Joseph Stalin

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?The Night Witches? of the 588th taking a break. Standing looking at the camera is Nadezhda Popova, one of the most highly-decorated and highly publicized of the 588th aviators.

The Wickedest Night Flying Witches

Members of the 588th Night Bomber Regiment decorated their planes with flowers … and dropped 23,000 tons of bombs

The flying ?Night Witches? of World War II gained the nickname from an adversary, out of respect for their bravery and lethal sneak attacks. Moral of the story: never sell a female pilot short.

The Nazis called them ?Night Witches? because the whooshing noise their plywood and canvas airplanes made reminded the Germans of the sound of a witch?s broomstick.

The Russian women who piloted those planes, onetime crop dusters, took it as a compliment. In 30,000 missions over four years, they dumped 23,000 tons of bombs on the German invaders, ultimately helping to chase them back to Berlin. Any German pilot who downed a ?witch? was awarded an Iron Cross.

These young heroines, all volunteers and most in their teens and early 20s, became legends of World War II but are now largely forgotten. Flying only in the dark, they had no parachutes, guns, radios or radar, only maps and compasses. If hit by tracer bullets, their planes would burn like sheets of paper.

Their uniforms were hand-me-downs from male pilots. Their faces froze in the open cockpits. Each night, the 40 or so two-woman crews flew eight or more missions ? sometimes many more.

At the time Russian men and women were fighting and dying for their country that had been treacherously attacked by Hitler’s Germany. Russia at that period possessed the most powerful and ruthless army the world had ever seen.

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Trotter says Capitalism kills but it has nothing on Communism/Socialism

Skulls of the victims of the Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot

Skulls of the victims of the Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot

Chris Trotter has gone nuts again…but his friends at The Standard think he is on fire…this is why:

Capitalism kills. It has done so from its earliest beginnings, and it does so still. The only distinction between the history of capitalism and the history of the Mexican drug cartels, is that the cartels have never pretended to be advancing the progress of humankind.

He even?tried to lay the blame of deaths in Russia at capitalists feet.

Notwithstanding its logical absurdity, it is the condemnation one hears most often from the Right: that the Left, in the shape of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, or the Communist Party of China, is responsible for upwards of 100 million deaths.

They forget, of course, that the vast majority of those killed were individuals who refused to accept the right of either of these parties to impose their will on the people in whose name they had accomplished the overthrow of the old oppressors. Whether it be the rebellious Russian sailors at Kronstadt in 1921, or workers and peasants across the whole of China from 1949 to the present day, whoever, in the name of justice and equity, takes a stand against an oppressive system of domination, coercion and exploitation is, by definition, a leftist.

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Photo Of The Day


Felix Dadaev (left) in the 1940s and the real Joseph Stalin (right).

Felix Dadaev (left) in the 1940s and the real Joseph Stalin (right).

Stalin?s Body Double, 1940s

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The law of the jungle

The law of the jungle is a law that applies even after the thin veneer of civilization has been applied to mankind.

Wars are won based on jungle law. Kill or be killed. Only the strong survive. We may want to forget this uncomfortable truth but it is a truth nevertheless. History shows us this over and over again.

Because Mankind is intelligent we have learned to forge short term and long term strategic relationships which enable the weak to become strong. Strength in numbers, strength forged by a common goal and usually a common enemy.

The historic meeting in Yalta between Winston Churchill, Franklin? Roosevelt? and Joseph Stalin is a great example of this.

n the grounds of the Livadia Palace, Yalta, during the Three Power Conference the British wartime Prime Minister Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill (1874 - 1965), the 32nd President of the United States of America Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882 - 1945) and the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin (1879 - 1953) (Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili).   (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

On the grounds of the Livadia Palace, Yalta, during the Three Power Conference the British wartime Prime Minister Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill (1874 – 1965), the 32nd President of the United States of America Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882 – 1945) and the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin (1879 – 1953) (Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili). (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

At Yalta, important decisions were made regarding the future progress of the war and the postwar world.

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Giovanni Tiso’s fondness for “Grandpa” Stalin

A reader emails about Giovanni Tiso’s affectionate tweet about Josef Stalin.

Thought you might be interested in this – something I saw a couple of weeks back on Twitter, but was waiting for a friend of mine to get back to me about before I fired it your way.

Basically, twitter’s self-appointed adjudicator of self-righteousness, Giovani Tiso, made a joke about referring to Stalin as “grandpa” in a thread about photos of politicians when they were younger.

