pressure across the country. The Italian-controlled compound was surrounded and under sustained attack. Mitchell was charged with defending it.

“They’d hit us during the day with mortar fire, and at night mount a physical attack. My team’s responsibility was the roof. We were very exposed. It was hot, dusty. We didn’t get much sleep and we had to ration our food. I saw every human emotion over those days.”

Armed with AK47s and two 50-calibre machine guns, they kept the militia at bay until coalition forces regained control. Their efforts would later be rewarded with a commendation from the Italian government.

The compound was evacuated and within 48 hours, Mitchell was having a barbecue and talking to his neighbours in Taupo. “That was surreal. I couldn’t really talk to people about it, as it was hard to comprehend.”

Did he kill anyone? “We were fighting for our lives, and the lives of the diplomats. There were casualties on both sides.” That’s all he’ll say on the matter.

During the siege, Mitchell worked closely with British Governor Rory Stewart, who headed the compound’s diplomat contingent. Stewart has made the leap into politics, and is a Conservative MP for Penrith, England. Stewart wrote a book on his time in Iraq, and Brad Pitt’s production company has bought the rights to his story.

So who’ll play Mitchell in the movie? “I’m hoping George Clooney, rather than Danny de Vito.’

He’s certainly not afraid of an overweight sour Kraut.

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Great speech on Terrorism

Mark Mitchell knows better than most about terrorism.

He has had al-Qaeda, al-Shabaab, and the Lord?s Resistance Army and the infamous Victor Bout have all had a crack at targeting and trying to kill Mark. None have succeeded.

The Lord’s Resistance army is of course the terror group led by Joseph Kony. Victor Bout packed up and left Iraq shortly after his run in with Mark…he is now cooling his heels in a Thai prison. Read more »

Some people cope with stress in different ways

? NZ Herald

I bet he regretting his chosen method of stress relief now:

The co-head of a viral online campaign to hunt down Ugandan war criminal Joseph Kony has been hospitalised after being found semi-naked in the street, masturbating, police and his boss said on Friday.

The head of Invisible Children, the organisers of the internet campaign sensation, said Jason Russell was receiving medical care for “exhaustion, dehydration, and malnutrition.”

Help make Joseph Kony famous…in a bad way

Watch this video. I know it is 27 minutes long, but you need to watch it…