I thought it was a little off colour joke to make given Stalin’s brutality, but to check I wasn’t being hypersensitive, I flicked it on to a friend of mine on Twitter whose family is Russian to see what he made of it and asked if he could jot down his reaction. I thought his reply hit the nail on the head:

“Its bloody disgusting to joke affectionately about Stalin being grandpa. Would Mr Tiso be happy if anyone else making a similar joke about Hitler, Pol Pot or some other genocidal maniac from the 20th century? He’d be the first to kick up a big stink about how inappropriate it was. ?? Read more »

Herald Editorial on Dotcom’s nazi fetish

Kim Dotcom showing off his Waffen SS helmet

Kim Dotcom showing off his Waffen SS helmet

The Herald Editorial today points out clearly to Kim Dotcom why it is not on to own a copy of the book written by the most heinous war criminal in modern history.

Owning a copy of Adolf Hitler’s?Mein Kampf, even a rare signed one, does not necessarily indicate a sympathy for Nazi ideology.

People with an interest in that period of history may own memorabilia from it. They might also have items associated with Winston Churchill or Josef Stalin. That does not mean they are communists or subscribe to a conservatism associated with those born into the British aristocracy.

Kim Dotcom says he is merely one of those collectors.

“Let me make it absolutely clear, I’m not buying into the Nazi ideology. I’m totally against what the Nazis did,” he said this week when admitting he owned the book.? Read more »

At least he is not a fraudster and convicted felon

Pot, Kettle….Conrad Black calls Rupert Murdoch a psychopath. I think I’d rather be called a psychopath than a fraudster and convicted felon:

THE former media magnate Conrad Black has labelled Rupert Murdoch a ”psychopath” and compared the News Corp boss to Joseph Stalin.

Lord Black, a former owner of London’s?Daily Telegraph?and former part-owner of Fairfax Media, spent three years in a US jail for fraud. He described Mr Murdoch as an ”astonishingly cold man”.

”He’s a psychopath ? like Stalin, except that he doesn’t kill people,” Lord Black told?The Independent?in London. ”I’m not suggesting he’s a homicidal psychopath – he just severs people out of his life like that.

”I have great admiration for what he’s achieved but he’s a terrible man.”

He said the outcry overphone hacking was ”one of the all-time backflips of hypocrisy”.

”For 40 years [the establishment] knew how Murdoch ran his company and they did nothing but kiss his undercarriage,” Lord Black said.

Lord Black, who was released from jail in May, was speaking before an appearance to promote his memoirs.

Face of the Day

? Boing Boing

Longing for a better world?

A Russian communist holds placards with portraits of Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin during a rally to celebrate International Workers’ Day, or Labor Day, in Moscow on May 1, 2012.

One of the greatest political power grabs in history?

This kind of stupidity is why church going numbers are falling, and not just for the Catholics as the former head of the CoE demonstrates:

In an article for the Daily Mail, Lord Carey claimed the proposal to change the status of marriage “constitutes one of the greatest political power grabs in history”.

I hardly think marriage equality is the greatest political power grabs in history.

What about Hitler in 1933? Or Stalin in 1924?

Readers can put other greatest political power grabs in history in the comments section.?

The Obligatory Post about Breasts

Someone posted that in the comments that I should post about some nice like this article about a Bra that boosts cleavage when aroused.

So, always one to take up a challenge here is the obligatory post about Bras, Breasts, Boobs and Tits.

Bra that boosts Cleavage when arousedA new bra boosts women’s cleavage when they are aroused.

Slovenia-based Lisca lingerie’s Smart Memory Bra alters its shape when the wearer’s body temperature changes, pushing breasts closer together when a woman gets flushed after seeing someone attractive.

Designer Suzana Gorisek said: “As a woman’s body changes, so the size of the bra changes. That’s the advantage of this bra.”

As soon as the wearer’s temperature decreases the bra deflates.

The underwear was invented when designers began working on a bra which would change shape depending on the weather, to ensure women always had perfectly-fitting lingerie.

The cups boast expanding foam which is heat-sensitive.

A company representative explained: “It’s healthier than an ordinary bra because it will always provide the perfect fit.”

The piece has already been shown at a large lingerie exhibition in Paris, and is expected to cost around £25 when it goes on sale.

Seventy five bucks for a titslinger! The cleavage had better be to die for.